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Shadows of draconis

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"In 'shadows of draconis ancient shape-shifting dragon Draven Emberheart steps into the modern world to find his mate. There, he crosses paths with curious and adventurous Lyra Adler. As they navigate a world of hidden secrets and enduring love, they must confront ancient prophecies and make choices that will change their lives forever."

Romance / Fantasy
Christina Clarke
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Chapter 1

"In the heart of a bustling city, where skyscrapers kissed the clouds and technology intertwined with everyday life, lived a being as ancient as time itself. Draven Emberheart, the last of his kind, walked among humans with a facade of youth that belied his true age. His eyes, pools of wisdom and sorrow, held secrets that stretched back centuries.

The world had changed around him, and he adapted, shapeshifting not only his form but his identity, hiding in plain sight. He bore the weight of memories, of battles fought and kin lost, as he navigated the currents of the modern era. Draven's presence invoked a sense of both reverence and fear among his kind, yet beneath his stern exterior lay a heart that softened for one person alone.

Lyra Adler, a name whispered in the winds of fate, was destined to cross paths with Draven. A woman of the modern world, with dreams as boundless as the city's skyline, she held a fascination for the mystical and the unexplained. Little did she know that her insatiable curiosity would lead her to a meeting that would forever alter her destiny.

As the threads of their lives began to weave together, secrets long buried and dormant emotions would rise to the surface. In a world where technology and magic intertwined, and ancient beings walked among mortals, a tale of love, sacrifice, and the clash of old and new was about to unfold."

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