The Boy from Romania

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Chapter 21: Across the Atlantic

Daniel sat up from his bed with a start, something was off. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he could feel it, there was this lingering scent drifting on the breeze. It reminded him of something he had smelled before, or at least similar to it. Realization crossed his face and in a split second he was sprinting out of the house and towards Elisabeth’s. Vieru’s. He thought. The scent reminded him of Elisabeth’s which could only mean that her relatives had finally come for her.

When he reached her house he jumped lithely onto the roof and through her window as he had done those few times before. “Shit,” She was gone. “No, no, no, how could I let this happen?” Her room smelled sickly sweet, a mixture of chloroform and her relative’s scents. He checked his watch, it was shortly after 11 PM, the scent was still strong, maybe could track them and get Elisabeth back.

He had met Octavian and Silvia at council meetings multiple times and she was firm against Elisabeth completing the marriage, not to benefit her, she wanted their daughter Alexandra to fulfill it instead since Elisabeth hadn’t been raised with her own kind. Silvia felt she would be too weak to handle her responsibilities. She had a point, of course, she really wasn’t prepared for it, but Daniel would be there with her every step of the way.

Daniel left her house behind and began tracking Elisabeth’s scent, it was easier for him to focus on her than it was her relatives. He had been analyzing the smell that was Elisabeth for the past 6 months, he could find her anywhere. He tracked her all the way to the James River, here the scent continued across the river but the ferry wouldn’t be back on the Avery side for another hour.

“Shit!” Daniel paced around in circles. “I will not catch up to them in time,” He growled. He whipped out his cell phone and punched in his mother’s phone number.

“Hello Daniel,” she greeted coolly. “How are you, my son?”

“The Vieru’s have taken Luminita,” Daniel said. “I need a flight to London if I am to get her back.”

La naiba,” she cursed in Romanian. “We should have foreseen this happening, Octavian and Silvia never did want this to happen after Ileana and Vladimir died.” She let out a ragged sigh. “Very well, you will be on the next flight to London out of Dulles, do not be late. You must get to her before they do something regrettable. Go to Adrian’s and ask him to drive you to the airport, good luck, my son.” The phone clicked dead, she always was straight and to the point.

He stood at the river’s edge for a few seconds more, remembering the moment he and Elisabeth had shared there. Thinking about Elisabeth sent feelings of nervousness into his belly, he hadn’t yet identified those feelings yet. Daniel turned and sprinted away from the river and out of Avery altogether. Adrian lived in Spring Grove, which was really only one town over from where he was. Adrian was a vampire as well, a distant relative of Daniel’s. What, did you think vampires only lived in Europe?

Daniel didn’t bother knocking when he got to Adrian’s house, he walked straight in, Adrian was awake anyway, sitting in the living room with his wife watching late night TV.

“Daniel?” He questioned confused.

“Adrian, I need you to take me to Dulles.” Daniel said, although it was more of a command. “Please,” He added. Elisabeth was always saying he needed to try and tone down his princely attitude.

“What’s happened?”

“Octavian and Silvia have taken Luminita to London, I need to get her back.” Adrian and his wife looked at each other and nodded. The two of them stood up from the couch and quickly retrieved the keys to the car. “Thank you,” Daniel breathed and visibly relaxed.

“It’ll take us about 3 hours to get there, well, if we drive like a human it will take 3 hours.” Adrian smirked and pressed down on the gas bolting down the road.

Daniel’s flight to London didn’t even leave until 6 AM, he spent his 4 hour wait pacing from one end of the concourse, to the other. Most likely Octavian and Silvia had used the Vieru Family’s private jet and had flown out of Richmond, which was significantly closer to Avery, but had much fewer international flights. They must have had Elisabeth’s passport as well, Daniel had returned to her house very briefly with the intent of finding it, but he tore through her room and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Daniel heaved a sigh and ran a hand through his hair, he never was the most patient person, especially now. He wouldn’t even reach Cambridge until this evening and that worried him. Why would they take her now? Why would they wait until the day of her 18th birthday? Even more so since Daniel had been around her for the past few months, they should have left her alone.

Daniel’s group was finally called for boarding and he practically ran onto the plane and to his seat, his parents had put him up in business class so at least he would be comfortable for the duration of the 7-hour flight. He tried to stay relaxed, but that was almost impossible for him. And try as he might to not think about Elisabeth, it seemed she was the only thing he could think about lately. She had somehow ingrained herself into him, is this what she called love? Did he…love Elisabeth?

His staying in Avery had only been about fulfilling the marriage, at first, now he stayed because he wanted to. It was true he left after the dance because he felt his chances had been shot, but he came back to America because he wanted to, not because his parents made him. As much as Daniel didn’t want to admit it, he had missed Elisabeth when he was back home in Romania, and he was worried sick about her now.

Daniel sighed and tried to push his worries out of his mind. To get his thoughts off of Elisabeth he turned a movie on and focused on that until he landed in London. Once in London he needed to get an Uber to Cambridge and then pay the Vieru’s a visit.

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