The Boy Two Doors Down

By Arcin_Enroth All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Yula Zulueta suffers from spousal abuse, unable to leave both from a mix of fear of her boyfriend, and hope that her boyfriend will be like he was before. She also suffers from amnesia from an accident years before. When a boy moves down two doors down from Yula and her mother dies from mysterious causes things begin to change. Yula feels safe around this boy yet is afraid of what her boyfriend will do once he finds out about him. Can Yula escape this abuse? Or will she get killed in the process?


As a man walked down this seemingly quiet street, the silence is broken but the sound of a crying and screaming girl. He races to action to where the sound came from.

It was coming from a below this ledge it was very difficult to see but the man could see the tire marks that went off in the direction of the ledge. He noticed that there were bits and prices of what look like to be a part of a car.

The crying was louder know so he new it was coming from down there. He called 911 and told them of the location before climbing down into the valley. It wasn’t very hard to get down as it was slightly angled but it was not going to be that easy to get back up.

He get’s to the bottom to find the screaming girl not far from a car that definitely fell off the ledge.

“Are you alright?”

“Y-you n-need to s-save m-mommy and d-daddy they are s-still in their.” the girl exclaimed. The girl them wobbled slightly, the man noticed and raced over to the girl to catch her.

The girl passed out in his arms she was coved in blood she definitely was apart of this car crash. The man took notice of the flames the licked close to the car, he then took notice of the pool of gasoline that was near by the flames.

Fearful for his and the girl’s lives he grabbed the things that were on the ground with the girl which was a backpack, a blanket one small and one large blanket, a pillow, and a stuff animal.

He quickly put all of the things he could in the backpack, and the rest under his arm while he slung the young girl on his shoulder and ran up the slope as fast as possible.

He was lucky to have noticed the flames when he did as when he made it half way up the car exploded sending him and the girl flying up the slope.

“Ugh... damn it.” He groaned as he pushed himself up from the ground. He looked down to where the car was to see it was in flames and caused him to fall back. That’s when his hand touched the backpack.

“Where’s the girl?” he gasped and looked frantically for her.

He found her not too far from him but it was likely that she hit her head against a rock as some blood was on it. He quickly went over to the girl to find that she was still alive but was defiantly unconscious.

He let out a sigh of relief. He went and grabbed the other things that were close by picking up the backpack, the pillow, and the large blanket before going back over to the rock and leaning against it. He put the blanket over the girl even though it was a little charred it still will help her stay warm as she was sure to be in shock by this point.

Where are they? I called 10 minutes ago. He muttered after checking the time on his watch.A few minutes later emergency vehicle’s began to appear. The first to come was the police.

“Sargent Warwick. What happened?” A police officer asked as he walked over to the man. “I was out for a walk when I heard a scream. I located where it came from to find that it appeared to be a crash site and the sound was coming from down there.” Warwick began.

“I called it in first incase but knew that I should check out the damage. So I climb down and found the girl.” he was interrupted. “What happened to the vehicle?” the officer asked.

“It was badly damaged I couldn’t see the plates from how dark it was but I could see that the car looked like it was sideswiped before falling off the ledge rolling and head on colliding with a tree. I assessed the area before thinking of any next course of action to find that the car’s gas tank was leaking and their was a pool of gasoline close to a flame.” he continued after giving his co-worker a slight glare from interrupting him.

“I grabbed what was in the close area which was the girl and what I’ll assume to be her things then quickly made it back up. But like I was afraid of the flames reached the gasoline and causing an explosion which sent us up the rest of the embankment. I don’t think well be able to get anything from much from the site now but it wouldn’t hurt to check. But ID’ing the victims maybe next to impossible now.” Warwick told his co-worker.

“Okay, is the girl alright?” his co-worker asked.

“She’s alive Tully but if the paramedics don’t get here soon I can’t beside she’ll last too much longer. She was in real bad shape when I found her and the explosion didn’t help with that as it sent her right into the rock here.” Warwick replied.

“Petty! Tell the paramedics to hurry up! We’ve got two injured and two very likely dead. If they don’t get here soon the girl’s gonna die!” Tully yelled back to his partner that was buy the car currently speaking to dispatch.

The paramedic’s got here 4 minutes later 2 minutes after the firetrucks arrived. To the girls luck some of Firefighters were also trained in the medical profession and they made sure the girl was still alive when the ambulance arrived.

By that time the Firefighters put flaming car out but like Warwick thought the fire did a large number on being able to ID the victims with in the car. The medical personnel did official pronounce the two in the car dead at the scene before taking the girl and Warwick to the hospital that was 30 minutes away from the scene.

After a few hours the doctor’s let Sargent Warwick go with his arm in a sling as he pulled something and a few bandages around some injuries that occurred from explosion. He didn’t try to go home but wanted to check on the girl.

“She’s in a coma.” a doctor told him when he asked what happened and where she was.

“Damn it... what do you think was the cause?” he asked.

“It could have been from the crash or when she collided with the rock, it’s hard to tell as both would cause head trauma to cause a coma from the force that you said was the likely cause of these incidents.” the doctor replied.

“Well, when do you think she will wake up?” Warwick asked.

“It’s hard to tell, to be honest with you.” the doctor sighed.

Over the next few years little information was found on the incident. Like Warwick thought DNA evidence was impossible as it was all destroyed in the fire, and the teeth were likely damaged during the crash which made using dental records impossible and using the girl’s teeth came up with no results.

They could find no information that would tell them who they where. The backpack was the closest that they got to ID’ing the girl as like other items Warwick grabbed part of it was charred namely being the name tag that was on the bag. The only thing that was legible was a birth date a date in which read 02/01/97 the crash happened in 2006. Sadly everything else from the loosely hanging paper tag was destroyed from the flames aside the date which only told them that the girl was 9-years-old.

Warwick felt like it was as if they were not meant to find out who the girl is.

During the passing of years the case of the car crash of the young Jane Doe’s grew colder and colder and eventually despite wishes the case was turned into a cold case as they got no where with it. Warwick didn’t like it but knew their was no choice as they could get no more leads for the case.

Almost everyday Warwick came to the hospital sometime with his wife sometimes without to see the young Jane Doe occasionally bringing flowers as per the request of his wife.

He felt guilty for what happened a little. Like if he had only been there sooner this wouldn’t have happened to her. But in reality he knew there was probably nothing he could have done to stop this.

3.5 years goes by till Jane Doe suddenly regains consciousness, she tries to remove the tubes that were in her arm. Nurses nearby here the movement and rush over to the room to stop her but she passes out not long after they enter the room.

She goes with passing consciousness like this for about a week till she begins to be able to stay awake for increasing amount of times.

Warwick happen to come by during on of these times but the Nurse kicks him out of the room as she could tell that another person was too much.

“She’s awake?” he asked the nurse.

“Occasionally... but she’s not fully awake.” the nurse told him.

“Would I be able to speak with her?”

“Probably not we believe she may have dysarthria... meaning the inability of speak. It’s likely caused from the Coma. Now shoo.” the nurse huffed.

“Okay. But here my wife told me to bring these as the others are probably dying by now.” he sighed.

It takes a few weeks till Jane Doe was able to stay awake for longer periods. The Nurse took notice in the look of confusion on her face.

“Do you know how you got here?” one asked her eventually. She for a moment it looks as if she tries to speak but no sound comes and she shakes her head No.

“Do you know where you are?” another asked. Again she shakes her head No.

“Do you remember what happened?” the first asked. She shakes her head No.

“What about... Do you know who you are?” the second asked. And once again she shakes her head No.

“Do you remember anything?” the first asked. She does nothing just looks at them.

The two nurse look at one another with concern one for the patient and two for the fact that they know Warwick would not like as there goes his only lead.

“Are you tired?” the second asked. She shakes her head Yes.

That told them she wasn’t just shaking her head but was actually answering their questions, especially since she fell unconscious not long after answering then.

Her main doctor gave her a possible diagnosis of amnesia but her wasn’t sure what type she has.

The doctors had a speech language pathologist sent to her. Warwick would sometimes coming and speak to Jane Doe when she was awake. She didn’t mind his company she wasn’t to sure why. Though was really frustrated as she couldn’t communicate to him but she really did get why she wanted to speak to the man.

The Nurses on occasion take her on walks for her physiotherapy when she was actually able to. Warwick would as well but only could with a Nurse.

When she began to be able to speak a little the doctor wanted to check her diagnosis. From this ability to speak after speaking with her the doctor was able to give Jane Doe a full diagnosis of having Retrograde amnesia. Warwick was not entirely happy about this as he lost his only lead but also felt sorry for the girl.

But after sometime with the pathologist and physiotherapy the girl was finally after about 4 years things were getting back to ‘normal’ in terms of as a human. She’s stopped falling unconscious suddenly, and was beginning to be able to speak.

Warwick came to see the girl hopeful that he could get her to remember something.

“Hello. How are you today?” Warwick asked the girl when he enter the room. “Hi, Sargent, War,Wick, I, am, okay.” she replied it was a little choppy but it was definitely progress.

“I got some things for you from evidence storage. It took my chief a lot of persuasions but I finally got them.” He told her taking out the backpack, blanket, and pillow hoping to trigger any thing.

“These... where mine?” she asked looking at the items with confusion. “Yes.” he answered.

She took the items placing them on the bed but held onto the backpack. Se was hesitant to open the backpack but eventually, she did.

She found a few pairs of clothing that would have fit her back then, she also pulled out a small blanket, and a few stuff toys. However for some reason she placed the toy Warwick put in the bag back then onto of the pillow of the bed next to two a toys that she loved which she got, one from a nurse which was soft and fluffy looking white teddy bear, and the other from Warwick and his wife which was a dragon which they got her as his wife remember Jane’s interest in the creature when she read her that book with them. This toy was dog a dalmatian really and the wear on it was apparent.

“Why did you put that one up there than any of the others?” Warwick asked. The others meaning a fox, a cat, a wolf, and a tiger looking ones. She didn’t answer as she didn’t know why she just did.

“How old am I?” she asked suddenly.

“We think your 13.” Warwick answered.

She would ask odd questions out of Warwick some of which he didn’t have the answer to, or wouldn’t answer.

As her condition was much better the hospital had reason to keep her and had to put her in a orphanage. The nurse would occasionally come to she her... she was also helping with her speech but would stay longer even after the session was over or even when there was no session. Warwick and his wife would come over at time as well. Warwick’s wife took her shopping for new clothing one day.

Jane new of the tension that was between Warwick and the nurse she didn’t like it. One day she happened to over hear the two argue. It was about her.

So that night she packed all her things the blankets, the pillow, toys, and clothing into two bags and ran off. Leaving a noted general saying why she left. The nurse was hysteric as even though she wasn’t in the hospital it was not safe for her.

Jane got out of the city limits before falling to the ground. A driver noticed this as pulled over to see if the girl was alright.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “Y-yes. I am okay... can you give me ride?” she asked. “Um were?” he asked.

“I don’t know... as far as you take me.” she replied.

The man takes Jane as far as Fergus Ontario. She thanked the man for the ride and she began walking around. She sat do on a park bench panting after walking around for a few minutes.

“Is this spot taken?”

She shook her head in reply.

“What’s a young girl like you doing out here all alone and with all that stuff?”

“Looking for a home.”

“Do you have a home?”

She shook her head.

“What’s your name?”

“I, don’t have, one.” she replied.

“Well, we can’t have that. Alright, it’s official.” the women exclaimed.

Jane looked at her confused. “What, are, you, talking, about?” she asked.

“I’m gonna adopt you. I’ve always ways wanted a kid. This is a perfect chance. From now on call me mom!” she exclaimed.

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