The Boy from Romania

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Chapter 4: October

I was hanging out with the band at our homecoming football game. So far we were winning which was great, Gigi was more concerned with Kevin Clarke, though. He was a fellow tenor saxophone she had been crushing on since last year. She had decided she was finally going to ask him to homecoming, nothing like waiting until the last minute, she was a procrastinator that one. I left the band behind and headed over towards the concession stand to get a hotdog and hot chocolate. On my way there I noticed Daniel walking over towards the stand as well. I pulled my hood up hoping he wouldn’t notice me, but he did.

Daniel got behind me in line but didn’t say anything, at first at least. I got my hotdog and hot chocolate and walked over to where the condiments were so I could smother the hotdog in mustard. Don’t judge me, okay? A moment later Daniel was over there too putting ketchup on a burger.

“You’re eating?” I asked him surprised. He nodded silently in response. “I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you eat anything. You’re always just sipping from that thermos of yours at lunch.” Daniel smirked at me then his expression changed to sullen.

“I’m sorry I upset you, again.” He said quietly. “I keep hurting you when I don’t mean to,” Daniel and I walked back towards the bleachers quietly after that. “I hope you can forgive me, or we can at least have a truce.”

Even though he was a total weirdo, he looked like he was being sincere. Not to mention adorable. “I forgive you,” I said. “But only if you stop all of this weird stuff,” I added quickly. “A girl can only handle so much craziness.” Daniel gave a soft chuckle and nodded with a smile. “Okay, good,” We walked the rest of the way over to where the band sat in the bleachers, they were getting ready to take the field for their half time show.

“There is one thing I’d like to ask you,” Daniel said.

“Um, okay,” I said a little suspicious.

“This dance that they’re having tomorrow, the Homecoming, are you going with anyone?” He asked me a little nervously. Daniel, nervous? That was a first. Also, was he really asking me to the dance with him? Regardless, I shook my head no as a response. “Oh, wonderful, so then, would you like to go with me? Or escort me or however it is you Americans ask.” He stuttered. Nervous Daniel Florescu was especially adorable. For some reason I couldn’t help but blush and my brain decided to stop working so to kill some time I took another bite of my hotdog. Daniel stood there watching me the whole time I chewed on my food, I was chewing rather slowly after all. “Well?” He asked after I finally swallowed.

“Sure, I’ll go with you,” I agreed. Daniel smiled real wide then also took a bite of his food.

“This pleases me very much,” He said. “I shall pick you up from your house tomorrow night at 7:30. He smiled down at me once more, his eyes lingered on my face for a few moments and then he walked away towards the football field. Probably trying to get a better look at the band. That nerd.

We won our homecoming football game which is always nice. Daniel waved to me from the parking lot as I was walking over to my car. “Hey!” I yelled out to him. Daniel whipped his head around with a questioning look. I jogged over to him. “Do you want a ride home? I’m assuming you’re just walking.” I said.

“No, that’s alright. But thank you for offering, Elisabeth.” He said. “I don’t mind walking, really.” He said when I gave him a confused look. “I will see you tomorrow night, yes?” I nodded. Daniel reached down to my hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed the back on my hand. Que swooning. “Till tomorrow night,” He turned and walked away from me towards Oak Street.

*Elisabest is online*

*Gigi1340 is offline*

Elisabest: Get your butt on here as soon as you get home!!

10:04 PM

Gigi1340: What?!?

Elisabest: Daniel asked me to homecoming!

Gigi1340: For reals?! What did you say?

Elisabest: Well, I kind of said yes. He was so nervous and adorable that I couldn’t say no.

Gigi1340: Are you going soft on me Elisa?

Elisabest: Of course not! Well maybe a little. He was sooo romantic in the parking lot when we said goodbye to each other.

Gigi1340: Romance? What?

Elisabest: Well he took my hand and then kissed the back of it. Like seriously, who does that anymore? I think I was still swooning when I got in the car.

Gigi1340: I think you’re getting in too deep. Remember how weird and crazy he is? He thinks he’s a vampire, Elisabeth.

Leave it to Gigi to bring me back to my senses. Usually she’s the off the wall one, but every once in a while she has to reign me in.

Elisabest: He’s been fairly well behaved lately though. I don’t know. Maybe he gave up whatever is was that he wanted.

Gigi1340: Or maybe he hasn’t since he asked you to the dance tomorrow.

Elisabest: I thought I was supposed to be the rational one. -_- Anyway, that’s my news. Did you get around to asking Kevin to the dance??

Gigi1340: Maybe…

Elisabest: And?

Gigi1340: He said yes. :D I’m so excited.

Elisabest: You go girl! Are you guys getting dinner or anything before the dance?

Gigi1340: Nah, it’s not like we’re dating or anything, yet.

Elisabest: I don’t know how he could possibly resist your charms for too long. You’ve got that in the bag.

Gigi1340: I certainly hope so. I need to go to sleep though, so I’ll see you tomorrow at the dance!

Elisabest: Night, see ya later.

Gigi was probably right; I am getting in over my head. But he was so cute when he was asking me, it was impossible to say no. Plus, he hadn’t really been weird lately. I mean, I actually saw him eat something tonight so that was new and totally normal. Who was I kidding, I was just trying to convince myself now. All well, the damage was done. I had already said yes to him so I kind of had to go now. I would have to judge him after the dance tomorrow night.

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