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Billionaire's Infatuation

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Alexander Storm. A man who understood only the language of business, he considered everything a business deal except for his family. For his siblings he could use any twisted way to get them what they wanted even if the way was far from mortality and ethics. And by using twisted ways of his he again did something for his brother which crashed his well planned life with an innocent yet hot headed woman. Serenity Gomez. She gritted her teeth glaring at the smirking man who knew she wouldn't deny this offer. "Not everything is a business deal Mr. Storm, some relationships are more than that!" The man chuckled benting his face a bit down staring right in her eyes. "Yes, but you forgot one thing," He whispered letting his smirk widen. "I don't have that relationship with you. You're nothing for me." That's the exact words he wished to keep yet he couldn't. SPIN OFF EX-WIFE CONTAINING ALEXANDER STORM'S SIDE STORY

Romance / Drama
Mirah Selim
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Author’s Pov

Woman in her late 50s walked towards the living room glaring at nothing, after reaching the place she instantly caught the sight of her two sons sitting in the living room chatting freely like they hadn’t done something which was both ethically and morally wrong.

“Alexander!” The younger son’s eyes widened as he instantly stood up walking near his brother not wanting to face his volcano like mother. While the eldest son leisurely stood up tugging his hands in his hoodie’s pockets looking at the old woman who calm eyes.

“Angel,” Years passed away and even after being 29 years grown up rugged and tall man he still calls the woman with the same endearment and he surely wasn’t going to change his habit ever.

“What is this!” She raised her voice slapping the papers on the table making Alex sigh as he knew the damned principal wouldn’t keep his mouth shut after all if he was scared of anyone then it was either the mother or the eldest son.

“And you! Come out this instant!” She yelled at her youngest son who was trying to sneak away but couldn’t do so after all his mother had way too many eyes.

“Mom I ---”

“Shut up!” Amelia growled making Eric look down giving a pleading look to his older brother who was still standing there looking cold as ice.

“You got suspended! And you know I am not really surprised about that but the fact that you were bullying a girl is beyond my understanding! Have I taught you to bully someone and more shockingly someone weaker than you?!” Eric bit his lower lip feeling ashamed of himself. He knew it was coming after all he was one to confessed everything that he did to that poor girl and after that he got suspended for next one month.

“Angel, relax I have already talked to the principal he can join the university next week.” Amelia sighed shaking her head.

“That’s not the point Alex! The main matter is that he tried to bully someone! He’s 22 years old and not a kid anymore who needs pampering. He should understand that not everytime he can get away from his problems just because he has you!” Eric knew she wasn’t lying but he understood his wrongdoings a little too late.

“Mom I swear I am really ashamed and I ---”

“He can get away because he has me.” Both of their eyes snapped to Alex who calmly walked near his angel.

“I am his brother, and I can do anything for him and my sister. Getting him back in the university is a small thing Angel he can ask for the world and I will lay it under his feet. Both my sister and brother doesn’t need to worry about anything until I am here,” Amelia glared at him gritting her teeth.

“He can get into trouble anytime and I will get him out of it each time.” With that he started walking out of the living room when Amelia’s stern voice paused him.

“You’re spoiling him Alex!” He chuckled shrugging off.

“And I don’t mind Angel.” With that he walked out of the mansion to go back to his letting the lingering bothered stare of his angel follow him.

Amelia sighed heavily before shooting a ferocious glare at Eric who gulped stepping back, “Eric! Don’t you dare to take Alex’s words seriously, if he’s trying to spoil you then I promise I will surely spoil your face with my beatings! Grow up! Stop hiding behind your brother and understand your responsibilities you’re an adult! ” Eric looked down nodding his head only to heave out a sigh when she finally walked out.

Alexander Storm, once reserved and only a talker to his angel after stepping a foot in the cruel world of business became the man which could only be described with three words. Egoistic, stubborn and the man who thinks he’s never wrong. For Alexander everything in this world is like a business deal, you have to be enough intellectual and cunning to get the things work according to him.

The only people that he was soft with was his family, even though he loves his father and angel a lot but he would go against them if wanted for his siblings. Eric and Liliana, he could go to any lengths just to bring a smile on their faces. Their tears were something he despised the most, for him, his brother and sister deserved the world and to give them whatever they wanted he could use any twisted way if needed.

Eric pouted sadly watching his phone screen for the five minutes without blinking. He didn’t even notice when Alexander returned from his office and found his little brother sitting on the couch in the living room gawking at his phone. He placed his laptop bag on the table before taking a seat beside lost Eric.

“What happened?” Alex mumbled in his usual deep voice making the younger one sigh out.

“She blocked me.” Alexander raised his eyebrows in confusion at Eric’s melancholic voice.

“Is that the same girl for whom you got suspended?” Eric flinched finally coming out of his trance when he realized he just blurted out.

“B-Bro, when did you came?” Alexander’s blank expressions didn’t change as he narrowed his eyes at panicked Eric.

“Is it about her? You’re still going behind her,” Eric stared at the man for a few seconds before sighing out having a clear idea that he couldn’t hide anything from his smart ass brother.

“I don’t know how to make her accept me, I understand I fucked up but I really love her. I want to marry her.” Alexander didn’t say anything for a minute staring at his depressed brother.

His heart pricked watching how gloomy he looked while mentioning how that girl wasn’t giving him any chance to even have a proper talk. Alexander already knew about the history of his brother’s unexpected love story. It was quiet hard to accept but indeed Eric fell in love with the girl he bullied.

It was Eric’s last semester in his masters and that girl was his junior doing her graduation, Alexander came to know that bullying started almost a year ago when that girl accidentally spilled her food on Eric’s clothes. It was hard to believe that while bullying her he actually fell for her and now this guy was going crazy to prove her that he genuinely loves and wants to be with her.

Alexander didn’t care about anything else except his brother, placing his palm over Eric’s shoulder he gave a light squeeze to it making Eric to look up, “Do you want me to help you?” Alex mumbled and instantly the younger one shook his head in denial.

He knew his brother’s temper, he didn’t want to take any risk in her matter. “No bro, it’s fine I will manage.” Alexander stared at him for a few seconds before finally nodding his head.

“Fine, but remember I am always here. You can come to me anytime.” Eric gave him a small smile which finally relaxed Alex a bit.

They both had a little chat before Alexander finally drove to his house, his mansion was built in an abandoned area near the forest. He loved the peaceful silence and chilly weather of the area that’s why he decided to build his house here. Even after being 29 he didn’t have any girlfriend.

Alexander was famous for being away from women, it wasn’t like he never had any girlfriend before he did only once, and that was because of his angel. She introduced him to that girl and they actually stayed in a relationship for a year but as Alex was never an affectionate romantic person it didn’t last longer.

The girl simply said that she wished for a man who could be as involved in their relationship as she was, and the additional negative point Alexander had was he didn’t want to settle down, he didn’t want to marry right now. He always thought that if he ever got married it purely will be of convenience, he didn’t want to give any girl any hope of being a charming prince to her.

He was good with business deals and he wanted to keep it that way, he wasn’t familiar with relationships and the demands of being affectionate and all shits! He had no intention of getting into a relationship or getting married anytime soon, because if he ever did it would be only for an heir and right now he didn’t need one.

Wrapping the towel around his waist he flexed his sore muscles because of excessive work out, walking out of the washroom he ruffled his hair with the seperate towel making his way towards the kitchen. Filling the glass with water he added his protein shake chugging it in one go.

He was about to go and change his clothes when the front door was opened and he knew only his family had the spare key to his mansion. Walking to the living room his frowning eyes turned into worried ones watching his brother’s body damped in rain.

“What the fuck!” He cursed under his breath before walking near his brother’s weak body wrapping the towel that he was using for his hair over his head.

“Eric what happened?” Helping the messed guy on the couch Alex stared at him with a deep scowl.

His heart jumped painfully when Eric raised his bloodshot eyes and Alexander knew right away. He was crying! Rage filled his veins, his scowl deepened and hands fisted in pure anger demanding only thing.

“What happened Eric?” This time his voice was deeper and scarier than before but it didn’t affect Eric after all he knew his brother can never get angry on him.

Eric threw his arms around his neck hugging him tightly as tears once again escaped his eyes, “I want her Alex, I need her. I can’t live without her.” He cried making Alex place his palm over his back.

“She said she was engaged to someone from childhood and she wants to be with him. Alex I love her so much, do something.” Alexander sighed caressing Eric’s back.

“Don’t worry Eric, nothing matters more than what you want, you said you want her and be assured,” Alexander paused as a sinister idea popped in his mind.

"She will be yours.”

There was a promise behind his words and Eric knew once Alexander Storm said she will be his then nothing could stop him.

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