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The Road Ahead. Hells Fire Motorcycle Club book 1

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A young beautiful woman by the name of Piper Mills is the daughter of the president and founder of Hell’s Fire motorcycle club. She’s hard working, smart, and talented. She is a hopeless romantic wanting to have her crush pull her away. Meet Ryker aka Ryan Blackwell. No saint kills with his fists and will stop at nothing to protect the club. His old man died when he was 8 and raised by the prez of his club Axel aka Brian Mills. After all his old man was VP with his bA young beautiful woman by the name of Piper Mills is the daughter of the president and founder of Hell’s Fire motorcycle club. She’s hard working, smart, and talented. She is a hopeless romantic wanting to have her crush pull her away. Meet Ryker aka Ryan Blackwell. No saint kills with his fists and will stop at nothing to protect the club. His old man died when he was 8 and raised by the prez of his club Axel aka Brian Mills. After all his old man was VP with his best friend Axel running the club together. The VP spot sat vacant until Ryker was patched in at 18. What happens when Piper leaves her long time crush that she has known her whole life to go to college? Not to mention Satan’s Angels MC is out for blood ever since Ryker’s old man took out their Prez causing his old man to die. Will love and war mix for the two? Especially when Piper comes home after being gone for 8 years. Read to see what happens.

Romance / Action
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Piper Mills

Piper POV:

Oh my god! I finally fucking did it! I graduated high school back in June and today is my 18th birthday! It’s hot as shit living in the California desert in August. I got accepted into NYU and plan on being a bad ass attorney. I want to be a criminal defense attorney and get the bad boys off. I mean charges not like in the actual sense. My daddy is throwing me a birthday and going away party tonight because I am leaving next week for my new life in NYC.

My momma died when I was 2. She was sick with kidney cancer. My daddy said he would never love another woman again. He used to tell me stories about her. I have some pictures of her. I look a lot like her. I have honey golden blonde hair, green eyes. That’s about all I can say about it. I mean I have braces, my hair is frizzy all the time, I have horrible acne, and my body… yea I look like a boy. I am so flat chested I barely fit in a A cup, I have a flat pancake ass, and I look like a board. My daddy says I will just be a late bloomer is all and that he is happy I am not all “filled out” because he says the club would be trying to get at me. Whatever that means.

I mean yea. My daddy is Axel founder and president of Hell’s Fire MC. He and his best friend Zipper started the club back in the day. It was a sad day when Zipper was gunned down by the Satan’s MC because Zipper took their President. Retaliation I guess. Hell’s Fire and Satan’s have been at war for years and they have only made it worse by stealing each other's turf and guns. When Zipper died I was 5 years old and Zipper’s son Ryker aka Ryan Blackwell was pretty much raised by my daddy. His mother was some drug addict or something and left with a pimp in the middle of the night when Ryker was 3 or so. My daddy pretty much raised him to take the club one day. When Zipper died my daddy never filled the VP spot in the club. He waited until Ryker was 18. Then when he turned 18 they had a massive party for him for one turning 18 and no longer being a prospect and two they patched him in as VP. Ryker is 3 years older than me. We pretty much grew up together. He beat up boys that bullied me in school, taught me how to dance, held me when I cried because I felt so ugly. My senior prom… yea… worse night of my life. This boy Chad asked me to prom only to stand me up. I lied to my daddy and told him I didn’t want to scare Chad away because we live at a MC house. I mean my daddy has a small two story home behind the clubhouse where he raised me and Ryker until he could live in the clubhouse with everyone else. Anyways I hid that whole night on the roof of my house. Where no one would find me. Well I guess only one person would find me. Ryker… as he got older he got more and more handsome. He’s covered in tattoo’s and has a 6 pack. He’s tall dark and handsome as they say. He has beautiful blue eyes, dark brown hair.

Ryker is probably every girls fantasy. Of course on my prom night he found me wallowing in my pity. I had a crush on him since I can’t remember. Of course daddy doesn’t let me “party” with the club much. He likes to keep me rather hidden but, I am not dumb. I know what goes on in the party house. Lots of booze, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. One time I snuck in the back by my daddy’s office when I was 16 and saw Ryker getting a blow job from one of the club whores. It stirred in me a way I can’t explain. My heart pinged that night knowing I was never going to be worth anything to him. Another part of me took notes for the future that one day I may have that opportunity to suck his dick. I was walking around in Ryker’s room. It’s cozy. He went on a ride with Tank our club secretary, Fatboy our Sargent of Arms, and Tick our road captain. They also brought two prospects with them. Daddy is here setting up my combined party tonight but, I know better he will make me disappear before they bring the club whores in and have their fun. The wives of bikers always have to turn their heads. Being a biker wife is a hard job. I mean their men go out everyday and could die but, when they come back and get their dicks wet in sloppy old pussy. Gross!

I know one day I might be one of those wives but, I hope that my husband will be like my daddy and be loyal to just me. Shaking my thoughts I walked around Rykers room waiting for him. I walked up to his dresser to see a picture of him and I when we were kids. We were always close. I guess some would say like brother and sister but, I never felt that way about him. He always sent my heart racing, and palms sweaty. I never posed a threat to the club whores obviously… Look at me? I looked in the mirror. I fixed my form fitting tank top and tried to hike my booty shorts up. I made my choice! I am not in anyway going to go to NYC with this virginity still in tact. I am afraid that I will end up at a party and some boy will take it. No I want a man to take it from me and that man is my best friend and my secret crush Ryker. I am sitting on his navy blue bed waiting for him. All of the clubhouse has two stories of rooms. All of which have a bathroom. My daddy’s club is massive. Yes we have Tank, Fatboy, Tick. We also have Phoenix our enforcer, Slim who is our treasurer. My daddy worked really hard building this club. He grew up in the MC life. My momma was the daughter of the president of my daddy’s club at the time. When my momma passed away it was hard for my daddy.

Being what they call “the club princess” everyone took turns helping me learn how to shoot, fight, hit. You name it. I wasn’t as strong or good as the boys but, at least I knew how to pack a punch. Coming out of my thoughts I saw the door open.

“RYKER! You made it back!” I jumped off the bed to hug him. His ever so sexy grin with perfect white teeth made me weak in the knees.

“Peewee? What are you doing here I thought you had to get ready for your party.”

Oh yea I forgot to mention my name is Piper but, everyone calls me Peewee. I guess you can figure out why?

“Oh eh, yea I am but, I wanted to see you first.”

I pulled my hands behind my back looking down to hide my blush.

“What’s up Peewee?”

“Oh nothing just.” I looked up at him he gave me a stoic look waiting for the beat of my story.

“Peewee do you have any clue what your father will do to me if I did that?”

He fucking knew! Oh my god how embarrassing. How is it so obvious.

“Oh Ryker come on! I am leaving next week and he won’t know. I want you to be my first.”

“Darlin I don’t think in my 21 years of life have had any girl tell me that. I am not easy Peewee. I am not all love and flowers. I would hurt you.”

“No no you wouldn’t I mean yea the first time I am sure but, I would rather you have it than some drunk boy at a party!”

He looked at me like I said something wrong. I said the truth.

“Peewee you know your really special to me right?”

“Yea and you are to me as well. So what is the big deal? You don’t have an old lady or girlfriend or anything. I don’t have a boyfriend. Just two friends helping one another out?” I winked at him as my blush became apparent.

He walked over and slid his leather cut off and laid it on the chair and sat next to me on his bed.

“Peewee are you sure about this?”

“Ryker I have never been so sure in all my life.”

He slid his biker boots off along with his socks.

“If we do this, no one can know. If your father finds out I took your virginity he will cut my dick off and send it to you in NY.”

“Who’s going to know? Besides I am 18 years old today if you do remember.”

“How could I ever forget Pee.” He whispered as he came in slow and kissed my lips. He was super soft and tender. I kissed him back the same way as he put his hands on my hips and pulled me onto his lap where I slid my fingers in his long dark hair. I let out a moan causing him to jerk and I felt his erection coming to join us.

He rolled me onto the bed on my back. He started kissing down my neck causing my body to get really hot and bothered. It gave me shivers down my spine when he pulled his pants down. He was in his boxers and nothing else. When the hell did he take his tee off? He then pulled at my shorts sliding them down and off.

“Damn Pee this is just for me isn’t it?”

I was flushed when I looked down and he was in between my legs looking at the lace mesh that was soaking wet. Well I tried to be sexy and it was super hard getting these undies without my father knowing.


I was a blubbering idiot.

“I like them.” He laid on top of my but, he was gentle. He massaged my rock hard nipples through the matching black lace bra. I arched my back and tried to rub myself on his erection to get some kind of relief.

“Your eager aren’t you?”


He let out a chuckle. I guess he figured I was done with four play. He reached in his back pocket of his jeans that were on the floor and took out a condom. That was another huge rule in the club. You wrapped up at all costs unless it was your ole lady. It was like a claiming thing. The men that had ole ladies would claim them with their sperm or some shit.

He slid his boxers down and I didn’t look I was to busy looking at his perfect god like face. He ripped the package open and slid the condom on. I took a little peak and holy fuck! That thing is huge!

“Pee look at me?”

With all the freight in the world I lifted my head and looked him in the eyes.

“Are you ok? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want. But… you did kinda came asking?”

I let out a light chuckle he was always good at making me comfortable when I was nervous. I nodded and smiled up to him.

“I am perfect.”

“I don’t know much about virgins but, I am going to gather that this won’t feel real good at first.”

“Just do it Ryker I trust you! Please get this thing gone from me!”

He stared at me reading my thoughts and then he pushed in. I am not going to lie it hurt like a motherfucker! He stilled inside of me letting me adjust.

“Fuck pee, your the tightest I have ever had!”

Well no shit sherlock I am… was a fucking virgin. Maybe he shouldn’t play with the loosy goosy’s.

I let out a small moan “Ryker..” I closed my eyes and let him slowly move inside of me. After a few thrusts I started to feel better and I felt that hot burn in my core. Ryker nipped at my neck and flicked my hard nipples. He slid his hand down and started circling my clit as he started to pound into me causing me to jerk and moan out sweet nothings. How? How does this man know this? Oh god my orgasm was coming on fast.

“RYKER!” I threw my head back into the pillow as I jumped off the cliff of tingles. Two more thrusts and Ryker let out a grunt and collapsed on top of me. We were breathing heavy and coming down from what we just did. He slid out of me and got up to go to the bathroom. A moment later he came back with a warm washcloth and wiped me down. He threw his condom in the trash. He helped slide my panties back on and hook my bra for me.

“Are you ok Pee? I didn’t hurt you to bad did I?”

“Oh no no! It was perfect thank you.”

He started to get dressed as did I. It was kinda strange now. Like what are we? Friends? Fuck buddies? I don’t know.

“Hey! You are so beautiful and I am honored you gave me that. Even if it was this one time.”

I almost shed a tear did he just call me beautiful? He’s honored I gave him my virginity even if it was this one time? Whatever ok.

“Yea it was great. Umm… I guess I should be going I don’t want to get us caught.”

He nodded “Use the window.”

I nodded. I used to sneek in and out of my house and climb in his window or vice versa when we were younger. I mean one time he was fucking a girl and I had to sneek back but, I am not his girl and he is free to fuck what he wants. I slipped out the window feeling a bit sore and ran back to my window of my room without being seen.

I jumped in the shower and put on my dusty blue sundress. I slid my flip flops on and made my way downstairs.

“Hey daddy! I am ready how do I look?” I did a spin and he chugged his beer.

“You look just like your mother. I love you so much baby girl! I am so going to miss you.”

“Awe daddy I am going to miss you too!”

“Well lets go baby girl we have a party to attend.”

I nodded and walked hand in hand with my daddy to the clubhouse. Everything was in full swing. A couple of the club sluts were hanging around mostly around Ryker and Phoenix.

“Hey Peewee Happy Birthday sweetheart!”

The barmaid Cindy came around and gave me a hug. Cindy was kinda like the mom for me. She helped me with my first period, hair, boys. All of that stuff. She made me a diet coke and I thanked her. As the night went on everyone cheered me on and set gifts at the table. My daddy even announced me as part of the club with my very own long sleeved leather cut. Hell’s Fire Peewee! Of course… uhg Piper would have been better but, however. I looked over to Ryker he avoided me like a deadly illness. I went to use the bathroom and I walked in. The stall was being used and two people were in there.

“OH RYKER BABY! Your dick is amazing!!! YES!”

I covered my mouth. Holy shit just two hours ago he and I…. He’s already fucking someone else? My heart shattered and I was broken. The only boy I ever liked and he’s fucking someone else. I was over this shit! I am going to get the hell out of here like ASAP and start my new life.

Piper Raven Mills is not playing sweet girl innocent anymore!!!!

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