It’s Only You (Full Version)

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Best friend's father, age gap, taboo romance. Andrew Spencer has never had much of a reaction to any women in years. Not since he impregnated his girlfriend, had to drop out of college to move into a small town to raise his son, and rearrange his entire life. He doesn't have the time to date, nor any interest in any hook-ups. But then...Thalia Greiff. The girl is only 18, she's still going to high school, and his son might be interested in her. Thalia is someone Andrew definitely shouldn't want, but he can't deny the pull she has on him. It's bad enough she's invading his house and his thoughts. Resistance is the only solution. He just has to fight his incorrigible attraction to the little girl. However, it is harder when she keeps staring at him with beautiful wide innocent eyes and smiling with the rosy lips he's dying to taste. Warning: This story is intended for adult readers (+18) due to its strong language and sexual content.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

There’s an angel in my h...

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