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One Off: The Places We View

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This short story is meant to personify the emotional isolation we feel despite being surrounded by crowds of people and how others within the same space share this experience.

Romance / Other
Omar Villal
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The Places We View

The warmth of the overhead lights hung above single occupier tables – once used for those seeking to unburden themselves from the tasks of social interaction, now turned niche for the disunion individuals who gravitate towards them like them swaying of the light’s cord to the breathing of the ventilation. They flow with the currents in the air toward a destination where the silence of their isolation amplifies every look and every sound. But if not for their acclimation to solitary, the background noises of youthful couples and vivid life would be deafening.

The flickering lights pendulate erratically over two emotionally vacant possibilities. Unified in their solitary environments, they view each other like revisiting past memories of vulnerable intimacy. Their emotions linger intertwined in their contemplation of perhaps – perhaps their bond of shared internalized introversion will reduce the strain of the collection of unrecognized desires for human interaction that have fatigued them – for not one person enjoys emotional loneliness; they only grow accustomed to its prolonged presence.

Their eyes connect for a while as their dialogue is exchanged in visual cues to their surroundings. The subtle nods to their cramped corners, the absence of companionship, the shared sensation of being spectated by social norms. The sounds of the world around them begin to subside as their inner monologue speaks to their recognition of what it is like to be somebody but themselves. To not just desire human intimacy but to fulfill one’s hope for acknowledgment.

The atmosphere stills around the two possibilities, unbinding them from the torrent that dictated their tendencies. Speaking through the endeavor of uncertainty, their concept of what could be ventures toward tangibility.

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