The Boy from Romania

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Chapter 9: First Date

Todd picked me up right at 4 O’ clock like he said would, he was always punctual. Mom beat me to the door to let him inside, she was probably going to bombard him.

“Oh hello, you must be Todd, we’ve heard so much about you!” Mom greeted him with a sing-song voice. “Please come in, come in, why don’t you sit for a few minutes? Elisabeth is still back in her room getting ready, she’ll be out soon.” She grinned at him. Actually I was already ready, I was eavesdropping from down the hall. “So why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” Todd looked like a deer in headlights, I don’t think he’d ever experienced the parental meet and greet yet.

“Um…” He stuttered.

“Like, what kind of things do you like to do? Are you in any clubs or do you have any hobbies?” She pressed.

“Uh well, I’m in the Physics Club at school, we compete in competitions every year.” He said softly.

“Oh really? You must be smart; Elisabeth always did hate physics.” Mom rambled. “She was much more into art. Did you know that she’s the photographer for the year book?” Ugh, mom, stop.

“Um, no, she never told me that.”

“Oh that girl, always so embarrassed over the silliest things.” Mom waved the comment away.

“Okay, Mom, that’s enough, no need to put poor Todd on the spot.” I walked down the hall and into the living room. “We should get going anyway, right Todd? Our movie starts at 6:30.” Todd stood from his chair and walked over to stand next to me. “Are you ready?” He nodded in response. “Okay, I won’t be out too late Mom, see you later.” She waved us off as we drove away.

“Sorry about that. Mom tends to get a little over excited.” I apologized. “I hope she wasn’t too hard on you.”

“She wasn’t that bad really.” Todd gave a small smile. “She’s just excited that her daughter has such a great boyfriend.” He teased. I rolled my eyes while experiencing butterflies at the same time.

“Yeah, okay Casanova,” I teased back. “So where are we getting dinner?”

“We’re going into Williamsburg; you like seafood right?” I nodded yes. “Oh good, there’s this really great seafood restaurant in Williamsburg I thought we could go to.” He said.

“Sounds great! And I love the taking the ferry over to Jamestown, it’s so relaxing.”

“I agree,” He smiled over at me. It sounded like tonight was going to be great.

The seafood restaurant was so good; I ate way more than I should have. We even split a dessert, chocolate cake. Mm, just thinking about it makes me drool. After our very filling dinner we headed over to the movie theater in Williamsburg to get our tickets. It was still only 6 so we had a little while before the movie began seating.

“I’ve had a really good time so far tonight,” I had my head resting on Todd’s shoulder with his arm around me.

“Me too,” He smiled and kissed the top of my head.

“Too bad it’s Sunday, I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow.” I groaned.

“Yeah, but at least Christmas break is in a week and a half, then we’ll have two whole weeks off to do nothing.”

“True, we can go on more dates,” I waggled my eyebrows at him. Todd rolled his eyes but laughed a little bit. “Oh, look,” I pointed to the board. “They’re seating our theater now. Do you want popcorn?” I asked.

“You’re still hungry after all of that food we stuffed ourselves with?” He asked.

“I’ve been known to have a black hole for a stomach,” I laughed. “It tends to empty itself pretty quickly.”

“I probably won’t eat much but if you want some we can get some,” Todd said pulling out his wallet.

“No, no, you’ve paid for enough tonight, I’ll get the snacks.” I said.

“Okay,” Todd leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. Todd headed into the theater to grab us some seats while I went to the concession counter to buy our popcorn. Todd was super sweet and such a gentleman. He even pulled the chair out for me at the restaurant and opened the car door, you just don’t see that too often anymore. I smiled to myself stupidly. I walked into the theater as the previews were starting, it was dark and hard to see. I scanned the seats for Todd until he waved for me. Going up the stairs I glanced over at the people sitting in the row in front of us. Weird. That guy kind of looks like Daniel, I must be seeing things.

“You made it just in time,” Todd whispered. I set the drink down in the cup holder between us and took a bite of popcorn. He reached behind me and put his arm around my shoulders so I leaned into him.

“Yeah, there was a long line at the snack bar,” I whispered back. “Popcorn?” Todd nodded. I handed the bag to him and then we fell silent as the movie came on.

The movie had been great, I loved Will Ferrell movies, he would literally do anything. It was 8 and Todd and I were driving home after a great date. Although we had to hurry because the last ferry of the day was at 9, if we missed that then we would have to take the long way home. The Colonial Parkway was so beautiful; it was one of my favorite spots in our area. Especially tonight when the moon was full and there was a clear, winter sky and away from the city lights you could see so many stars.

“It’s so beautiful out tonight,” I sighed. “I love starry nights.” Todd nodded in agreement. “Thanks for a great night.”

“Of course, I’m glad you had a good time.” He smiled down at me and reached over to grab my hand.

We luckily made it to the ferry on time and it was pretty much time to go to sleep when he dropped me off.

“I had a great time tonight,” Todd said softly. “Thank you for saying yes.” He blushed and smiled.

“I had a good time too,” I smiled back at him. Todd leaned down and kissed me, slow and soft. He was actually a pretty good kisser. He pulled away all too soon, I could kiss him like that forever.

“Well I’ll see you tomorrow morning at school, goodnight.” He said.

“Goodnight Todd,” He leaned down for one more peck then made his way to his car. I sighed happily and went inside to get ready for bed.

Unbeknownst to Elisabeth, at the time when she was getting ready for bed, Gigi was wide awake tracking down Daniel. It was going on 11 PM in Virginia but was already 6 AM the next morning there, it was still early but she had hope. Gigi stalked the internet and Facebook for about a half hour before she found anything that could be Daniel, this guy was good at hiding.

“Aha!” She exclaimed. “I knew I’d find you eventually you slippery vampire, you.” She eventually found him on Facebook, so like every other person out there, she stalked his profile page first. “Daniel V. Florescu, from Transylvania Romania, 18 years old.” Gigi read to herself. His profile page was pretty basic and there weren’t too many pictures with him in them. His profile picture was of him with some woman she could only assume to be his mother standing in front of an amazing stone castle.

“Wow, does he live there? Now that’s pretty awesome.” She continued to scroll through his page checking out some of his status updates.

October 23: Back in Romania from America, I really thought it would have worked out better than it did.

November 7: Romania is way better than America, now I can finally be myself after 3 months of faking it.

November 20: Back home from Bucharest, had a good night out at the club.

December 9: Kind of miss America sometimes, I could really use a burger right now.

If the only reason he missed America was because he wanted a hamburger, then that letter must have only been pulling Elisabeth’s leg. He hasn’t said anything about her, and, like, he’s going out to clubs and partying with other girls, yeah he really cared. Gigi clicked on Messenger and set out to finish her mission.

Gigi1340: Hey, so Elisabeth found your letter yesterday and told me about it. What’s your gambit? What are you playing at? Your partying doesn’t make it seem like you really miss and or care about her. We also looked up some info about you and your little family. You guys burned down her freaking house and killed her parents, that’s not cool man. And if there aren’t any known survivors then how did you know about her? Huh? What do you want with her? These are questions that need answered bro.

At this point Gigi was very tired and had school the next day so she decided to hit the hay. “There better be a response when I wake up in the morning,” She threatened the computer. She gave a long yawn then shut her laptop and crawled under the covers to sleep. “Stupid Daniel…” She muttered.

I was standing outside of the school waiting for Todd to get there when Gigi came bounding up to me. “Good morning,” I started.

“I found Daniel on Facebook!” She said quickly. “I sent him a message last night asking what kind of games they’re playing with you.”

“Wow, that was fast,” I laughed a little, I should have known she would have jumped on it. “So? Did he say anything?”

“I’m not sure, I was going to check this morning but I over slept and didn’t have time. I’ll check it this afternoon when I get home then let you know.”

“Okay, you don’t have to be in such a rush you know.” I reminded her. I spied Todd from across the parking lot and waved to him.

“Oh that’s right!” Gigi burst out. “How was your date last night?” She grinned at me. “Was it nice?”

“It was great. We went into Williamsburg, got dinner and saw a movie. It was a really nice first date.” I smiled at her and she continued to grin back. Todd walked up to us and quickly leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

“Good morning ladies,” He said. Gigi waggled her eyebrows at me then turned on her heel and left us alone, probably off to find her own boyfriend to make out with. “What’s up with her?”

“Oh I’m sure she’s off to find Kevin.” I grabbed onto Todd’s hand as we entered the school together. “Did you sleep alright?” I asked him.

“Yes, did you?” I nodded. We walked to each other’s lockers then said goodbye with a quick kiss until lunch; the only class we had together was AP US History. Todd kind of put my 3.5 GPA to shame with his 4.0 as he was in all AP classes and ridiculously smart.

Gigi ran upstairs to her room as soon as she got home from school, she threw her stuff on the ground and waited impatiently for her laptop to boot up. She saw that Daniel had responded to her message on her phone earlier but figured she should wait till she got home to read it. Who knew what he had responded with? She didn’t want to get all riled up at school over this punk.

“C’mon, c’mon,” She urged her computer. When it was finally ready she immediately went over to Messenger and began reading.

7:21 AM

DanV: Hello to you too Gigi. You act like I was trying to hide but not really. You just had a hard time finding me because I am home in Romania now. Yes, I do go out to clubs and “party” because I am young and I can. Going out does not mean I care less. I am not playing any games. As I said in the letter I left Avery Virginia to give her some space, it was obvious that she was not comfortable with me around, nor were you for that matter.

It is true that my family is responsible for the death of her parents, but it was not my direct family. I’m sure that Elisabeth told you all about the arranged marriage no? There were other people within the Florescu’s that did not agree with this contract so they took it upon themselves to destroy any chance that we may have had to bring our families together in peace. It is only the human authorities that do not know that Elisabeth survived, the ones responsible for her parents saw the maid escape with her, they tried to go after them and finish the job but by that time it was too late. The vampire world is extremely small and my parents had heard what happened and the perpetrators were severely punished.

My parents tracked Elisabeth to Austria with the maid and were going to bring her home with them and raise her with us, but then Stan and Susan adopted her right from under their noses. Mind you, I was still a baby when all of this happened.

Gigi didn’t waste any time in writing him back, especially when she saw that he was currently online.

4:04 PM

Gigi1340: So why didn’t you follow them to America? Why are you doing this to her now? What’s the point of the arranged marriage anyway, like seriously, who does those anymore? This is the 21st century!

DanV: Gigi, don’t you think that Elisabeth should be asking all of these questions? I am not supposed to divulge this sort of information to just anyone. Elisabeth yes, her parents, okay. But you are just a human that is close to her. You play no role in this marriage contract; no one other than her was supposed to find out about vampires in the first place.

Gigi1340: She’s not asking the questions because she’s afraid of you. When she read that your family was responsible for the death of her biological parents she decided that that was enough, she doesn’t trust you. Frankly I don’t trust you either but someone needs some answers and if she won’t get them herself then I will.

DanV: Fine, Genevieve, I will answer your questions but only if you swear to never repeat them to anyone other than Elisabeth. Believe me, if you tell anyone else we will find out, and you do not want to know how vampires do punishment.

They did not follow her to America because they thought she would be safer there. No vampire would dare go after her there at the risk of being staked and burned. The marriage was to bring our families together, vampires are a very territorial species and when there is only a mountain separating them, things get tense. Her parents and my parents thought that if Elisabeth and myself married it would help end the war for the territory. Perhaps the mistake our parents made was signing the treaty too early, Elisabeth was only a few months old when the contract was written and I was almost a year.

We do regret what happened and how much trouble this has caused everyone. They were not exactly pleased when I asked to come home without her, but as you know it was not successful in the slightest. We are from two different worlds, she a vampire raised as a human and I raised as one should be. Honestly Gigi I do not think she would have survived here.

Gigi1340: So you’re not going to hurt her? You’re going to leave her alone now..?

I also have a few questions about the whole vampire thing. Aren’t vampires not supposed to be able to go out in the sun? I never saw you sparkle or even cringe from sunlight. And your teeth, I suppose your canines were slightly sharper than ours, but you didn’t have full on fangs or anything. So what gives? How are you different?

DanV: Genevieve, you really are digging deeper than you should. I never had the intention of hurting her, it just…ended up that way. Leaving her alone, I personally will, whether my parents decide the same I cannot say. They are determined to see the contract through and I can’t stop them.

I am sorry but I cannot answer your other questions. If Elisabeth would like to know the answers then she is more than welcome to contact me, but I can’t release that information to you. If she ever wishes to contact me then you can tell her where to find me. I hope I have helped to somewhat put your mind at ease. Give Elisabeth my best, goodbye Gigi.

*DanV is offline*

After her chat with Daniel, Gigi copied and pasted their conversation into an email that she sent to Elizabeth, hopefully she would see it sometime tonight.

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