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The Lost Summer

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My childhood best friend. The one I trusted most in this world betrayed me. It's been four long years since I last saw his traitorous face. After getting into legal trouble, I'm forced back to my hometown to spend the summer working at my estranged father's marina. That's when I see him. He's no longer the sweet boy with glasses and braces. He's a rich, entitled jerk. A hot, rich, entitled jerk. This time I'm stronger, though. Nothing can break me. Not even Wesley Scott. Enemies to Lovers summer romance (Standalone) Read the first three chapters here. You can find this story on Kindle Vella & Radish Fiction. https://linktr.ee/jessicalee0226

Romance / Drama
Jessica Lee
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The Lost Girl

Four years ago, I let him destroy me. Now, I come back stronger than ever. This time, I will not back down. I will not cower. I will exact my vengeance. Wesley Scott no longer holds control over me.


Present Day

“Jase is saying it’s yours,” Officer Monroe snarls, slamming the baggy of marijuana on the metal table in the interrogation room. How did I get here? I know I’m too trusting. And that trust has bitten me right in the ass. Stupid me for trusting Jace Wheeler. So what if he’s a sex god? I should have known not to get involved with Silverton’s most well-known drug distributor.

“In Colorado, possessing over six ounces of marijuana is a level one misdemeanor. Punishable up to six to eighteen months in jail and up to five thousand in fines. Is that what you want, Miss Henderson, to go to jail,” Dickface threatens. I hate Officer asshole, Monroe. I think most of the delinquents in this town would say the same. It’s his life’s mission to make us miserable.

“I heard you have a past of distributing drugs to the Silverton high school students, Miss Henderson,” Officer fuckface Peterson intervenes. He’s just as bad as his partner, Monroe. And I wasn’t the one selling drugs at the school. Once again, that was all Jace fucking Wheeler. Why did I have to fall for all his ink and piercings? Especially the one that is attached to his lower region. A spot I’ve touched and licked many times. I’m such a softy.

“Once again, that wasn’t me. I smoke it but don’t sell it.” I say unabashedly. I’ve never been afraid to speak the truth.

“So where did the six ounces of marijuana we recovered from your mother’s Nissan come from? Give us a name,” Monroe demands. I may hate Jace for throwing me under the bus, but I’m no snitch.

Before I mutter another word, Officer Connelly, AKA Tanner Connelly, my stepfather, struts through the door with an expression that tells me he’s not happy. The guy is serious to a fault. I guess that goes with the officer title. All these jerks are miserable fucks. “Officer Connelly, your stepdaughter is free to go for now, but she will have to appear in court, where the judge will decide her punishment.” They’re acting like I committed murder and should be sentenced to the electric chair. Do they still do that sort of thing?

The ride home is filled with eerie silence. I shouldn’t expect anything less from Tanner. The man tries to act like my father when he’s not. The worst part about it is that my mom always takes his side. I’m dreading facing her. Wonder what my punishment will be this time. I’ve already had my car, phone, and computer taken away. What else can she do? I’m eighteen years old, for fuck sake. And have no idea what I want to do with my life.

After my parents divorced when I was ten, Mom moved us back to her hometown, Silverton, Colorado. We stayed with my grandparents until she got a job and could support us. It wasn’t long after Tanner came into the picture. He’s not a bad guy, just not pleasant to be around. The guy shows no emotion except when he’s angry. Then look out!

As for my sperm donor, we’re estranged. It’s been four long years since I’ve seen him. I never plan to go back to the one place that destroyed me.

To the one person who broke me.

Pulling into the driveway, I notice Mom’s car. Stepping out of the police car, I slam the door with force. “Hey, watch the door. That’s state property,” Tanner snaps.

Like, I give two fucks.

Mom’s standing in the doorway with her arms crossed, scowling at me. “You home early for me? You should have saved yourself the trouble and stayed at work.” I say sarcastically.

“Yeah, Carly, it’s every mother’s dream to get a call from the police station while at work stating that your child has been arrested for possession of drugs.” I can’t help but roll my eyes at my mother’s theatrics.

“Last time I checked, marijuana was legal. It’s a medical drug, and I do it for my anxiety, not recreational purposes, Mother.” If looks could kill, I would be ten feet under.

“First off, weed is only legal in Colorado if you’re in possession of under two ounces and twenty-one or over. The officers who pulled you over found six ounces in a car that doesn’t belong to you,” Tanner says authoritatively.

“Now you have to go to court and will most likely have to pay a fine if you are lucky; this is serious, Carly. Do you want to be sent to prison? You’re eighteen; they wouldn’t be lenient on you. So, no juvie, you’re looking at prison. Do you want to be somebody’s bitch on the inside?” I can’t help the laughter that bursts from my lips at my mother’s ridiculousness.

“You are crazy, mother. At most, I’ll be slapped with a thousand-dollar fine.”

Tanner steps toward me, getting into my personal space, making me leary. “You think you're invincible, huh? Well, let me be clear on one thing. Whatever fine you’re hit with. It will come out of your pocket. Neither I nor your mother will bail you out of this one.” Tanner turns to my mother. “She’s your problem now. I have to get back to work.” He storms off, slamming the front door making the house shake.

Now I’m left here with my mother. The urge to flee right now is strong. I’d rather sit in jail than face this woman’s wrath. “I’m disappointed in you, Carly. I don’t know what to do about you anymore. You’re out of control. You better pray the judge goes easy on you. Because I will not bail you out this time.” With that, she storms out of the room, leaving me alone.

One week later, I’m leaving the courthouse with my mother and Tanner. They haven’t said one word to me since my arrest last week. I could not care less about Tanner but my mother. Her silence is deafening. Because my stepfather is an officer, and this was my first offense, I got off with a slap on the wrist. I’m ordered to pay a thirty-five hundred dollar fine.

The fucked up part is it wasn’t my weed, to begin with. Jace should be the one held accountable. Unfortunately for me, he skipped town after my arrest. Fearing that I would turn on him as he did me. Luckily, I’m not a snitch like his bitch ass.

The drive home is quiet. No surprise there. They could at least put on Kroc. Stepping inside the house, I make a beeline upstairs to my room but don’t make it in time. The front door is slammed shut, and I know my punishment is far from over. I have a feeling it’s about to get much worse.

“In the living room now, young lady,” Mother commands sternly. I stand there for a second, debating whether or not to flee out the door. Tanner is guarding it so that I won’t make a run for it.

“Listen to your mother,” he says, pointing towards the living area. I’m trapped. I do as I’m told and sit on the plastic-covered couch. Are we in the 1960s?

With my ass plastered on the sofa, Mom stands, pacing while she speaks. “As we already made clear, we are holding you responsible for your fine. You will pay every last dollar with your own money.” I was planning on getting a summer job anyway since I’m undecided on what I will do next fall. Most of my graduating class, minus the druggies, will go to college. Me, most likely not.

College isn’t for a girl like me.

“Got ya loud and clear. I already have some leads lined up. Are we done here?” I go to walk away when I’m stopped in my tracks by my mother’s following words.

“I don’t think you understand Carly. You won’t be getting a job around here.” Turning around, I lift a brow in confusion.

“I’m not following. I live here.”

Tanner stands at my mother’s side like they are a united front. He blurts with a massive grin on his smug face, “You won’t be for the summer.”

Why are they being so cryptic?

“I talked with Thomas, and we both agreed it would be in your best interest if you stayed and worked for him at the Ritz Carlton for the summer.” My eyes widen, and I’m sure my face is white as a ghost.

“You want me to stay with Dad and work at that fancy resort where all the rich snobs frequent for the entire summer?” Lord, just kill me now.

“Yes, you leave in three days. So, if I were you, I would start packing. This is not up for debate.” Mother points an acrylic nail at me. “And don’t think about running away.”

“Because we will find you,” my stepfather adds with a devilish grin. I storm off to my room. The thought of running away was the first thing that came to mind. But with Tanner being a cop, I don’t doubt he would find me. And I would be in even more shit than I am now.

I slam my bedroom door shut and collapse on top of my bed. Then, opening the drawer to the nightstand, I take the one photo I haven’t looked at in four years.

My best friend and I are sitting on the docks at the Marina my father manages, fishing. We had just caught one largemouth bass and were beaming with joy. He stood in his button-down plaid shirt with khaki shorts and boat shoes. Glasses sliding down his nose and a smile full of braces. I was sporting the cutest yellow sundress—something I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing now.

Not with my scars being so exposed.

I was so innocent then. We were both beaming with joy until that night. Everything changed. Wesley Scott was no longer my best friend. The boy I was secretly in love with.

Became my enemy.

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