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SLOW UPDATES - Doctor Sam Woods isn’t largely a fan of Dominant Alpha’s because of their well known nasty behaviours. As a recessive Alpha, he has little to worry about from Dominant Alpha’s. He avoids them if he can, or tries to remain professional. As a Doctor, trained in Pheromones, he is well versed in all ranks. Or so he thought.  Reid Clarke, CEO of the Clarke Medical Private Hospital. Dominant Alpha. After taking over from his father, he was sure everything was going to go according to plan. Except, his brother Oak Clarke throws a wrench into that plan. Will the smell of coffee draw Reid in? Or will Sam’s dislike for dominant Alpha’s keep Reid far enough away?

Romance / Other
Julian R Hillis
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00 - Prologue - Sam Wood's Point Of View.

“Sitting here and waiting for the new CEO to come and speak is not my ideal lunch.” A nurse complained, glancing at me. But there was nothing I could do either. This entire department was waiting for the CEO.

“I’m sure he will be here shortly.” I hummed, finishing my coffee. “Someone page me when he arrives. I have a few patients I want to go check on quickly.”

Making a few rounds before grabbing a water bottle. I went back to the front desk, and everyone was dispersing back to their respective positions.

“Doctor Woods, you missed the new CEO. We tried to page you, but he wanted to make a point, and wouldn’t allow us.” A random nurse I didn’t know said.

“I understand, thank you.”

Heading to my office, I opened the door. A tall, silver eyed dominant Alpha sat in my chair, and he did little to hide the annoyance on his face.

“Hello?” I said.

“Good afternoon, Doctor Woods.”

“Good afternoon….?” I said, allowing the end of my sentence to trail off.

“Had you been at the meeting I requested, we would have been introduced already,” he said, his tone less than friendly.

“Ah. Right.” I hummed. There was no point arguing about that with him. Setting the water bottle on my desk, I gave him my full attention. “I’m sorry. I went to check on a few people.”

“I hear you’re a highly skilled doctor at your young age.” He said, his words appearing aggressive. Followed by his pheromone scent slamming me with the scent of spicy lime and coconut.

“Mr Clarke. The pheromone dump you just gave me was unnecessary. I apologized for not being at your meeting.” I bitched, annoyed with his attitude already. This was your typical dominant Alpha behaviour. I was used to dealing with this type of behaviour from other Alphas, but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it now. I knew I had to keep my cool and stay calm, so I took a deep breath and replied, “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate. Let’s move on to the task at hand.”

“As I told your coworkers, I have fully stepped up as the CEO of the Clarke Medical Private Hospital. Any and all concerns about your department will reach me. This hospital is the pride and joy of my father, and I intend to keep it that way, no matter what, Doctor Woods.” He said, his tone was unfriendly. Standing up, he excused himself from my office. Stopping again in the doorway and turning. “I’ll be having monthly meetings with departments and their doctors. Do try to be there on time. I would hate to dirty that skilled record of yours, Doctor Woods.”

I waited for a few moments before cracking the window and allowing his scent to disappear. Sighing, I dosed the room in my lighter, pheromone. Last thing I needed was a coworker or patient becoming overwhelmed by that scent of his. Coconut and lime.

Grabbing a snack out of my bag, I devoured it and drank down half the bottle of water. My lunch was almost over, wasted on a conversation with the CEO. Reid Clarke.

It wasn’t like he was a stranger. We all knew his name, his face not so much. Now that I did know his face, I could avoid him. Like I did his father.

Heading back onto the floor, I picked up some files on my way through. The scent of coconut and lime was lingering throughout the entire department. I hated to admit it, but his scent was aggravating. As a doctor, who worked with pheromones on the daily, you would think I would be used to it.

Checking my watch, I slowly made my way to the meeting room. There were a few patients we needed to discuss. Treatment plans, surgeries, and things of that nature. The nurses assisting in the recovery for the main patient were already inside. Doctor Connell was the last person to arrive.

Sitting beside me, he took a deep breath before he wrinkled his nose. He turned to me and narrowed his eyes. “Doctor Woods, You seem to have had an interesting afternoon.” He laughed.

Bringing my sleeve to my nose, I took a smell. My coat was letting off that man’s pheromone. “I apologize. I didn’t think about changing out my coat after the CEO pheromone dumped me.”

“So that’s his scent. I wondered who it was that left their scent lingering around the halls. It’s pleasant.” Doctor Connell hummed. “Like a tropical vacation.”

I laughed. “It’s not unpleasant. In small doses.”

“I was in surgery when he came. Though the chatter from the nurses tells me he is a good looking dominant Alpha.” Doctor Connell said.

“He is your typical Alpha of his rank, Doctor Connell. If you choose to be that nosey, ask your husband. He works alongside the CEO. But you know that.” I smiled.

Doctor Connell sighed. “Alright. Let’s get to business. We have a few patients to discuss. The main patient being the largest case.”

Flipping open the file, I skimmed through it.

“The patient is an excessively dominant Omega. Age twenty-four, gender female. She was referred to us by her family doctor for excessive pheromones. They break through your standard suppressants given by the doctor.” Doctor Connell said.

“There is no history of any other family members having excessive pheromones in her family, so there’s a fair chance it isn’t genetic. Perhaps environmentally caused.” I said, flicking through all the pages in the file.

“Exactly. I’m thinking we start by regulating the pheromones with a bit of a stronger dosage of suppressants and run a few pheromone tests to see how she responds.” Doctor Connell said.

“And if that doesn’t work?” A nurse asked.

“Well then, we raise the dosage, or switch the medication. If the side effects outweigh the benefits, then we look at something more like surgery.” I said, closing the file.

My pager went off, and I looked at it. “Excuse me, the ER department is paging me.”

Standing up, I left everything right there and jogged down the hall and down the stairs, using my badge to open the door. The scent of puke, pheromones, and suppressant was overwhelming.

“Doctor Woods. Thank the heavens. We have a twenty-three-year-old recessive Alpha, suspected suppressant overdose.”

“Get me all the information you have on the brand, and dosage, please.”

Slipping on gloves, I pulled open the curtain and stepped into the room. Breathing in through my mouth, his pheromone was so strong, I could taste it in the air. Checking his vitals. I stepped out of the room.

“Have this patient transferred to my department ASAP. Leaving him down here won’t be wise.”

Just like that, two nurses and I were wheeling him out of the elevator into my department and into a private room. Doctor Connell joined me with paperwork.

“Your patients’ files, family history, and medications.”

“Thank you.”

Closing the door, Doctor Connell flicked through the paperwork and I started redoing all his vitals again. The kid opened his eyes and hissed. He slammed me with a massive hit of pheromones. Doctor Connell coughed, his hands shaking.

“I’ve got this. Don’t force yourself.” I said.

He couldn’t even argue. He could barely breathe, you could see it on his face. He left the room.

“My name is Doctor Woods. Do you know where you are?”

“Hospital.” He said, pain on his face.

“Great. Good start. You took suppressants. I need to know exactly how many you took?”

“A couple. Four or five. Didn’t work.” He said, his hands shaking, and his pupils blown out.

“The ones you took. They were yours?”

He shook his head. “Not mine. Brothers.”

“He is a recessive Alpha, too?” I asked.

“No. Dominant.”


“Yeah.” The kid said, panting.

“I’m going to need your brother’s name so that I can use the proper stimulant to counteract this.”

Reid Clarke.

I paused and looked for the medical folder.

“I’ll be back in just a moment.” I said and left the room. The folder was on the door and I opened it, flicking through the pages. Oak Clarke, Twenty-three. recessive Alpha.

“Doctor Connell?” I asked as I got to the desk.

“In his office. He needed a minute to decompress.” The nurse at the desk said.

“Ok. Please pull up the medical files for Reid Clarke.”

“Huh?” The nurse looked confused. “The hospital CEO?”

“I need to know the medication they prescribed him for his rut. The patient in room two is his little brother, and had overdosed on his suppressants.”

The nurse went to work, and found his files, and printed off the medication list and I found the suppressant, and went to find the stimulant for it. Heading to the vial fridge, I grabbed the bottle and a syringe. Closing the fridge, I took them with me to the room. Opening the door, the kid was doubled over in pain, and panting.

“Ok Oak, bear with me. I found the medication that was used, and I have the stimulant.”

I wiped the bottle with a cleaning wipe, and the needle. I inserted the needle and tipped the bottle up, drawing out enough medication. I made sure all the bubbles were out before I pushed it into the IV line the ER put in. I slowly pushed the plunger down and watched as the medication flowed into the line. Once the full dose had been administered, I removed the syringe from the line.

I watched the kids’ vitals and watched his heart rate level out. The double medication effect would last for about six hours. I monitored him closely for the next few hours to make sure he was responding appropriately. His vitals were stable and his condition was improving.

The blast from the kid’s pheromones gave me a headache. Doctor Connell was out in the hall and someone was arguing with him. Stepping out into the hall, I could hear the argument clearly.

“I can assure you that he is in excellent hands, Mr Clarke. We have—--”

“I don’t give a damn.” The voice said. “I want to see my son.”

Rubbing my forehead, I rounded the corner and spoke. “Mr Clarke, your son Oak is resting. Let me just check on him. Then you can see him.” The former CEO looked me up and down, crossing his arms. He was livid, but thank god he had a good handle on his pheromones.

Turning around, I slammed right into someone. The scent of coconut and spicy lime invaded my nose again. I looked up at Reid Clarke. Dazed by his out-of-control pheromones. I knew faintly that he was asking me questions. But the headache that slammed me was enough to make me gag.

Doctor Connell yanked me away from Reid, and shoved a bucket into my hands and I heaved my guts out. The pain from the migraine was enough to drop my control on my pheromones.

One nurse helped me to my office. She helped me sit down. “Doctor Connell said he will handle the Clarkes. Just stay here until your pheromone sickness is not so severe.” She said, before flicking the light off and closing the door.

Dropping my head on the desk, I reached for the water bottle and put it on the back of my neck. This only happened to me once before, but never this bad.

I could taste Coconut and lime.

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