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Blinded By The Web

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Kennedy Known as the shy, introverted girl. I thought college would break me out of my shell, but I was wrong. Then, my cousin introduces me to an online community for introverts. That is where I meet him. He’s everything and more that I have been searching for. I don’t feel so alone anymore. The only problem is we’re in two different countries. When my brother returns home from deployment, he is not alone. His best friend is with him. Who just so happens to be the same guy I've been having naughty Skype sessions with. And the one guy I'm falling hard for. Now, he's going to be staying at my family's ranch. And I'm not sure I'll be able to resist him. Sometimes, you have to take a chance on love. Consequences be damned... You can read the complete book on Kindle Unlimited for FREE!

Romance / Drama
Jessica Lee
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Introverted Girl


Walking back to my dorm from my broadcast news writing class, I break out in a sweat. That’s what you get for living in Texas. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Born and raised in Houston. I’m what they call a true country girl. Therefore, I chose to go to the University of Houston. It worked out. I’m only forty minutes from home, so I don’t get homesick. And I was offered a full scholarship. I busted my ass to get it. I chose journalism as my major. I dream of becoming a news editor in the city that never sleeps, New York City.

I’m dripping in sweat and all I want to do right now is take a shower. Unfortunately, I live in the dorms, so we have commune bathrooms. I’m shy by nature, so being forced to shower in front of girls and guys is not my favorite thing. The other students in my dorm act like it’s no big deal. The guys around here treat it like a place to pick up chicks. Not kidding. The other day, I saw a guy get a girl’s number as she was just walking out of the shower stall. I mean what girl gives a guy her number when she’s naked and wet?

Not me.

Opening the door to my dorm room, the sight in front of me causes my cheeks to heat. My roommate is lying on her bed with her legs wrapped around some guy I haven’t seen before while he drives into her. Did I mention my roommate is my cousin and best friend? Now, any normal girl would freak out if they got caught having sex. Nope, not Kenzie. The girl has no shame. The guy she’s with must be a little more modest. When he notices me standing in the doorway, he jumps off her completely naked. OMG! I’m staring at a bare white ass.

“Oh shit”. The guy says, not even bothering to grab his clothes. He runs out into the hall, dick swinging and white ass on display. A nice ass, I will admit. I can’t help but giggle. Now, my shitty day has gotten a whole lot better.

“Call me Keith,” Kenzie shouts out.

“Okay Kens, you know I love you, but we need some code, so you don’t cock block me anymore. I was so close to having an orgasm. I would have kicked your ass just now if you were anyone else.” I roll my eyes.

“Yuck,” I tell her while fake vomiting.

“I forget you’re so crude,” she says sarcastically. Then she goes to her vanity and grabs a scrunchy. “I got our code. So, if you see a white scrunchy, that means I have a boy in the room, but we’re just chilling, you can enter. If you see a black scrunchy, that means we’re fucking, so enter at your own risk.” Kenzie says with laughter. This girl makes life interesting. We’re the same age, and our moms are sisters, so we have been inseparable since birth.

I go to grab a pink scrunchy to tie my hair with. “What does the pink scrunchie mean?”

“BJ,” she says with a wink. I blush. “You need to put these scrunchies to good use. That’s what college is for, you know.”

“For what, BJ’s?” Because I thought it was to get an education.” I say with a little attitude. Now, she’s just starting to irritate me. So, I don’t hook up with random guys. She acts like I’m a disgrace to college kids everywhere. “Hooking up” has never been my thing. I’m more into a monogamous relationship than just a hookup. Not that I have ever been in a relationship before.

“All I’m saying is we’re only young once. You need to get out there and live, Kens.”

“I know how to have fun,” I say, flashing my e-reader at her.

“Reading on a Friday night when everyone is at the Alpha Sigma house partying is not my idea of fun.” Well, it is if you’re reading this sexy romance novel between a college student and her professor. I get hot just thinking about the last scene I read.

“You need to get out there if you’re ever going to lose that v-card of yours.”

“Ahh, what is your obsession with my V-card?” I ask groaning in frustration.

“Your nineteen Kens, don’t you want to see what all the fuss is about?” Before she can say another word, we’re stopped by the sound of a video call coming in.

“Kolan”. We both yell at the same time, excitedly.

“Hi, big brother,” I say with a huge smile. Kolan is my older and only brother. He’s my only sibling. Kenzie could easily pass for my sister because she’s like one, and we look alike.

“How are my two favorite girls?” Kolan asks with a smile. God, have I missed that smile. Three years ago, Kolan joined the army right after graduation. It shocked our entire family. He enlisted the day after graduating and was sent to the Fort Sam Army Base in Houston. Granted, it wasn’t far from us, but it’s not like we could see him whenever. During his training, I couldn’t even speak to him. It was tough, but nothing could prepare us for when he got sent to Iraq six months ago. It’s a danger zone over there.

“So, what’s new with you, girls?” Kolan asks.

Not thinking I blurt out. “I just caught Kenzie having sex with some random guy in our dorm room.” The look Kenzie gives me is one of horror. Did I tell my brother that?

“Whoa... what? Kenzie, you better not be trying to corrupt my baby sister.” He eyes her suspiciously. Kolan has always been overly protective of me.

“Please, Kolan. Nothing or no one could corrupt Kennedy. She’s too much of a hermit. I can’t even get her to go out to a party with me, let alone talk to a guy.” Rolling my eyes, I playfully shove her.

“Where are all your hot army buddies?” Kenzie asks with a wink.

“My buddies know not to mess with my girls, esp. my baby sister.” Kolan is my biggest protector. Too protective, if you know what I mean. He’s always looked out for me; now he’s in a different country. It makes me so sad to be unable to be around him all the time. Saying goodbye to Kolan is always the hardest. After getting off the video call, Kenzie stares me down.

“Did you have to tell your brother about Keith? Now he’s going to think I’m corrupting you.” She says, with a grin.

“You know, if you won’t go to parties with me, there are other ways to meet guys?”

“How?” I ask her curiously. Around here, that’s the only place where I’m going to meet a guy.

“Have you ever thought about online dating?” Her question catches me off guard. It may be easier for you since you’re hidden behind the screen. Lots of people do it. Maybe not college students, but it’s something you should consider.”

Hmm... I think over what she just said. “Online Dating? Sounds dangerous.” There are a lot of creeps online.

“Well, yeah. It can be dangerous if you give out your personal information. And it’s not like you’ll be going to their home. You would meet in a public place or don’t have to meet at all. That’s the beauty of online dating.” She says while swinging her arm around me.

“Who says I’m looking to date?”

“Kens, I know you’re lonely. When you’re not at class or the library, you’re held up in here on that stupid e-reader of yours.” She rips my Kindle out of my hand. “What is so great about this thing anyway?”

She begins reading an excerpt in the latest book I’m reading. “I slam her on my wooden desk and lift her skirt. She has the softest and smoothest skin I ever felt. After sliding her panties down, I unbutton my pants and slide in fucking us into oblivion right here on my desk.” She fans herself after reading.

“Damn, this is the shit you read? I would stay in on a Friday night, too, if I were reading about a sexy college professor fucking his student. I have to tell ya, Kens, I never thought you, of all people, would be into porn.”

“Kenzie, it’s not porn; it’s a romance novel,” I tell her while ripping my e-reader from her grip.

“Bitch, this is porn. I need my vibrator after reading that.” She says while fanning herself.

“Better yet, I’m going to look for Keith,” she says with a wink.

After she leaves, I climb into my big, comfy bed and start my e-reader. As I’m reading this sexy scene, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be the girl on that desk. What would it be like to experience sex? I guess I won’t ever know unless I put myself out there.

Maybe it’s time I consider an alternative to meeting guys. One that wouldn’t make me so uncomfortable.

Like online dating.

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