The Boy from Romania

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2 ½ Months Later

I was giddy with excitement as we all stood in a single file line waiting to go into the gym. I glanced towards the front of the line and waved to Gigi standing with the rest of the B’s, I also caught Todd’s eye up front as well and shot him a small smile. Today was finally graduation day. We did it! Somehow, I had managed to survive my hectic senior year and had been accepted into the spring semester at the University of Cambridge where I would live with uncle Octavian and my cousins. I was planning to move there at the end of the summer, Daniel was coming with me of course.

Pomp and Circumstance began to play over the speakers and all 150 of us began filing into the gym to our seats. Mom and Dad waved to me from the bleachers and Daniel beamed at me from next to them. After we returned from England and Daniel and I explained everything to Mom and Dad they were quick to accept him into our family. Alexandra had been right, they had known everything from the very beginning, vampire bit and all.

From up on stage Todd cleared his throat, “So, here we are.” He said. “Most of us have known each other since the beginning, back in Kindergarten. As we all grew physically, we have also grown emotionally, we have grown into the people we are today. Today we embark on a new journey, although, for the first time, this journey will not be taken together. Today we all begin our own journeys, today we decide which paths we take. For some those paths lead right across the river to William and Mary, for others across the country to the west coast, and for a very small percentage of us, across the big pond.” Todd made eye contact with me and grinned.

“I was always the wall flower in school, but even so I can say that I knew each and every one of you someway or somehow. And I am so proud that all of us are here together, for the last time in this school, to share one final memory together. At least until we meet up for our five-year reunion.” The gym filled with soft laughter. “But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to see the people that all of us become. This is to us, class of 2016, and to the future that awaits us!” Todd beamed at all of us and we all erupted into cheering. Todd, one day he was going make someone very happy. I just knew it.

After the ceremony was over I rushed into Daniel’s waiting arms, he lifted me up into the air and spun me around effortlessly. “I am so proud of you,” He whispered into my ear, a wide smile on his face. Mom and Dad came over and gave me a hug each, until Gigi came bounding over with Kevin.

“Elisabeth, we did it!” She exclaimed beaming. We embraced each other and did our handshake and Kevin and I hugged too. Daniel leaned down and briefly kissed Gigi on both cheeks, which took her quite by surprise. “I just can’t believe it!” We all smiled at each other and Daniel entwined our fingers together. “And I can’t wait to visit you guys in Cambridge.” Gigi winked.

“Just don’t fall in love with those charming English boys,” Kevin teased her. She shoved his shoulder playfully and pulled him in for a quick kiss. Gigi’s mom and Kevin’s parents came over and congratulated Kevin, Gigi and I as well. Shortly after, our parents went home and me, Daniel, Gigi, Todd and Kevin all went out to get lunch together, our rag tag team group of friends. We were officially young adults now, and we had the world at our finger tips.


“What do you think is in store for us in the future?” I asked Daniel, trailing my feet in the water. We were sitting along the edge of the James River together, it was kind of our spot. Graduation had already been two months ago and I was almost done packing for our move to Cambridge. I was really excited for it.

“Whatever we want to be,” He said. “We have the next 450 years to do whatever it is we want.” Daniel smirked and leaned over to kiss my cheek. The sun was beginning to set, casting a beautiful glow all around us. “There is one thing that I know, though.” Daniel said. In the blink of an eye he was kneeling in front of me with my left hand clasped in his.

“What are you doing?” I asked suspiciously. He had been acting a little strange, well stranger than usual, lately. Like he was hiding something.

“Luminita Elena Vieru, or Elisabeth Abigail Hayes,” Daniel started, his voice soft. “I know we have only been together for a short time, but in that brief time I’ve been the most worried, the most happy, the most in love, and the most myself I have ever been.” My eyes were starting to go wide and I swear my jaw was slowly dropping. Was he really doing what I thought he was? “And it would make me happy 450 times over if you would do me the honor of being my wife.” Daniel pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. The band was silver with a solitaire diamond surrounded by small rubies. He smiled expectantly and squeezed my hand.

“Are, are you being serious right now?” I asked dumbfounded. Daniel unleashed a roar of laughter and nodded.

“Elisabeth, of course I am serious! And don’t say I’m only doing this because of the contract, because you and I were both there when my parents said we could dissolve it and make the choice ourselves.” He rolled his eyes and then turned deadly serious. “Well?”

“Yes, yes of course Daniel!” I threw my arms around him and crushed my mouth against his. Daniel smiled underneath my lips and lifted me into his arms, holding me tight to his chest. He set me back on the ground gently and quietly slipped the ring onto my left hand, it was a perfect fit. “I can’t believe this is happening.” I said breathless. “Is this why you’ve been acting so strange lately?” Daniel nodded and kissed me again.

“You make me so happy, Elisabeth.” Daniel kissed me passionately and held me tight to him. His kisses slowly trailed down to my throat where he gave me a few kisses over top were Silvia had bitten me. Daniel moved the kisses over to the other side of my neck and then silently plunged his fangs in. It was the first time I had been bitten since Silvia, he had been waiting because for the past few months I had been skittish about being bitten again.

“Ah,” I let out a moan and cradled the back of his head against my neck. I had wanted to do this for so long and now it was happening. After a few seconds, he pulled away and then it was my turn. I drank from him slowly until I was sated and then kissed him, the taste of my blood on his lips.

“I love you Elisabeth, more than I could have ever thought possible.” Daniel said softly. He idly stroked my left hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I love you too, Daniel.” I smiled. “Let’s go home and share our news.” He gave me a return smile and we kissed once more before turning from the river and walking back to the house where Mom, Dad and Gigi were already waiting for us.

The Boy from Romania


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