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Dawn's Cowboy

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Calvin Fisher and Dawn Haworth are two young lovers separated by her evil father. Both thought the other had betrayed them. Only when she came back to Colorado to sell her father's ranch did they meet again. After ten years Calvin knew he was still deeply in love with her and was determined to get her back. Dawn was torn, she still loved him but because of her secrets knew she couldn't be with him ever again. She fought her feelings for him, but he was very persistent. She had no idea that inside her father's home lay an evil secret that would put her and Calvin in great danger. Can their love be rekindled? Will all the secrets be revealed and can he save her from the dangers that lay ahead?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Removing his hat, Calvin Fisher, a cattle rancher from a small town in Colorado wiped the sweat from his brow. The sun was scorching hot as it beat down on him. Today, of all days, the hottest day of the year, one of his cattle had damaged part of a fence. He had already lost some stock, and he would be damned if he would lose anymore, so he had no choice but to fix it.

The heat and the broken fence was not the only reason he was on edge. He had woken up this morning in a good mood, looking forward to riding the range on his black stallion. A beautiful beast he had the luck and privilege of catching and taming himself. He was Calvin’s pride and joy, whom he named Dallas.

He breathed in the fresh air as he admired the view of the Rocky Mountains by his ranch. There was nothing like the smell of the great outdoors or the sight of his cattle grazing. A sense of pride filled him when he looked around his land.

After inheriting the property from his father he turned it into a thriving cattle ranch. All his hard work had paid off, making him a very wealthy man.

A call from his lifelong friend, Hank Jackson turned his good mood into a foul one. Hank was one of those all-around good guys. Full of life and laughter, willing to help anyone out who needed it. He owned the ranch several miles from Calvin’s and was married with two sons, a third on the way.

The call was to let him know that Dawn Haworth was coming home. He hadn’t given her much thought over the years, at least he tried not to. And the last thing he wanted was to set eyes on her or think about her.

But after that call, she was all he could think about. She was the girl that broke his heart so many years ago. Dawn’s father, Frank Haworth bought the ranch further down the road from the Fisher’s ranch. Frank Haworth was a nasty piece of work, it wasn’t long before people knew not to piss him off and stayed clear of him.

The moment Calvin laid eyes on Dawn he fell head over heels in love with her. She was sixteen, a real beauty. Short blonde hair, tiny little breasts, and long legs. It was her eyes he loved, she had these light brown eyes, with specks of green in them, so full of sparkle. And whenever he looked into them his heart melted.

Her scent was intoxicating, it stirred a desire in him, making his heart pound rapidly in his chest whenever she was around. She had a sweet disposition, was kind and a little on the shy side. At first, whenever he approached her she would keep avoiding him.

But soon he won her over, and the other boys left her alone once they realized she only had eyes for him. Frank Haworth was so strict they had to sneak around behind his back, they spent every minute they could together. He loved the way her lips tasted and couldn’t get enough of kissing them.

They were deeply in love and made plans for the future. After finishing school they were going to get married and start a family.

It was on a warm summer night, her father was out of town on business. In the Haworth barn, they were making out, kissing and touching each other. Things went further than should have and ended up going all the way. He knew she was a virgin so he took his time, letting her know it would hurt the first time, and if she wanted him to stop he would. But she told him she loved and trusted him, and that this was what she wanted.

He felt terrible when she let out a small cry of pain. Kissing her tenderly said he was sorry, he never wanted to cause her any pain. When the pain subsided the pleasure for them both was amazing, deepening the love they felt for one another.

After that, they made love every chance they got. It didn’t matter to them that she was barely sixteen, he seventeen. They were in love and planned on being together forever. She was his true love, he was certain the love they shared would have lasted a lifetime if it weren’t for her father.

Little did the young lovers know how their lives were about to change when Frank Haworth caught them in the act.

Dawn and Calvin were making love in her father’s barn. It was a hot and humid night, a storm was raging outside. The rain was slamming against the barn, thunder roared as lightning struck, lighting up the sky.

Frank Haworth returned home early from a business trip, catching them. His face turned bright red, he looked like a man having a heart attack. Eyes blazing with rage ordered Dawn inside the house, swearing and calling her a whore.

He then turned his fury on Calvin. “You dirty piece of country trash. I’ll make you sorry you were ever born.” Locking the barn door, preventing Calvin from leaving. Taking off his belt he gave him a brutal beating. To this day he still had the scars to prove it.

Dawn was sent away to live with an Aunt in Paris and the young lovers swore they would keep in touch. She promised him that when she knew where she was going she would write and let him know, and they would find a way to be together.

He was angry when she didn’t keep her word. For two years he waited for a letter or a phone call, but none had come. He felt betrayed by Dawn, the love he once had for her was replaced with hurt and anger. He couldn’t care less if he ever saw her again.

Now she was coming home. Frank Haworth had passed away over four months ago, and she hadn’t come home for his funeral. That was no surprise to anyone, Dawn and her father had never been close.

She was coming back to sell the ranch and take care of the old man’s belongings. Calvin swore he would stay clear of her while she was here. She had betrayed him, leaving him without a second thought, he despised her.

Calvin had to admit that Dawn’s betrayal was the driving force behind his wanting to be successful. Thinking that maybe someday they might meet again. He would have liked to get back at her, to hurt her the way she hurt him.

It wasn’t easy turning the ranch around. Old Frank Haworth did whatever he could to get in Calvin’s way. Frank hated him, even after all these years he had never forgiven Calvin for taking his daughter's virginity. Frank went to his grave hating him.

Well, he’d had enough of thinking about the Haworths. The sun was going down and the work was done, so he decided to go into town for a cold beer.

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