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Yours to Keep

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Read the second book in the Y2L mini series. Will Addi and Mason get their happily ever after or will unfortunate circumstances control their destiny?

Romance / Drama
Lisa Marie
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Chapter 1

~ Mason

Ringggg, ringggg … Who in the fuck is calling me? I slowly open my eyes and search around for my phone. Where is the damn thing? FUCK! Let it go to voicemail, I don’t care. But what if it’s Addi? Looking around my living room, I retrace my steps from the night before. Man, I fucked up. I feel groggy and my head is pounding … and I deserve it.

I never even made it to my bed last night, how pathetic. At least I got home before I got too wasted … if I had gotten pulled over for drinking and driving again my ass would be sitting in jail right now. I peel myself up off the floor of the living room and plop down on the couch. I feel like shit. Addi’s horrified face when she saw me with Vanessa is still crystal clear in my mind and it’s right then that I remember what I need to do. But first things first, where the fuck is my phone? I happen to glance to my left and miraculously find it wedged in between the couch cushions.

Tapping the screen, my phone lights up and reveals the nine calls that I’ve missed, along with two voicemails … and several text messages, all from a number I don’t recognize. A feeling of uncertainty warms my skin as I sense something is very wrong. I listen to the voicemails first …

Mason, this is Annie. I need you to call me back … it’s Addi … sh-she was in a car accident and she’s in the hospital. Call me back as soon as you get this.

My forehead instantly breaks into a sheen of sweat and I can feel the nervous bile rising in the back of my throat. My sweet Addi … was in a car accident? OH MY GOD, THE BABY!

I feel like I’m running in slow motion as I head for the bathroom, but I make it just in time before that bile forces its way up. When I’m done hurling up the contents of my stomach I go to the sink and splash some cold water on my face and quickly brush my teeth.

After dialing Annie’s number I put my phone on speaker and sit it on my dresser as I slip on a hoodie.

Hello? Mason?!

Annie answers right away and already I don’t like the tone of her frantic voice. My God, Addi better be okay

Yeah, I’m here. What’s going on?! What hospital is she at?

Annie tells me that the ambulance that picked Addi up rushed her to Greenhaven Memorial Hospital. It was only about fifteen minutes away from my place, I put my shoes on and grab my keys before running out the door.

Is she okay, Annie?!

I ask with hesitance, I’m scared to death right now and the evil part of me is already blaming myself for what has happened to Addi. I can’t go through this again. I can’t lose another person that I love.

I-I don’t know … Just hurry up and get here!


“I should’ve never gone there, I should’ve never gone there,” I tell myself over and over while driving close to 100mph down the highway. I’m numb, in fact, I’m so busy processing what's happened that I almost miss the exit to the hospital. Luckily the police had searched Addi’s glove compartment and found an address book, they called the first number they came across, Annie.

I felt bad for the girl, she had to call and deliver the heartbreaking news to Addi’s parents as well. Christ, her poor Mom, and Dad … I’ve only met them once, it was the day Addi moved in and already I could tell they were the kind of parents who’ve always revolved their lives around their children. Their main focus in life has always been Addi and Nora.

And Nora … how’s her petty, hateful sister going to feel when she finds out she and Vanessa’s setup ultimately landed Addi in the hospital. How’s she going to explain what's happened to Addi’s parents? But the same goes for me … I’m going to look like the bad guy in this no matter what. It won’t make one bit of difference if I was set up or not, when everyone hears about that kiss between Vanessa and me, I’m done.

And where the fuck had Ethan disappeared to during all of this? I tried calling him last night as I downed an entire beer on my drive home, but quickly I remember that he didn’t even have his phone. He had to have been a part of this whole charade if he willingly let Vanessa use his phone to call me.

I make a right into the hospital’s parking lot and quickly find a spot. I feel like I can’t get to Addi fast enough. I’m still slightly hungover and I can’t think straight. It’s only been five months since I met Addi and I already feel like I can’t live without her. I feel sorry for the three of them though … Nora, Ethan, and Vanessa. Because when I get a hold of them … they’re going to regret the day they fucking met me.

The emergency doors slide open and I’m met with that familiar sterile hospital smell. It’s packed in here tonight with an array of people waiting to be seen. Addi’s already in the back since she came in on an ambulance. I swear they better be doing everything they can to help her and our baby.

Our baby … If something bad has happened to our tiny, little being Addi will be crushed, and I’d spare no one when it came to seeking my revenge.

Mason! Over here!” I turn my head to find Annie waving her arms at me. She’s standing with Tyler in front of the nurse's station.

“How is she? Please tell me she’s going to be okay ….” I ask my eyes bouncing between her and Ty. This is killing me and the fact that this is partly my fault stabs my heart with guilt.

“She’s stable. Her Mom and Dad just went back to see her. What the hell happened?” Annie questions me. It’s just as I thought, she already thinks this is my fault and that’s exactly what everyone else will be quick to think too … her parents, the nurses and doctors, hell maybe even the police. I hear multiple footsteps shuffling across the linoleum floor toward where we’re standing and when I look over it’s all those people ready to attack, ready to place blame. Addi’s parents, a couple of doctors … and just as luck would have it, a police officer.

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