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True Mate's Second Choice

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"It's amazing how someone can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the little pieces." Dario Reyes has seen dark days in his Life. He was forced to be strong and not show weakness but deep inside, he is an adorable fluff ball who just wants to be loved. All Dario wanted was to live peacefully and happily with his mate, but Life had other plans for him. Jaylen West is the Alpha of the Dark Forest Pack. He is known to be one of the most powerful Alphas in the country. He was living happily until one day, everything came crashing down, and then he met his true mate Dario. what does Life have in stock for Dario and Jaylen? Will they be able to find happiness together, or will fate stand in their way?

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In this Universe, there are two types of mates: chosen mates and true mates.

Chosen mates:

They are mates that choose to be together. They can mark one another through a bite. Although chosen mates can mark one another, the bond is not permanent, and it can be broken if the couple chooses to do so. Many chose their own mates due to the difficulty of finding their true mates. The mark of chosen mates appears as a bite on the neck.

True Mates:

True mates are made for one another, which is considered a blessed union. The bond between true mates is raw and powerful, very hard to resist. Once true mates mark one another, they are bonded for life, and the bond cannot be broken. The mark of true mates appears as a bite on the neck and a permanent matching tattoo on the left side of their chest just above their heart. Each couple shares a unique mark.

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