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Stranded With A Stranger

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Kitty Edison, a young woman from New York leaves her home and family to escape her controlling father who is forcing her to marry a man she hates. She takes on a job at a fly-in camp, one that is closed during the winter months. It was the perfect hideaway, she would be all alone and knew her father wouldn't find her there. It would give her a few months to try and sort her life out. She was made to believe she would be there alone, so imagine her surprise when she finds out that there is also a man staying at the camp, in the same building as her. He was scary-looking, had long hair, a long beard and smelt of booze. Finding herself stranded with no way off the island she had to learn to deal with the grumpy stranger. Max Ferrero took the job as a handyman on the island specifically for the reason he believed he would be the only one there. After having his heartbroken he fled his job and home, he did not want to be around people, especially women. He was furious to find a blonde woman in his cabin and was determined to make her life a living hell. Can two strangers, both running from their past learn to get along?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Kitty was sitting next to the pilot, Ralph, an older man who flew the small floater plane and she shivered from the cold. It was February and the snow covered the ground. She would never understand how these small planes could land on water, or in this case on ice. Needless to say, she was frightened to the very core when the plane descended, skimming to a stop by the dock. Her body trembled and she let out a deep breath and thanked God that they had made it. Ralph helped Kitty down and she pulled the zipper of her coat all the way up, it was freezing.

“Well, here you are Miss,” Ralph said as he pulled her luggage which consisted of one large suitcase and a smaller one from the plane and setting them down. “You’re brave coming out here this time of year.”

“Why do you say that?” her curiosity peeked.

Ralph chuckled. “Don’t get me, wrong Miss, bears are still hibernating so you no need to fear them. Just that it gets so cold, and I hear there’s another storm coming in, and it can be a lonely place with not much to do and no folks to mingle with.”

Kitty looked at Ralph, he had a white beard, a round belly and reminded her of Santa Claus with his bright sparkling eyes and his jolly laugh. “Being alone suits me just fine.”

“Well I’ll be off now Miss, the main building will be your living quarters, you can’t miss it. It’s the largest one.”

“Thank you, Ralph,” she said, giving him a friendly smile and standing, waving to him as he took off.

Pulling her hat down to cover her ears better and putting on her gloves looked around at her surroundings.

It looked so pretty with the snow-covered trees, and she could see the small cabins scattered all around. The main cabin she was told held the bar, kitchen and dining room where the guests would gather to socialize. In the back was a small living quarter that held a tiny kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Grabbing her bags she made her way through the snow-covered pathway that led to the main cabin where she would be staying. It was the only one fully stocked with food, heat, and electricity, the other cabins didn’t. Which made sense since they were only used in the summer and didn’t require heat.

Only having the key to the main entrance went in that way instead of the back door. Walking in she set the bags down, her eyes wandering over the room. It was all made from pine wood, over to the right was the bar, bar stools flipped over on top. There were eight tables, stripped of their tablecloths and the chairs were on top, same as the bar. This, of course, was the dining room and it was actually very nice.

Locking the door behind her and grabbing the bags made her way to the back room where she entered the large kitchen where the staff prepared meals for their guests. She then went through another door, thinking that this had to be the living quarters where she would be living for the next two months.

Yup, she was right, putting the bags down she explored. It was small but big enough for her, and surprisingly quite warm. Her stomach growled, reminding her she hadn’t eaten since this morning. So Kitty decided to prepare a stew and let it simmer while she showered and changed. Going into the kitchen took out potatoes, cutting them up along with carrots, onions, spices and the package of beef, cutting it into cubes. With everything in the pot and the stove turned on low she went and sat down on the sofa.

There were several whiskey bottles sitting on the end table, some empty ones in the wastebasket and an empty glass sat on the coffee table. Shaking her head in disgust, she couldn’t believe that whoever was here last left the place in such a mess. There were even some dirty dishes left in the sink. Well, she figured she’d clean up before taking a bath so tossing the empty bottles in the garbage she then washed the dishes and put them away. After that was all done she sat on the couch, and closing her eyes she fell asleep, waking an hour later.

Jumping up she went and checked on the stew, it was coming along nicely and smelled delicious. It was now dark so she pulled the drapes closed even though there was no one around to see her. And stripping out of her clothes and letting them lay on the floor she walked into the bathroom. It was rather nice, except for the towels laying on the floor. Shaking her head once again at the laziness of whoever left it there. Picking them up she tossed them into the hamper.

Filling the tub she added bubbles and putting her hair up on top of her head got in and laid down, resting her back against the tub. Closing her eyes she thought about what she was doing, was coming here a big mistake? She lied to get this job, saying she had experience. Her family was rich, she never had to clean or cook, though she learned cooking from one of the staff at her father’s mansion. She liked cooking, found it relaxing and liked creating delicious meals. But cleaning, she didn’t really have a clue, thankfully the man who hired her never checked.

Kitty loved her parents but they were snobs, expecting her to behave like a proper lady. She had to dress a certain way, had to date the right kind of man, one of wealth and status. And they were wanting her to marry Gary Lockwood.

Gary was good-looking and came from what they call old money. He never had to work and spent his days traveling and partying. He was nice enough and treated her with respect but she found him boring and there were no sparks, no fireworks between them. He presented her with a large diamond ring and proposed to her at a party her parents were hosting in front of them and all the guests that attended.

Her parents made such a fuss as they and the others gathered around them. With Gary down on one knee, everyone watching her waiting to hear her accept she felt like she was being ganged up on and so she said yes. He slipped the ring on her finger, it was so hideous, big and clunky, she hated it.

Later when she was alone with her mother and father she told them how she felt, that she wasn’t in love with Gary and didn’t want to marry him. Her father became angry, telling her she was lucky to have a man like Gary wanting to marry her. As much as she begged him not to make her do this he wouldn’t listen. When she argued back, saying she wouldn’t do it her father gave her a choice. Marry Gary or they would disown her, she would be cut off financially and they would have nothing to do with her.

So she fled, telling them she needed time to think. Not telling them where she was going. Hell, she didn’t know herself until one day sitting in a bar she overheard a couple talking about how they needed to find someone to get the cabins cleaned up. Kitty introduced herself and after having a drink with them they hired her on the spot.

The couple, Fred, and Sandra Parsons owned a fly-in camp, hunting and fishing camp where men went fishing, and to get away from work and family. The Parsons needed someone to clean all the cabins, there was a total of fifteen cabins. Kitty was told she’d have plenty of time to get them in ship shape and the rest of the time she could relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, just what she was looking for.

Then when the two months were over she would leave and be given a nice bonus, which for Kitty didn’t matter, money was not the reason she took the job. So without telling her parents, she removed her diamond ring, hiding it in a drawer. Packed a bag and flew here, to be alone, away from the city and everyone.

The smell of the stew drifted into the bathroom, making her stomach growl louder than before. She was starving, so getting up she wrapped a towel around her slender body and gave her hair a quick towel dry. Not having unpacked yet she would have to go and take her bags into the bedroom where she would change into a nightgown and have a bite to eat. It would be an early night for her as she was dead tired.

Stepping into the other room she stopped dead in her tracks, frozen to the spot. Her eyes widened in fear and her heart seemed to have stopped beating in her chest. There, standing was a man, he looked like a mountain man, or a biker with his long, shaggy hair and beard. And he was holding her bra and panties in his hands, and not just any bra and panties, but the black lace ones she bought from Victoria's Secret. She wanted to scream but no sound would come out and who would hear her? ********************

Max swore when he entered the back room, someone was there, but who? The lights were on and he could smell food cooking, no one should be here. Then he saw women’s clothes laying on the floor, bending down he picked up the underwear and was looking at them when she appeared. She was wrapped in only a towel that barely covered her, her long blonde hair still wet, droplets of water dripped down over her shoulders and in between her breasts. A look of fear flashed in her eyes, mouth opened but no sound came out. Whoever she was he couldn’t help the feeling of lust that coursed through his body, she was indeed, very beautiful.

His eyes moved slowly down her body to a pair of long slender shapely legs, then moved slowly up till his eyes met hers. His tongue ran across his bottom lip and a small smile crept up on the corner of his mouth when he spoke. “I see they sent me a toy to play with.”

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