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The Rescuer's MC-Bk 1

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The Rescuer's MC Team #1 returns from a week long mission where they rescued a woman and her kids from an abusive husband and father.All of the men were teasing their leader, Wolf, about being "pussy whipped" which he took without hard feelings, at least until he got home and found his woman in bed with his best friend! Not one of his club brothers had tried to warn him about what he was about to walk in on and it left him feeling betrayed and as if they had used his back as a target for knife throwing practice! Hope and Devon had taken off for a day of hiking on a favorite family trail when they are approached by some illegal hunters looking for some depraved "fun" with Hope. When they refuse, the hunters shoot Devon, wounding him but when he falls to the ground, he hits his head on a rock that knocks him out cold. Believing him to be dead, Hope is terrified of what the hunters will do to her so she takes off running, upset and crying over the loss of her brother and terrified out of her mind of what Devon's murderer's will do to her if they catch her she runs for her life. For 4 days and 3 nights she manages to evade them but they are closing in and her paths of escape are dwindling fast when she finds not only a cabin next to a lake but a very handsome biker who turns out to be not only her savior but the love of her life!

Romance / Erotica
Teresa Knapp
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Chapter 1-A Brother’s Betrayal

Rescuers Team 1, Wolf, Hammer, Chains, Buzzard and 2 prospects have been riding for over a week on their latest mission of rescuing a young mother and her two kids from a bad situation.

The SOB was now “out of the picture, permanently” and the mother and her children were back with her family and safe. The SOB had been beating on his wife for a long time and the kids had not only seen it but had been the receiver of some of it themselves. That was something none of them could tolerate.

The woman had called the cops several times but they didn’t do much except for locking her husband up overnight and then letting him out once he was sober. This last time, after he was taken to jail, she had reached out to the Rescuers MC so Prez had sent his best team to fix the situation. She claimed she just needed help to get away from him before they let him out again.

Unfortunately, they let him out before the Rescuers could get there and this time he’d been sober when he beat her up pretty badly. He had been angry that she’d had him thrown in jail again for beating her up. This time he’d told her that if she called them again, he would kill her when he got out again. She claimed he’d laughed that he was becoming good friends with the police and now he knew them on a first name basis.

Wolf and the others had arrived right after he’d left for the bar. They had helped her pack up some of the stuff she and her kids would need then they’d gotten her and the kids away safely but she told Wolf that he knew where she would run so they waited around for him to come back.

It had taken a couple of days but he had finally shown back up late one night, as usual, drunk as a skunk and yelling for his wife to open the door. Man, the look on his face had been priceless when Hammer had opened the door!

They had “taken care” of him and were now on their way back home. Wolf had to force himself to keep it under the speed limit because the last thing he wanted to happen was to get them all pulled over for speeding just because he wanted to get back to Ceecee.

All of the brothers with Wolf had been teasing him the whole trip about him being a love sick puppy because Wolf had told them of his plans to propose to his woman when he got home. He’d bought the ring and was going to ask Prez to order her property cut and once it came in, he’d get down on one knee and the whole shebang.

Wolf and Ceecee had been seeing each other off and on since the first time she came to the bar one night with some of her girlfriends about almost a year ago. He’d thought they had come to an agreement that they would be exclusive to each other but he was so wrong to have trusted her!

Ceecee is tall but still nearly a foot shorter than him. Long, golden blonde hair, big blue eyes and while she wasn’t particularly large breasted, she knew how to dress to show what she did have to their best, giving her a figure that stops traffic no matter where she goes.

He remembered that she had come into the club bar one night with some friends wearing a top that showed off her cleavage to perfection and a skin tight, super short skirt that showed off her never ending, perfectly shaped long legs and nice round booty that he just knew would fit his hands perfectly and he had been instantly attracted to her and made up his mind that he was going to make her his. He had asked her to dance and they had been seeing each other ever since.

Maybe it was because it had been so long since he had been with a woman, even though the club whores came after him constantly. But he refused to be with them because they just wanted him for his status of being in the club. Or maybe it was because he was starting to feel jealous of his brothers who had permanent women in their lives or the fact that he was just lonely, even in a house full of men who, to him, were more than just friends. They were his club brothers and the only person he had ever been closer to was his blood brother, Drake.

Even though they had not spent a whole lot of time talking, Ceecee was decent in the sack and her looks made up for the few shortcomings that Wolf had seen so far. Like the fact that she seemed to like to flirt. And that she would make teasing or suggestive comments to the other men.

They’d had a big argument about it one night when they had been at the bar in town and she had flirted with a man who was so drunk that he could barely stand up while Wolf had been in the restroom. He’d come back to find the man’s hand on her hip and her giggling about it!

He should have seen her for what she was right then and just walked out and left her there but instead of blaming her, Wolf had blamed the man and had broken the guy’s nose for putting his hands on her. Unfortunately, Wolf had believed her when she had said she had been afraid he would hurt her if she tried to push him away while Wolf was out of the room and that she had been giggling because she was nervous.

He had been so blinded by her beauty that he had no idea of just how much she was hiding from him. She had made him believe that he was it for her, that she didn’t want anyone else’s hands on her but his. The makeup sex afterwards had been really good!

So, after months of dating, and even though he had never felt the “hit by a Mack truck” feeling that his brothers who had found their women had described, Wolf had convinced himself that she was the one. After all, he was not getting any younger and he definitely didn’t want to be an old man when they had children. Another point he should have talked with her about instead of just assuming that she wanted kids too.

He had spent weeks searching for the perfect ring, spent almost as much time planning how he was going to propose. He already knew he would never be able to remember anything of the little speech he had practiced in front of the bathroom mirror but still, he couldn’t wait to get home to put his plan into motion.

As soon as they pulled into the yard, Wolf noticed that Ceecee’s car was here. Had someone called her and told her that they would be back today? How could they have? No one knew that they were even coming back today because none of them had called to say they were on their way. So why is she here so early, especially so late in the day? Wolf suddenly had a bad feeling but didn’t notice the looks that his team brothers shot between them.

Wolf walked into the clubhouse and looked around but Ceecee was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the bad feeling got worse. Noone was talking, in fact the whole room fell silent when they entered. Hell most of the people in the room wouldn’t even look at him. “Well so much for a big welcome home!” Wolf muttered under his breath as they came inside.

Buzzard came in last and yelled “Honey, we’re home!” but no one laughed or said a word. “Hey, people! We’ve been gone for over a week! We don’t expect a party but you could at least say “welcome home” or “How was your trip?”

There were a few mutters around the room but for the most part, everyone just kept drinking their beers and avoided looking at them, especially Wolf.

“Whatever.” Wolf thought but he could sense that something was wrong. He pushed it aside because right now, he was just anxious to see Ceecee. He had been missing her something fierce. Maybe she was with one of the ole’ ladies? Somehow he doubted that because none of them seemed to like her but Wolf had chalked that up to jealousy or maybe envy? Although what they had to be jealous or envious about he had no clue because they were all beautiful women in their own rights but for some reason they just didn’t seem to really get along with Ceecee.

He knew he would find her but first he wanted a shower and some clean clothes. He took the stairs two at a time and walked down the hall to his bedroom. It didn’t escape his excellent hearing that suddenly the room behind him seemed to come alive with the sound of voices. He heard, “We didn’t expect you guys back until tomorrow.” He should have known when he heard someone say, “Oh man! The shit is about to hit the fan!”

A few seconds later that single comment felt like a knife in his back when Wolf opened his door, hoping to find Ceecee waiting for him but what he found floored him. He stood there, frozen in place, staring at a sight that he just couldn’t believe at first.

A myriad of feelings slammed through him. Disbelief then a crushing feeling in his chest that almost left him breathless. Then a raging anger like nothing he had ever felt before followed by a hollow feeling, like someone had reached into his chest and pulled his heart out.

Ceecee saw him first and she had honestly looked afraid of him. He had never hurt her! Had it been the look on his face? She couldn’t really blame him, could she? She was willingly fucking his best friend! All she said was “Oh shit!” as she began to push on Diggers chest, trying to get him off of her.

When Digger had finally noticed he was there, he had jumped up, his cock still dripping with Ceecee’s juices and NO CONDOM! Hell, she had always insisted that he wear one, saying “I’m not ready for babies yet.”

“Wolf! We didn’t expect you home so early. Look man........” was all he managed to get out of his mouth before Wolf rushed at him.

He could have killed both of them. No one would blame him at all. He charged at Digger, knocking him off of his feet and punched him anywhere he could reach while Ceecee screamed for him to stop. Finally Prez and Hammer managed to pull him off of Digger and Prez yelled for a prospect to get Doc while they held onto Wolf to keep him from attacking Digger or Ceecee. Although if Prez was honest about it, he would almost like to let him take out his anger on the slut!

“How long, Ceecee? How long have you been fucking my best friend? How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me, you said you did.” Wolf yelled at her, but she never said a word. “Get out, bitch. You are nothing but a whore. Get out and don’t ever let me see you anywhere near here again.” When Prez and Hammer finally let him go, he threw some of her clothes at her and it was all he could do to not wring her neck!

Ceecee quickly pulled her t-shirt on and then her shorts. She just grabbed her underwear and shoes and ran out of the room. “I’m sorry!” she cried as she ran down the hall.

“GET OUT! NOW!” Wolf screamed at her, as he stood watching her, clenching his fist and breathing hard. It was taking everything in him to keep a hold on his control.

Prez told Hammer and Doc to take Digger down to the clinic and mercifully, Digger kept his mouth shut as they left Wolf’s room.

“How long?” Wolf finally asked Prez once they were alone.

“As far as I know, the first time was a couple of months ago when you guys went down to Tennessee.” Prez said, feeling very guilty. “I should have told you but they kept telling me that they would take care of it so I decided to mind my own business. I’m sorry.”

“Is she pregnant?” Wolf asked.

“I don’t know. Not my business. I think everyone felt that way. No one wanted to be the one to tell you.” Prez said.

“So instead everyone just let me look like a fool, like a stupid lovesick fool. I can’t believe that Digger did this to me. I thought he was my friend. I thought I could trust him more than anyone. How could he betray me like this? How could everyone betray me like this? I thought all of you were my brothers! I need a drink. I need a lot of drinks.” Wolf muttered, more to himself than to anyone. He normally wasn’t much of a drinker so that kind of surprised Prez but right now, he couldn’t really blame him. As the president of the club, Prez had let one of the best men he knew down and his decision to mind his own business had hurt a good friend.

That night, Wolf got falling down drunk. One of the club whores tried to get close to him but he just growled at her “Stay away from me.”

Hammer and Chains finally dragged him to bed around 3 am after he passed out on the pool table. They just jerked the cum stained comforter back and let him drop on the bed, pulled off his boots and belt and let him sleep. Prez had taken his gun from him earlier so that he couldn’t shoot Digger, who Prez ordered him to stay in the infirmary with Doc for his own safety, or hurt himself.

Wolf woke up around one pm the next day and sat on the side of the bed for a minute, trying to remember what had happened and why his head and his right hand hurt so bad. He wondered why he was still completely dressed except for his boots and belt. He even still had his cut and shoulder holster on but his gun was gone. Where? He had no clue right now and really didn’t care.

He sat with his head in his hands, wishing that the little man banging on his brain, which felt like it was in a slop bucket right now, would stop. When the memories finally flooded his mind, he stood up and ran for the bathroom where he threw up a whole bottle of whiskey and the six pack of beers he had drank last night on an otherwise empty stomach.

Wishing the man banging on the metal bucket on his head would stop, he turned on the hot water in the shower. He stripped out of his clothes and stepped under the water and let it pound down on his neck and back as he stood and tried to come to terms with what had happened. Nothing could have prepared him for the betrayal he had suffered yesterday.

This was more than his woman cheating on him. That was bad enough but Digger’s betrayal had ripped his heart out! It really hurt that the one man who he had thought he could count on the most, that he had trusted with his life on many occasions, had done this to him.

And it wasn’t only his EX best friend, Digger, but his entire club. It seemed that all of his club brothers had known that Ceecee and Digger had been getting together while he was away on missions. They had all known that Digger and Ceecee were together when he had come home yesterday.

But instead of showing him loyalty and warning him, they had let him walk into that room and find out what he had never thought would have been possible. If they had known what was going on, why hadn’t they warned him?

These were the men that he had always thought would have his back, no matter what, but they just let him walk right into hell. That was the betrayal that really hurt. He had always thought he could count on these guys to have his back, like he had always had theirs.

But when he stopped to think about it, what would he have done if the situation had been in reverse? How hard would it be to tell one of his brothers that his woman was cheating on him? He could only imagine not only how hard that would be but also how dangerous.

He had always tried to ignore it when Ceecee flirted and when he called her on it, she had just laughed it off and said she was just “playing around” and now he realized that that was exactly what she had been doing all along. She had always just agreed with him when he said he loved her. She never said in words that she returned his feelings. She would just smile at him or hum and say “Me too”.

And he had to admit that if any one of his brothers had said anything negative about Ceecee before this, he would not have believed them and it would have ended up in a fight. He was hurt that she had cheated on him but what had really wounded him was Digger’s betrayal.

That was something he never would have thought possible. This was going to take him some time to get over. He was wounded and a wounded Wolf is dangerous to everyone around him.

When he finally felt that he had burned his back enough, he finished bathing and washing his hair, he shut off the water and climbed out of the shower stall and dried off. Thankfully his American Indian heritage had blessed him with a hairless chin so at least he didn’t have to shave but he brushed his teeth and then combed out his long jet black hair that hung almost to his waist and then quickly braided it.

He pulled on his standard outfit of some clean black jeans, a black muscle shirt and some socks then shoved his feet into his boots. As he weaved his belt through the loops on his jeans, he stood looking at his cut for a few moments, at war with himself as to whether or not he wanted to stay here but knew he had to give them a chance to explain.

He put on his shoulder holster and vaguely remembered that Prez had his gun as he pulled on his cut and felt like he was now fully dressed. He retrieved his wallet and cell phone from the pockets of his dirty jeans and slipped them into his pockets.

Wolf opened his door and found a laundry basket in front of his door with the clothes from his trip, clean and neatly folded inside and his leather backpack sitting on top. He picked up the basket and put it on his bed. He would have to strip that before he slept in it again but for now he wanted coffee and something to eat.

He walked down to the kitchen and found Prez and the club VP, Spokes, talking to Butcher, the club’s cook. Wolf entered the kitchen and poured himself some coffee. “Butcher, any chance I can get something to eat?” Wolf asked.

“Good morning. Sure. I’ve got some leftover stew from lunch.” Butcher said and got a bowl out of the cupboard and began to fill it for Wolf before putting it in the microwave to heat.

“That’ll do. Thanks.” Wolf said and went to sit down on one of the stools around the kitchen counter. He knew Prez was going to want to talk to him. If for nothing other than to get the rundown on the mission they had just come back from. After a minute or two, Spokes made excuses of wanting to check on something they had been talking about and left the kitchen.

“So how did the mission go?” Prez asked, just as Wolf had predicted.

“We took care of him. The mother and her kids are back with her folks. He had busted her up pretty good before we got there and then ran but he eventually came back a couple of days later, drunk as a skunk and mad as a wet cat.

I wish I had taken a picture of the look on his face when Hammer opened the door to him. Priceless! Anyway, Hammer made him feel some of the pain he had been dishing out before we ended him. Thanks, Butcher.” Wolf said as Butcher sat a steaming bowl of stew down in front of him and pushed a loaf of bread in his direction.

They let him eat in peace for a few minutes and when the bowl was empty he asked “Do you have anything for my team for a while?”

“No. Not right now, thankfully. Why?” Prez replied.

“Good. I need to get away from here. At least for a while. I can’t be here and watch them together. And I definitely don’t want to be around that bastard for a while, if ever again.” Wolf said.

“Prez. I’m headed to town. I need a few things for dinner. I’ll be back in about an hour or so.” Butcher said. He didn’t need to stay here and listen to this. If he had seen Wolf when he came in last night, he would have stopped him from going upstairs or at least warned him of what he was going to be walking into. Butcher had always liked Wolf. He was a man of his word, someone all of the brothers could depend on. Their betrayal was just that. They had all betrayed Wolf so he understood how he was feeling right now.

“Ok. Be safe. Take a prospect if you need help carrying stuff.” Prez told him and Butcher just nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

Prez decided to be totally honest with Wolf. He had never really liked Ceecee but while she had been Wolf’s woman he had never spoken against her, at least not directly to him.

“Wolf, I know you cared for her and while she behaved herself, I didn’t say anything but Ceecee is sneaky and in my opinion, nothing but a slut. Digger doesn’t know it yet but he’s not the only one she’s fuckin’.” Prez said.

“So more than one of my brothers have betrayed me? That’s just great!” Wolf said. He took a deep breath and stood up. “I’m out of here. I need time to get my head straight before I do something I’ll end up regretting.” Wolf said.

“I understand but until you tell me you want to be one, I’m not putting you on nomad status. Go! Take some time for yourself. You deserve it. We’ll always be here when you get back.” Prez told him. He hated to see any of his men hurt like this but especially Wolf. He really was one of the good ones. The whole club would suffer if he decided to leave because he was the best tracker in the state, not just in their club.

“I need my gun back.” Wolf said.

“It’s in your gun safe.” Prez told him. “You were passed out on your bed when I put it away.”

Prez had talked to both Digger and Ceecee after he had caught them making out on the patio one night a couple of months ago. They had both assured him that they would tell Wolf but neither of them had said a word to him.

Ceecee would have had it made if she could have just kept her damned legs closed and been true to him but no! She had been fucking a lot of the men but always on the sly so that none of them knew about the others. Prez had only seen Digger and Ceecee together that one time and he had only heard rumors or odd comments about her from others but had never seen anything for himself until last night. Last night, several of the men had told him about seeing her come out of the rooms of other brother’s.

But Digger had known about how much Wolf had come to care for her, he knew of his plans to ask her to marry him, so Wolf was right to feel betrayed. Even if Digger had been drunk off his ass the first time, he hadn’t been everytime after that.

Wolf went back to his room, packed the clean clothes from the laundry basket and added a few more changes of clothes because he wasn’t sure how long he was going to stay gone. He grabbed his gun out of the safe and put it in his holster. He picked up his pack and with a quick glance around the room, he carried it out to his bike and strapped it down. He didn’t even bother to say goodbye to anyone. He wasn’t sure if he would ever come back but right now, he needed to get out of here before he did or said something he might regret later on.

He pulled on the gloves he always wore when he rode, threw his leg over his bike, kicked up the stand and turned it on. He sped out of the compound and took off down the road. At first he just drove. Not consciously going in any one direction. He just needed to feel the wind on his face and the feel of the roaring motor between his legs.

A couple of hours later, he stopped for gas. He caught sight of himself in the gas station window and for the first time in over 5 years, he took off his cut and put it in his saddle bag. He just couldn’t wear it knowing that everyone of his so-called brothers had betrayed him like that. Plus wearing his colors outside of their territory could be dangerous, especially since he was riding alone.

Since removing his cut exposed his gun, he transferred his pistol to his boot holster and took off his shoulder holster and put it in his saddle bag with his cut. He paid for his gas and as he left the store, the smell of something someone was cooking hit his nose. He knew it was going to be getting dark soon and riding at night was even more dangerous when he was riding alone. Plus he was going to need to sleep but first he wanted to eat. He followed his nose to a small diner and went inside.

The waitress was a short heavy set woman with “Mabel” on the pin on her uniform. “What can I get for you sweetie?” She asked as she carried a glass of water, some silverware and a menu over to the table where he had sat down.

“What is it that smells so good?” Wolf asked.

“That’s probably today’s special which is meatloaf. Comes with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet peas and either cornbread or a roll.” Mabel said with a smile.

“I’ll have that with cornbread and a glass of milk please.” Wolf said.

“Coming right up.” Mabel said and walked back over to the window and told the cook. “One special with cornbread please.” Then she poured Wolf a big glass of milk.

A few minutes later she came back with his dinner and said “We’ve got apple pie for dessert and I’ve even got some vanilla ice cream, if you want.”

“Please! Sounds good!” Wolf said with a smile. He refused to think about anything else as he thoroughly enjoyed his dinner. As soon as he finished eating, Mabel brought his dessert and another glass of milk. “Thanks, Mabel. That was the best meatloaf I’ve had in a very long time.” It wasn’t that he didn’t like Butcher’s meatloaf but more the fact that he didn’t have to serve himself and the food hadn’t been picked over but instead was nicely presented.

“Thank you......I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name? Are you moving here or just passing through?” Mabel asked.

“Drew. Unfortunately, just passing through. Is there perhaps a hotel or B&B around where I can get a room for a night?” Wolf asked, using his legal name. It felt strange not identifying himself as Wolf since that was the only name he had gone by since he had been patched into the Rescuers MC, almost 4 years ago.

But after what had gone down with Digger and Ceecee, he wasn’t sure if he was going to stay with them for much longer. He was really struggling with his feelings of betrayal by the men who he had thought of as his brothers for such a long time.

“Nice to meet you, Drew. There’s a Motel 6 about a mile down the road that’s clean and reasonably priced. They should have rooms available but a word of advice? Don’t eat in the hotel. It’s all processed food that they heat up and serve. Come tomorrow for breakfast. We open at 5 am.” Mabel smiled.

“Thanks! I’ll remember that. If breakfast is as good as this dinner was, it won’t be a hardship to come back.” Wolf smiled at her.

He enjoyed his dessert and left her twenty dollars on the table before he waved goodbye and left.

Wolf checked into the Motel 6 and was given a ground floor room, which suited him just fine since that allowed him to be able to keep an ear open for anyone trying to mess with his bike. He got a shower and turned on the TV. It took some effort but he managed to push all thoughts of Ceecee and Digger out of his mind.

He tried to find something to watch but nothing could hold his attention. He had turned off his phone earlier but remembered to plug it in before he finally turned over, punched the pillow a few times and then tried to go to sleep.

His dreams at first were of Ceecee and Diggers betrayal but then there was nothing for a while and he slept peacefully until his dreams turned to one of mystery. He could have sworn he heard his mother’s voice but whatever she was trying to tell him wasn’t coming through clearly enough for him to make it out. Just after dawn, he couldn’t put his finger on what it was but he woke up with the feeling that something was coming his way. What it was, he wasn’t sure, but it put him on edge.

As he got dressed, he remembered what Mabel had said about not eating at the hotel. He gathered his stuff and made sure he didn’t leave anything behind before he left the room. He looked over the buffet when he went to check out and agreed with Mabel’s opinion. He turned in his key and checked out of the hotel, loaded his bag back on his bike and went back to the diner. Sure enough, they were open and the smells coming out of there were mouthwatering to say the least.

After another excellent meal, this time of waffles, eggs and sausage and some of the best coffee Wolf had ever had. He enjoyed a second cup of the wonderful coffee then left another twenty on the table as he bid Mabel goodbye and got back on the road, promising to stop in if he came back this way.

He hit the highway and headed south east. He had been debating about where he would go to get away and considered going down to the shore but finally decided to revisit the cabin where he and his family used to go when he and Drake were just boys. Maybe he’d do some fishing. He hadn’t been fishing since he and Drake had gone up there just before Drake left to go overseas, a couple of months or so after Wolf’s 21st birthday.

Drake was his older brother by two years. They had been so close growing up. Drake had taken him out to his first bar the night he turned 21 and everything had been going good and they were having a great time, shooting pool, throwing darts, laughing like they hadn’t done in a long time.

Then some drunk started pushing one of the waitresses around because she was refusing his attention. Drake had been in the mens room when Drew decided to stop the man when he lifted his hand to hit the young woman.

Drew had caught the man’s arm when he lifted it above his head about to swing at the girl and he just pushed him away and the man had stumbled back as Drew put his arm around the girl, leading her away from harm. Drew had his back to him just as Drake came out of the men’s room.

He was just in time to see the drunk hit Drew from behind with a pool cue. Drake saw blood shoot out of the back of his brother’s head as he fell forward and Drake went ballistic! Drake attacked the man, yelling that the drunk had killed his brother and it took several men to pull him off of the drunk, who by the time they got Drake off of the man, he was badly beaten.

Drew had woken up in the hospital two days later with 8 stitches in the back of his head and Drake was in jail. When the cops came to question him, he couldn’t really tell them much except that there had been a big guy who had been drunk and was pushing a woman around. He had tried to intervene by getting her away from him but the next thing he knew he was in the hospital with a crushing headache and 8 stitches in his scalp.

At Drake’s hearing, the bartender, the waitress Drew had tried to help and one of the bouncers in the bar had testified that the drunk was the one who had started the trouble. The waitress had told the judge of how scared she had been and even thanked Drew and Drake for helping her.

They also testified that when Drake had seen Drew get hit and the blood pouring out of his head, Drake had lost it and nearly beat the guy to death. It had taken both the bartender and the bouncer to pull Drake off the drunk whose face would require major reconstructive surgery from where Drake had just kept pounding him in the face as he chanted “You killed my baby brother! The only family I had left!” with every blow.

The judge had come down rather hard on the drunk because it was not his first offense for causing drunken brawls and told him he was not going to make Drew or Drake pay for his medical bills and warned him that if it happened again, he would throw the book at him.

The judge had been very understanding with Drake and being that it was Drake’s first offense, he gave him two choices. 3 years in jail for assault and battery, only because of the severity of the beating he had given the drunk, or 3 years in the military. Drake chose the Navy. Once he was in there, as was his personality, he went all out and was now considering joining the navy seals. They wrote to each other often and Drake always called for Christmas and Drew’s birthday.

The brothers had already sold the family home to cover the medical bills and funeral expenses from their parents and they had been renting an apartment together. After Drake had left to enter the Navy, Drew had been lost without his brother for a while and just kind of drifted and had ended up in Winchester one night. He had been planning on going to Nashville for a while but had decided to stop for the night and wandered into a local bar where Digger and some of the brothers were shooting pool and just hanging out.

He had been sitting at the bar and when Digger came up to order more drinks, they began talking. He was the one that had told Drew about what the MC did and introduced him to Prez, who agreed to let him prospect for the MC.

When Drew told Drake that he had joined the MC, Drake had not been happy about it but realized that Drew was not a child anymore and could do with his life as he wanted. Drew had assured him that this was not a 1% club but one that works with Child Protective Services (CPS) and the police to help kids and young people to get out of bad situations.

At least his trip down memory lane made his trip go faster and just before lunch time, he pulled into the small local grocery store/gas station that had been there for at least as many years as Drew and his family had been going there. From the outside, if it hadn’t been for the gas pumps out front and the advertising posters plastered to the windows, it would have looked like a log cabin, complete with a wide porch with rocking chairs and two old men playing checkers on an upturned barrel. Wolf gathered some basic supplies, flirted with the cute little cashier for a few minutes and then left.

He couldn’t carry much on his bike so he would more than likely have to make at least one more trip to the store if he was going to stay at the cabin for more than a few days. He was hoping to get to the cabin soon and prayed that it wasn’t in too bad of shape. He hadn’t been up here since right after Drake left for the Navy. He had come up once after that but it was just too lonely and too many memories that had just made him feel depressed so he had left and continued to drift after only a day.

Wolf filled up his bike and the small gas can he had bought for the generator that he hoped still worked. He said a small prayer that the generator still runs or he was going to have to either buy a new one or fix the old one because without it, he had no refrigeration but what was really going to suck was he would have no hot water for showers.

Drake and Drew had inherited the cabin when their father had died. It was the only thing they really had left of both their father and grandfather. They had considered paying to run power to the cabin once but the cost made it out of the question because of the sheer distance to the closest supply. So for now, it was generator power for the fridge and water heater and only for when they were actively in residence.

More than once they had come up to the cabin to find out it had been used by hunters or campers. Once someone had moved in and stolen all of their cookware and it had to be replaced. Wolf was hoping that all of the stuff he was going to need was still in the hiding spot they had made in the ceiling. If not, at least he had his camping mess kit in his saddle bags on his bike and his bedroll.

An hour later, he was pulling into the road that would take him to the cabin. When he finally pulled into the yard of the cabin, Drew’s heart fell. At first glance the cabin looked to be in pretty sad shape or at least the porch did.

The supports holding up the porch were rotting away so the porch roof was sagging badly and the steps were almost completely rotten. Hopefully the roof over the cabin was still in good condition or he was going to have to rethink this. He didn’t have a tent with him so the cabin would be his only means of accommodation until he could get the repairs made. Hopefully it won’t rain till then.

He didn’t mind sleeping under the stars but doing so meant he had to keep a fire going all night or possibly become food for the bears or big cats that ran wild in the woods around here.

The big cats weren’t really that much of a concern but the bears were. He could take care of smaller predators with his 9 mm but shooting a bear with it would just piss them off. And that was not even to mention the snakes! A bite from a rattlesnake could be fatal.

He left everything on his bike and decided to check the place out before he began to unload everything. He walked all the way around the cabin and had the strangest feeling as if someone was watching him. He stopped several times to look into the woods that surrounded the cabin but didn’t see anything.

He tried to shake it off as he continued to check out what was going to need to be done and was relieved to see that at least the walls and roof appeared to still be intact so it looked like only the porch was going to require repairs.

He tentatively stepped up on the porch and, thankfully, most of the boards felt sturdy enough to walk on safely. He unlocked the door, pushed it open and went inside. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust but he had expected that. Apparently no one had been in here in a long time.

The cabin consisted of a large living room/dining area and kitchen all in one big room. There were three doors on the back wall. One for the bathroom in the middle with equal size bedrooms on either side. One room contained a king size bed and the other had two single beds. It had been a perfect fit for his family.

Drew stood in the doorway of the room with single beds and remembered the many summers his family had spent at the cabin before his father had passed away. They had been so happy and had had some great times at the cabin.

Then his father had been killed in a car accident and it had been just him, his brother and his mom. She had brought Drake and Drew up here one more time but the loss of their father had been felt by all and they hadn’t stayed as long as they normally did.

One too short year after his father had been killed, his mom found out she had stage 3 stomach cancer which she battled for over a year. It had been hard watching her shrink away to almost nothing. Unable to eat, barely able to do anything but sleep or cry in pain and loneliness as she missed her husband.

It had hit both Drake and Drew hard when she had lost that battle right after Drew had graduated high school. Drake had become more than just his big brother then. Drew couldn’t help but wish that his brother was here right now. He sure could use his advice.

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