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True Mate's Second Choice

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Dario’s P.O.V

I thought I had experienced all the pain in the world. I’ve been tortured in every way imagined, yet nothing prepared me for this moment. This moment made me realise how expendable I was in his eyes. The coldness of the blade on my throat didn’t compare to the chill that was coursing through my veins.

“Our only request is for you to release our prisoners, and we will let your mate go.” The guy holding me from behind spoke.

“You don’t think we’re asking for much compared to your precious mate, are we?” The person beside him added.

I would call them idiots, but they managed to get to the pack house undetected, which was probably why Jaylen was fuming right now. Speaking of Jaylen, my mate has been awfully quiet. Not that he said much in front of me, but he is a man of a few words to me. I’ve been in this pack for a couple of months now, and I have yet to see or speak to him for more than the 5 minutes a day he allows us to ease the mate bond.

“And I should listen to you… Why?” Jaylen spoke with his usual sharp voice, which never failed to send shivers down my spine.

“Maybe you didn’t hear us the first time, your mate or our prisoners. It’s your choice.” The hunter, whose name I’ve yet to find out. Considering our proximity, you’d think we were the best of friends.

Hah, good one.Kylo snickered.

Thanks, buddy. Glad you’re enjoying this.

You don’t think he will let them hurt us, do you?Kylo asked in a more serious tone.

I don’t know. It’s not like he’s shown that he cares about us in any way. He hasn’t even met you yet.I replied, feeling the sadness in my chest, knowing I had hurt my wolf, but that’s the truth. We should accept it.

The knife dug deeper, piercing into my skin. I winced at the pain. The pack members surrounding us growled in disapproval, but Jaylen didn’t flinch at all. The hunter behind me tightened his grip on my neck, which made it difficult to breathe.

“Make your choice, Alpha, because we don’t have all day. Your little warriors you have protecting the border are knocked out cold. It’s funny how much damage a little dart can do. We have many more men waiting at the border; with one press of a button, they’ll be here in no time. Now, all we ask for is to release the prisoners you have, and we’ll all go our separate ways.” The guy next to my captor lifted a small remote with a red button on it. Talk about cliche.

“Jay, we should give them what they want. Look at Dario, he’s bleeding.” Raymond, Jaylen’s Beta, spoke.

“No,” Jaylen said sternly.

The pain twisted my stomach, making me sick. My eyes welled up with tears I didn’t know I had anymore. If I would let the pain speak for me, it would tell me just to let them kill me and end it all. Kylo’s heartbreaking howl sounded in my head. We were both hurting. But I won’t die so easily. I’ve survived worse, and I will survive this.

Kylo buddy, I know it hurts, but we must end this. I need you to get it together for a bit.I pleaded.

I got you, let’s kick their ass I need the distraction anyway.

I took a deep breath before stepping on the hunter’s foot. I grabbed his neck and flipped him in front of me, twisting his arm and bringing the knife into his chest. He groaned and fell to the floor. I turned around, kicking the button out of the hunter’s hand. The other hunter beside the fallen one took his gun out, which made my life easier, thankfully. I quickly snatched the gun from his hands, shot him in the foot, and round-kicked him in the face, making him fly into one of the pack members and waking them up from their shock. They immediately ran after the remaining three hunters who were fleeing. This was the first time the pack had seen me fight. I made sure to keep that a secret as life has taught me not to trust anyone. I had kept myself safe for so long that I wasn’t about to let my guard down just because my mate was the alpha. I dusted my clothes while turning to Jaylen, looking him straight in the eye. As much as I hate this motherfucker right now, his handsome face could have me on my knees in seconds.

“You may wanna take care of the hunters on the border,mate.” My voice cracked without my permission, the audacity. I did not want to seem weak in front of him. He looked back at me, speechless, with a glint in his eyes, which I didn’t understand.

“Damn, Dario. That’s some moves you got there. You’re pretty strong for a…” Raymond stopped before he could finish, seeming nervous.

“For an Omega, you mean? Yeah, I had to learn the hard way.” my glare remained on Jaylen, who still hadn’t said anything or moved for that matter. “If you’ll excuse me, I will rest in my room.” I continued before turning around to leave.

“Dario, wait.” I stopped in my tracks at his command, and I hated myself for it. I was so weak to this bond, which rendered me useless. I didn’t turn around. That was all the resistance I had in me before he spoke again.

“Thank you.”

I took a deep breath as I continued walking to my room. I locked myself inside, hoping it would keep the pain out, but it didn’t. After being alone for five years, I thought meeting my mate would be the saving grace I needed. That he’d keep me safe and happy without looking over my shoulder, but here I was again. Among people I don’t know and feeling alone.

Maybe that’s just my fate, destined to be alone for all of eternity.

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