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Summer Bucket List

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"In every girls life; there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began" - Unknown A spunky girl Eva Morgan leaves town hoping for a summer she will never forget, Hunter Cole has always been know as the reckless bad boy not afraid to do anything. This summer will be filled with romance, sadness, and of course A Bucket List.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Eva's point of view:

" Mom I'm ready to go" My voice echos through the almost empty room. I can't believe I'm finally leaving home for the summer this being my last one before I pack my bags, and go off to college.

My mother walks through the door stopping to stare at me. "Me and your father are really going to miss you sugar" Yeah I'm going to miss them too. But this will be good for me I need one more summer one last summer.

"Don't forget to say good bye to your father now you know how he can be" I do. My mom was never really the overprotective one she was what my friends called the "cool mom" she definitely was in my high school years.

"Dad please" I really want to go to the party. It's the last one of my senior year everyone is going to be there I can't miss this. It's like a right of freaking passage.
"No" He states. Well I guess he isn't going to change his mind. I walk up to my room slamming the door. "ugh" My screams being caught by the little pink pillow on my bed.

Suddenly a knock sounds through my room making me jump up from surprise. "Hun it's me what did your father do" It's funny how she already knows who did it.

"He won't let me go to the last party of my senior year" She looks at me with sympathy. I look into her eyes as a glimmer passes through them. Ah I know that smile she's up to something.

"Well why don't you just go to Sam's" She yells making sure that my dad can here. Nice play Mom nice.

"Well I guess I can since I can't go to the party" I fake sigh me and her laughing silently. How we love to trick him.

We both walk out of my room shutting the door but not before I put on my party clothes slipping a sweater and a pair of jeans over my dress.

"Where do you think you're going young lady" His voice penetrates my thoughts. Oh how fun this is going to be.

"I'm just going to Sam's, dad" He only nods reminding me not to go to that party while me and mom share a wink.

"Love you honey" She yells.
"Love you too mom" She's the best mom. Well let the party begin.

Those parties were never really my thing. I only had a couple of friends.
"Bye we love you" They both say as I enter the car. I reply with a simple "Love you too".

Finally, I'm on my way to the beautiful city of Miami.
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