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The Rescuer's MC Bk 5

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Thor took Natalie to the best steak house in a hundred miles to propose (she says YES!) but when their waitress comes to bring their check, Thor spots what looks like finger bruises on her arm. Thor can't stand it when a man puts his hand on a woman! The man that put those bruises on her makes a bad mistake in trying to follow her home with Thor and Natalie right behind him! When Thor calls for backup, Prez sends Troll and Crusher. When Troll pulls up on the scene, he can't believe his eyes. There on the side of the road is his woman!

Romance / Erotica
Teresa Knapp
5.0 9 reviews
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Chapter 1 -Attack on Cinder’s house.

Prez, Thor and Digger parked their vehicle and walked back to the club house, they were all surprised to see a truck that only Thor recognized in the parking lot. “I wonder what she’s doing here? That’s Cinder’s truck, Troll’s woman.” Thor told Prez.

When they entered the club house, they found Troll holding Cinder, trying to calm her down.

“What’s going on, Troll?” Prez walked over to where they were standing, followed closely by Thor.

“I’m not really sure. She just got here a few minutes ago and hasn’t stopped crying enough for me to make sense of what she’s trying to tell me. Something about her dogs. She came in here driving like there was a demon after her, blowing her horn and sliding sideways.” Troll told them.

“Prospect, get her something strong to drink. Bring her over here and sit down.” Prez said, motioning to the couch in the main room.

Troll led Cinder over to the sofa and together they sat down. Prez passed her a box of tissue and said “Cinder? Try to calm down, sweetie. We can’t help you until we know what is going on.”

Cinder grabbed two or three tissues out of the box and took several big gulps of air then blew her nose and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry but it just scared the shit out of me.”

“It’s okay. Just tell us what upset you like this. Then we’ll see what we can do about it.” Prez said.

David brought a tray with shots and beers on them, not knowing what everyone would want. He sat the tray down on the coffee table and then walked away after saying “Let me know if you want anything else.”

“Thanks, David.” Prez said and passed a glass of whiskey to Cinder. “I know it may not be your normal drink but take a sip of this. It’ll help calm your nerves.”

Cinder took a small sip of the whiskey and then sat the glass back on the table and took a big breath. “I had the early shift tonight and had to stop and put gas in my truck so I was a bit later than usual getting home. Anyway, when I pulled into my yard, I thought it was strange when my dogs didn’t come to meet me the way they usually do.

That’s when I noticed that my front door was partially open and my motion lights didn’t come on. I was afraid to get out so I moved my truck so I could see the whole front of my house in the headlights.

That’s when I saw something written in what I thought was red paint across the front of my house. “U R GONNA PAY”. Then I saw one of my dogs, dead in front of the front door. They cut off his head and hung it from the edge of the roof!’ She cried out and started to breathe hard again as she clung to Troll’s cut as if he was going to leave her.

“I was so scared that I just turned my truck around as fast as I could and flew here. I didn’t pass not even one cop all the way here. I know I should have called them but that meant I had to sit and wait for them and I was afraid that whoever did that might come back while I was waiting. I was afraid to go in the house and get my gun too.” Cinder said, then laid her head on Trolls chest.

“Any idea of who might have done this? And why?” Prez asked.

“I can’t say for sure who it was but Jerry has family all over this area, not to mention that crazy bunch of rednecks he hangs out with. Jerry is still in jail as far as I know, unless someone bailed him out.” Cinder said.

“Well, it’s too late to do anything about it tonight and I don’t want to send men out there while they can’t see what’s around them in case someone is lying in wait in the dark. We’ll go investigate in the morning. Until then, you can stay here tonight and for as long as you need to.” Prez said.

“But I don’t have any clothes here. This is my work uniform and I would just about kill for a shower.” Cinder said. She had on a pair of black dress slacks and a polo t-shirt with “G’s Steakhouse” on the back of it in big letters and a smaller version above her left breast on the front.

“You are about the same size as my wife. I’ll talk to her about something for you to wear. Don’t worry, Cinder, everything will be okay.” Prez offered as he stood up.

Prez and Thor stood up and left Troll and Cinder sitting on the sofa. Thor checked the bar but Natalie wasn’t in there so he turned and went upstairs.

Prez went upstairs and luckily Amanda was still awake, sitting up in bed watching a movie on TV. “Hey, baby. Do you have any clothes that Troll’s woman, Cinder, could borrow for a day? When she got home from work, someone had broken into her house and killed her dogs. She was afraid to go inside. She’s downstairs and is really upset. She’s still in her work uniform but wants a shower. You are about the same size, I think.”

“Sure. I’ve got a brand new pair of sweats but only some used t-shirts. I’ll get her some new panties out of the supplies we keep for rescues.” Amanda said. She froze her movie and went to gather up the clothes while Prez went to get in the shower. She picked out a plain blue t-shirt to go with the navy blue sweats she had bought the other day at Walmart and carried them downstairs.

When she hit the bottom step, she saw Cinder and Troll sitting together on the sofa so she walked over and said “Hey, Troll. How’s she doing?”

“Cinder, this is Prez’s wife, Queen Amanda. Amanda, this is my lady, Cinder.” Troll said, making the introductions.

“Hi Cinder. I understand you had quite a scare tonight. Well, don’t you worry. You are safe here. I’ve got some clothes you can use until we can get you something of your own but since I don’t know what size underwear you wear, can you come with me? I’ll find you some in the closet we keep for rescues.” Amanda said.

“Hi Amanda. Thank you. Troll, will you be here when I come back?” Cinder asked as if she was afraid he would run away and leave her alone if she let him out of her sight.

“I’ll be right here. I won’t move a muscle until you come back, promise.” Troll said. The look on his face made Amanda smile as Cinder stood up and stepped around the coffee table. He looked like a little lost puppy and she made a mental note to ask Prez why he had been named Troll. In her opinion, it didn’t fit him at all.

Together the two women walked down the hall to the supply closet where they kept the supplies of things for rescues. One side of the closet had a range of sizes of the shift dresses that they kept for the females coming in and t-shirts in a wide variety of sizes and the other side had stacks of men’s jeans. There were also bins of underwear and socks for both males and females in a wide variety of sizes. The back wall of the closet had boxes of diapers and pull-ups for infants and toddlers. “What size of panties do you wear?”

“Wow. It’s like a whole section of Walmart in here. Size 6 please.” Cinder said.

“Well, most of the time, rescues come in with just the clothes on their backs and filthy dirty sometimes, so we try to make sure they have something clean to wear. The panties you can keep.” Amanda said as she handed her a three pack of boy shorts panties. “Are you going to stay with Troll or do you want your own room?”

“Do you think he will lose respect for me if I stay with him? I don’t think I’ll get a wink of sleep if I stay by myself.” Cinder said.

“No, not at all. And if you are not ready to be intimate with him, I’m sure he won’t push you. I know just how you feel. I was a rescue too when I first met Prez. But then our situations were a lot different. Now, there are a few things that as queen of the MC I have to explain to you. Under no circumstances are you to repeat or talk to anyone about anything you might see or hear while you are at the club house. Do you agree?” Amanda asked.

“Yes.” Cinder replied.

“Next, is that you are not to wander around the clubhouse alone. If Troll is unable to be with you and you need to leave his room, you just call for a prospect. Just open your door and yell out “Prospect” and one will come to you no matter what time it is, day or night.

None of the men here will hurt you but they are only men and when men get to drinking, they don’t always use their best judgment and might try to coerce you into going to their room with them. Since you will be staying with Troll, none of them will enter his room.

We kicked all of the club whores out because of the trouble they were making so unless you are wanting to become one, keep your legs closed, except for Troll of course.” Amanda grinned at her.

“I understand. Troll told me that you are expecting?” Cinder said.

“Yep! We just found out. We weren’t planning on having a baby this soon but my implant failed and caught me unaware. I’m hopefully getting over the morning sickness, which has been rough. I’m only about 2 months or so and have my doctor’s appointment next week to find out for sure. I’m so excited! I’m still up in the air about finding out if it’s a boy or a girl or not. I think I’d like to know. Would make buying things for it so much easier.” Amanda said.

“Well, congratulations!” Cinder said as they left the supply closet and walked back down the hall. Just doing these simple things and talking about other stuff was helping Cinder to calm down a little.

“Tomorrow morning at breakfast, “Troll will introduce you as his lady and untouchable. That basically means that you are his girlfriend. It gives you a chance to date and really get to know each other so that you can make an intelligent decision to become his ole’ lady or not. You have to understand, Cinder, agreeing to become his ole’ lady is a lifetime commitment. There is no divorce here. Right now, there are 10 of us living here now. You’ll meet them in the morning when the men have church.” Amanda told her as they walked back to the living room.

“Thanks Amanda.” Cinder said as they walked over to where Troll was sitting, waiting for them.

“Got what you need for now?” Troll asked, standing up as they reached him.

“Yep. She’s good to go now. Well, I’m going back to finish watching my movie. See you guys in the morning.” Amanda said and left them to go back upstairs.

As she entered their room, Prez was just coming out of the shower and only had a towel tied around his hips as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror, combing his hair. All of the questions she had about Troll and Cinder went right out of her head as she locked their bedroom door and began stripping out of her clothes. She had pulled on a pair of sweatpants and one of his old t-shirts when she had come out of her shower earlier and had just been lounging around their bedroom while he dealt with Ted.

“Oh yum! There’s a sexy naked man in the bathroom!” She teased.

“And there’s a sexy, naked woman in the bedroom.” Prez turned and smiled back at her.

“Hey, I have a question. How did Troll get his name?” Amanda asked.

“Oh, Troll was barely 15 when he first came to us and was afraid of his own shadow at first. More than one bike starting up and we had to practically peel him off the ceiling. Thunder especially had him running for a place to hide, usually under a table against a wall.

He wouldn’t sleep on a bed but moved his furniture around so that there was just a small space between the wall and the back of his sofa and that’s where he would sleep. He could barely speak to anyone and most of his replies were just grunts. It took us weeks to figure out that it wasn’t because he didn’t want to but he could barely string two intelligent words together because his sperm donor had barely ever communicated with him so he had never learned to talk.

It took months of first teaching him how to talk enough to be able to communicate and then months more of therapy for his story to finally come out. His father had beaten him so much that he was barely alive and afraid of everything.

You know how abused women will jump and duck when someone moves too fast around them? Well, he would not only duck, he would cry out and run for cover. I’ll never forget the first time we gave him food on a plate. He acted like he didn’t know what to do at first and had no clue how to use a fork or a spoon or knife.

He actually got under the table and ate with his hands and very fast, like someone was going to take it away from him if he didn’t finish it fast enough. He would growl like a dog if anyone tried to take the plate before he had eaten everything. He would never ask for anything, no matter how bad he needed something. He was missing several teeth and was ashamed to smile even though they weren’t front teeth.

If you ever see him without his shirt, try not to react. His back is badly scarred from being whipped and having bleach and boiling hot water poured over him.

He took me to the house where he had grown up after we heard that his father had died and he showed me where he had been brought up. He wasn’t raised in the house but under it, in the crawl space by the back door.

He only had one change of clothes and both of them barely covered what was necessary. It was a wonder he managed to survive the winters we can get here. I think if it hadn’t been for an old hound dog they owned, he probably wouldn’t have.

If we hadn’t gotten to him when we did, he wouldn’t have made it the next winter because the dog was dead next to where we found him. It appeared to have died of old age.

Troll can barely read or write and can only do that because my mom was teaching him the basics when she was killed. He’s not bad with numbers but can’t write them down. He’s smart as a whip and has some ingenious ways to get what he needs to do finished but has just never been taught like most of us.

He can build most anything and uses a ball of string and a magic marker as his tape measure. But man, you talk about bad night terrors. Ace is bad but Troll is almost worse because he is incredibly strong, especially when he’s angry. At least you don’t have to fear Troll. Ace, however, is a different story.” Prez told her.


Troll asked Cinder, “Are you ready to go get a shower?”

“Troll, can I tell you something first?” Cinder asked.

“Sure, babe. Anything.” Troll said.

“I really want to be with you, really I do, but we’ve only known each other for a little while. I don’t want to be alone tonight but I’m not sure I’m ready to........... You know. I also don’t want you to lose respect for me if I stay with you.” Cinder said.

“Babe, I really want to be with you too. I have wanted you ever since the first time I saw you. I understand where you are coming from but the only thing that would make me lose respect for you is if you were to sleep with someone else while you are with me.

I want to make a relationship with you, Cinder. I’m not looking for just one night of tangling my sheets. I want a lifetime with someone I care about, who I hope cares for me in return. I know you need to feel protected tonight and we don’t have to do anything if you are not ready but just know that I care about you, Cinder.”

Cinder stared into his eyes, trying to read him, to see if he was being honest with her and all she saw was sincerity. She leaned forward and kissed him softly. “Thank you, Troll. Can I please get a shower now? I feel greasy from work.”

Troll had wanted to pull her closer, to deepen the kiss but he didn’t want to push her to do more than she was ready for, especially not while they were sitting in a public area. The bar door was only a few feet away and brothers were coming and going through the main room all the time.

“Sure. Come on.” Troll said. He stood up and held out his hand and Cinder took it and stood up . They walked upstairs, hand in hand.

They had finally come to his room and Troll unlocked his door. They didn’t really have to lock them anymore since the club whores had been kicked out but it had become such a habit that most of the men still did it anyway.

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