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Orion's Lady

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Chapter 2

Gavin watched Bronte go up the steps and into the lobby of her apartment building. Once she was safely inside, his gaze drifted up to the top floor and he waited until the light came on there, where he knew her apartment to be.

Once the lights went off again, he tapped the small Bluetooth headset in his ear twice and it began to ring.

The line connected and his older brother’s deep voice sounded from the other end, “Hmm?”

“She’s home safe and appears to have gone to bed. How long do we give her before we tell her?”

Orion was silent for a couple of seconds before he responded, “I think you should watch her and wait until she’s ready, or she needs something. I don’t want to put too much on her while she’s grieving.”

“What about the funeral? Should we tell her that Sophia already had it planned and all she needs to do is show up?”

Orion expected the question, “Wait until she makes a move to make arrangements, then you can meet her with the paperwork Sophia left for her.”

Gavin nodded to himself, “Have you decided when you’re going back?”

“I’ll wait for Bronte. I want to take her with me. However long she needs is fine,” he answered firmly.

“It’s going to be a shock to her. She won’t be pleased,” Gavin frowned.

He could hear the smile in Orion’s voice as he responded, “I don’t think she will be as resistant as you imagine.”

“Why do you say that?” Gavin queried.

“When I went into the hospital room to speak to her, I realized...she’s my mate,” Orion revealed to his brother.

Gavin chuckled low, “Finally! How did Sophia know? She must have suspected when she made the deal.”

“She knew, even though she never told me. I was willing to agree anyway. I care for their family, and I wanted to take care of Bronte,” Orion explained.

“How will we handle this? Are you going to just tell her or are we still offering her the job of a lifetime?” Gavin pondered aloud.

Orion sounded thoughtful, “I think we’ll continue with the plan. Remember what Sophia said. Bronte likes to choose her own path. We’ll just make the job one she can’t resist. Then she’ll choose what Sophia wanted all on her own.”

Orion paused for a moment, Gavin sensing he still had more to say.

Soon he formed the words, “You have no idea how hard it was to walk away. I wanted to take her into my arms and comfort her while she was grieving so deeply.”

Gavin frowned and his voice softened, “I can only imagine.”

“You’ll understand soon enough,” his older brother answered with the hint of a smile in his voice.

Gavin smiled, “I hope to be so blessed. Goodnight, then. I’ll grab a couple hours rest then come back to watch for her.”

Orion grunted his reply, then disconnected the call.

Gavin looked up at the apartment again. It was still dark. He turned the limo’s engine back on and pulled away from the curb. It took him five minutes to drive the four blocks from Bronte’s apartment to his hotel.

Orion’s mate had appeared at last. Gavin was still in awe that Sophia could have been so sure when Orion and Bronte had never met. He was going to handle this well so they could eventually get her back home to Scotland. He didn’t know how long it would take, but it was going to happen. He looked forward to having a new sister. Hopefully, he wouldn’t screw it up.

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