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Lexi and her sister Vanaya were on good terms and Vanaya's married life with her husband Maverick Williams, was also a success. They were a good family of four Lexi, Vanaya and their parents Mr and Mrs.Bobstan, until Vanaya decides to cheat and break things off with her husband, and decides to go back to her ex-boyfriend with her husband's money of about 50 million dollars. Then Maverick makes Lexi her sister's substitute and threatens her. Will Lexi be able to survive through all the torchers and hardships Maverick makes her go through?

Romance / Drama
Hibba Fatima
Age Rating:


The door knocks,
"Lexi, go and check out who is it," says Mom.
"Yeah, okay!" I go out to look. And to my surprise it's brother-in-law.
"Hey! partner! Are you here alone?! Where is sister?!!" I ask excitedly.
"That's what I'm here to ask, Where is she?" his words confuse me. Is he angry? "Out of my way," he sure is angry. His eye expression which I had never seen before scares me. I step away. He goes inside and the other man in a black suit with a file in his left hand follows him. I close the door behind me and go after them. He sits down on a daybed in the living room, while the man stands beside him. "Call your parents," he says with a frown on his handsome forehead.
"Oh! okay!" Uncertain about the situation, I go to call them, as I was told.
Mom and Dad enter the living room and behind them is me. I stand in the corner silently.
"Where is Vanaya?" he asks surprising my parents.
"What do you mean? We don't know, how'd we know, she lives with you. We haven't talked to her in days. You tell us, where is our daughter?" Mom shouts with worry and anger in her voice at the same time. Dad presses her shoulder to calm her.
"Son, what is happening?" Dad asks with politeness.
"So you don't know where she is," he says, "What about you?" he asks while looking in my direction, "your sister shares everything with you. Right? So do you know?"
"No," I answer instantly, "I....don't know."

There was silence for a long moment.
"Can you be a bit more specific about what's going on?" I raise my voice, now it starts to boil my blood too, "You are worrying us," I say.
"Vanaya, Your sweet daughter, cheated on me with her ex," he says with anger in his eyes.
"Impossible! It must be some kind of misunderstanding," Mom yells. His words leave us in shock, they have always been such a lovely couple this couldn't be true, there must be some mistake.
"How were you able to come up with this conclusion, do you have any proof....?" I ask. He looked at me with sharpness in his eyes, if it was some kind of fantasy world he must have pierced a hole out of my face, but it didn't shake off my ground. He extends his hand out to the black-suited, man beside him. He opens his file and hands over a piece of paper. It was a kind of local page out of some register, he held it up showing the writing. This writing...is sissy's.
"This is what she left behind before she disappeared," he continues, "It says everything it's a confession letter, in which she tells me about her cheating on me with her ex, and  her taking money from me, that you're going to repay."
"What?!!" I snatch the letter out of his hand, fiercely. How could she do that she isn't like that, she was never......was she? I ask myself unsure. Did I know her? Did we know her?
She has always been a quiet and shy type, she is strong but unlike me, she has never been a very talkative person. She never talked much about herself, was she still in love with her ex? I thought she was over it. But why does she need money?
Mom's hand on my shoulder drags me out of my deep thoughts, she takes the letter from my hand and starts reading it. With every word she reads, her expression changes from worst to worst, "How much money is it that we need to repay?" Dad asks with helplessness on his face.
"50 million dollars, sir." the man beside Maverick says, his lawyer, maybe?


We have never even dreamed about 50k how are we supposed to repay him this much money? But the most important question is why does she need this much money.
"You know son, we can't repay you this much money, is there any other way out of this?" Dad asks him with concern on his face.
"Yes," he says, "you can go to jail instead."
"Wh-What does that even supposed to mean.....?" Mom staggers on her feet.
"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" I snap at him. "You can't be serious, Partner, how can you let Dad.....go to jail? Please be more reasonable," I say this time with a bit of patience realizing that we're not in a situation where I can raise my voice. "Hmph!!," he scoffs at me, "You think I should be reasonable.....what a funny thing to say, Lexi," he punches the table with his fist and stands up looking straight into my eyes, "and you think, this letter here that your sister left, Is Reasonable?"
"No, It's not that." His fiercest eyes scare me. This is my first time seeing him like this I hesitate for a bit to say further,
"I don't know why she did that but....there must be another way to repay you." "Alright," he says with a mysterious smile on his face. He gives his lawyer a gesture, and he takes out another paper out of his file. This time it's a neat sheet. Some kind of court papers, maybe?
"You don't want your father in jail, do you? Then there is a way," he says with a playful voice.
"What-What is it....?" Mom asks.
"Sign this contract and your father will be okay, and you won't have to pay me either," he says.
"What does this contract say? Let me sign it," I say impatiently, I just want to solve this problem as soon as possible.

[LAUGH!!] he laughs as if he's enjoying our expressions and helplessness, this isn't the partner that I knew from the very start. The person who met my sissy was completely different. He was kind and gentle. It's as if she has changed him completely.
"It's nothing much, it just says that you, Miss Bobstan, will be your sister's substitute for me."
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