Passion As Red As Blood

By Kitty White All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


“Hey Alex, Alexandria, get your nose out of the book and hurry up with that order!” her coworker Alan called out to her. He was a slender tall man, he had done up brown hair and black framed glasses that sat on his slim face, covering his eyes. He was in a white button-up shirt, black slacks, and a standard red barista apron. Alex’s head snapped up from the medical textbook she was reading as latte foam went all over her hand causing her to cry out in pain. She sat it down in a hurry to get her hand to cool off and stop throbbing. She had been up all night the night before cramming for her anatomy exam she had tomorrow. She also hadn’t had a day off in a week due to she needed to make money for her tuition. Alex looked and was exhausted, her bright amber eyes dulled to more of an off yellow color. Her copper red hair, messy and unbrushed, but luckily thrown into a messy bun to make it look presentable. She shuffled and hastily worked to get the order finished. Moving over to the pickup side of the counter of the coffee shop she worked at and with a small but tired breath, she looked down at the cup. The name on it was smudged due to the overflow of foam. Her brow creased in confusion as she tried to read it.

“A… Aloy, your coffee is ready.” She called out in an unsure tone as she swiveled her head around, her other hand coming up to push her black, square-framed glasses up on her face. A chuckle came over the indistinct chatter in the shop that caught her attention, the man it came from leaning on the counter.

“Alroy, that’s my name… Miss… Alexandria? Very pretty name.” he said to her in a charming but smooth voice looking at her name tag that was hanging on the right side of her apron. Her head snapped over to him, she began to blush because she said his name wrong while looking over his features. He was a tall man, he was about six foot seven and wearing a black suit. He had these deep blue eyes that seemed to twinkle as he looked down at her through his black hair that was shaggy but seemed to be very put together at the same time.

“O… Oh, I… I am so sorry Mr. Alroy. I.. Um… w…was studying as I was working… because you know I have to make money for school. Medical school doesn’t pay for itself and well, it is quite pricey…” she told him with a small giggle before handing him his cup. He looked her over, more than look, he was admiring the girl. She worked and studied and was going to pay her own way? This peaked his interest without a doubt. With another chuckle as he thought, he slipped his cup from her and leaned down slightly, looking her over again. His eyes lingering on all her features.

“You work too hard, not to be so forward, but why don’t you give me a call? We can go out and have dinner or drinks, my treat.” He said as he reached into his pocket of his suit jacket with his free hand to pull out a business card and slid it to her.

“But I must warn you, think twice before you call Miss Alexandria…” he said before she could even speak nor think he flashed her a smirk. He turned on his heel and left the café altogether. He was gone in almost a blink of an eye. Alex let out a small choking noise as she looked down at the card on the table and lifted it up.

“Did he really just…” she got cut off by another one of her coworkers as she walked up with wide eyes and snatched the card from Alex’s hands. Alex was muddled at the look of shock her coworker held.

“No way, a nerd like you just got asked out by one of New York’s most successful CEO’s?” she squalled. Alex retorted with a snort and just snatched the card back from the blonde. Sticking it in her pocket, she made her way back to the sink to work on the dishes. She wasn’t about to get scaled by hot latte foam once again. Yet, her curious co-worker followed her back and leaned on the other side of the sink with a smirk.

“What are you going to do? You have to say yes, I mean do you realize that was Alroy Lockhart?” she asked. Alex just shook her head. She honestly had no clue who he was.

“Listen, Cindy, for one I have no clue who he is and two, this nerd needs to study. I can’t afford to go out and do things like that.” She told her moving clean dishes over to the other sink to rinse them as Cindy gasped and leaned into her.

“You don’t know who he is? Why Alex, he makes cell phones. He owns and runs Telecorp!” she explained almost in shock how Alex had no clue who he was. Alex jerked at her exclamation.

“I have work and go to school, those are my priorities. Now will you please leave me alone about this?” she said to her. Cindy looked at her almost appalled before she rolled her eyes and walking off without another work after slamming the card down on the sink next to Alex. She was honestly jealous, she thought she was superior to Alex, not like Alex really cared. In the time that she did the dishes, she began to think about it. More so how he had up and disappeared that easy. She put it off as she was tired so she pushed it out of her mind. In the middle of her thought, a hand rested on her shoulder causing her jerk. She whipped around to see it was Alan. He chuckled at her and shook his head, he found it amusing she scared easily.

“Hey, Alex, it’s time for you to head home. Hopefully you get some rest before your test tomorrow and don’t worry about…” he went to say before she cut him off with a small giggle, drying her hands on her apron then untied it.

“Listen, Alan, I really need the money. I will be in here tomorrow night, well more so, as soon as I am done with my test okay?” she told him slipping the business card off table and into her pocket then walked off into the back to grab her things. She pulled her phone out of her purse to see several missed calls from her father.

“I guess I will call him when I get home and showered…” she sighed, not really wanting to call him since all he was going to do was yell at her. She hiked her bag up onto her shoulder as she slipped out into the lobby only to stop and grab her book then walk out of the front doors. Alex stopped to look around the nightly surroundings that encircled her. For a second she had felt that she was being watched, but once again she shoved it off as being over tired. She cracked her book open and began to head for home.

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