Friends and Benefits

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Josh Alexander goes home from college to do some laundry and discovers Lauren Michaels, the teenaged babysitter for his younger sisters, is all grown up. A story featuring a college freshman and his family's teenaged babysitter sounds like a tired, cliché plot, but there is more to this story than meets the eye. Lauren Michaels may be in high-school, but she is no demure dewy-eyed virgin. When she discovers her boyfriend is cheating, her revenge, using her long-time crush, Josh, is breathtaking. Josh goes to the local college and has never dated anyone longer than a month or two. What starts as a harmless infatuation with Lauren soon deepens into something unexpected and forces Josh to see Lauren in a new light. This is a stand-alone 38K-word romantic novella. It was released May 31, 2016. On March 1st, 2017 this story was nominated for a Clitoride Award for medium length erotic story of the year.

Romance / Erotica
Cotton Nightie
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Chapter 1: Josh

Josh backed through the door from his parents’ garage, wrestling his overflowing laundry hamper after him. The washer and dryer were in the narrow hallway between the garage and the kitchen, so he dropped the hamper with a thud.

“Hello?” Lauren called from the living room.

Josh recognized her voice instantly. She was the teenaged babysitter his parents had always used when they worked late or went out. She came over from across the street to care for his three younger half-sisters. When Dad remarried and started his new family, Josh had been a busy high schooler and Lauren had been a responsible pre-teen. Now that he was finishing his first year of college, she was in high school and had become a family fixture.

“It’s just me. I ran out of underwear.”

Josh began tossing in clothes while the washer filled with water. When it was full of clothes, he dumped in a capful of soap and dropped the lid. Lauren was leaning against the doorway in khaki shorts and a pink babydoll tee when he finished.

“You must not care if your whites come out gray,” Lauren said with a smirk.

“I don’t have any whites. Even my boxer-briefs and socks are colorful.”

Josh leaned against the noisy washer and crossed his arms. Lauren had grown up. Her head was still a few inches below his chin, but her hips had filled out those tight shorts. As his eyes drifted back up to her face they paused when he noticed the mosquito bites on her chest had grown into nice little teacups.

Lauren’s smile slipped as she raised an eyebrow. “When did you become a pig?”

Busted. “Can’t help noticing,” he shrugged.

After a loud huff, Lauren turned away to walk back through the kitchen. Her shorts looked even better from behind, then he reminded himself she was still a kid. A barefooted, red toenailed, slim legged, very shapely kid.

Josh shook off the illicit thoughts and made his way to the pantry, happy to see his mother still stocked his favorites. He grabbed a bag of buttery popcorn and tossed it in the microwave. While the bag spun and the noisy fan blew, Josh leaned over the counter to see Lauren’s school books spread out on the coffee table. She was writing in a three-ring binder.

“Whatcha workin’ on?”

“Book report,” she mumbled without looking up.

“What book?”

She shot a snotty look over her shoulder. “Don’t you have something better to do than bug me?”

“Nope.” The popcorn began popping. The buttery scent made his mouth water.

“Emma by Jane Austen.” She returned to her report and continued writing.

“You ever see the movie?” Josh asked with a grin, knowing he was irritating her. “We’ve got it if you want to watch it with me.” She sat up but didn’t turn around. “I’m making popcorn.”

“I can hear, dumbass,” she growled.

“So, you wanna see it?” Josh asked with a chuckle. She had spirit, he had to give her that.

“Will it make you shut up?” she asked over her shoulder. Her eyes shot sparks at him.



Josh dumped the popcorn into a large bowl and grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge on his way to the living room. Lauren was sitting on the floor in front of the couch at the coffee table. After putting the bowl down on the floor next to her, he popped the tops on the cans and placed them on the coffee table.

“I thought you were going to put a movie on?” Lauren asked as she grabbed a handful of popcorn without looking up at him.

Josh got the movie from the shelf near the television and loaded the disc in the DVD player. Then he returned to the couch to lay behind Lauren. The video started with the usual stark warning messages about copying, but Josh ignored them like he did the louder one ringing in his mind. On impulse he reached out to run his fingers through Lauren’s ponytail. Her nut brown hair was surprisingly soft.

“Stop it!” Lauren shrieked as she batted his hand away and gave him a confused look. “What are you doing?”

“Tickling you?” Josh laughed.

“So you noticed I grew boobs and suddenly you think it’s okay to tickle me?” she asked in an annoyed tone.

“Why not?” Josh asked as he gave her a cheeky grin.

Lauren rolled her eyes and mocked him, “Why not?

Irritating Lauren was more fun than messing with his sisters. They eventually ignored him, but Lauren always got more frustrated. Growing up as an only child had her acting like a little adult instead of a kid. Having no brothers or sisters also meant she had no experience with the kinds of harassment siblings regularly gave and endured.

He reached over to run his palm up her back to see if he could get another rise out of her. The thin lines of her bra were detectable through the fabric of her t-shirt. Her ponytail left her neck exposed, with delicate curls escaping at her hairline. A subtle perfume tickled his nose. A minty, apple scent that urged him to lean closer and take a deeper breath of her hair.

After initially tensing at his touch, she relaxed a little while he continued to rub the center of her back. Then he pressed a bit deeper to give her a one-handed massage across her shoulders. There was good muscle tone under his fingers. By the time she turned her head a little to look back at him, he felt a stirring in his shorts.

“What are you doing?”

“Can’t a guy rub someone’s back?”

“Not you,” she whispered. A pained look flashed across her face. “Not me.”

“Why not you?” he asked with a matching whisper. He knew it was tormenting her. She’d had an obvious crush on him when she was younger. He knew he ought to stop, but kept rubbing the muscles on her shoulders anyway.

Her eyes narrowed and she sat back, pushing his hand away. “I’ve got to finish this report tonight. I don’t have time to work on it this weekend.”

“I’ll help if you want,” he offered with a cheeky smirk.

“It’s Friday night. You’re doing laundry and offering to help a high school girl with her homework. Has anyone told you that you suck at college, dude?”

“Good one,” he chuckled at her dig. “Maybe I’m just trying to be nice.”

“Oh no, I don’t think that’s it at all.” She turned back around and picked up her pencil.

The movie had gotten past the trailers and credits at last, but Josh found himself leaning closer to read her report over her shoulder.

Lauren’s thesis was that Jane Austen took a young and lively Emma Woodhouse and turned her into the dutiful wife of a wealthy older man. In the process, she lost what made her interesting and unique in exchange for love and security with a father figure. She went on to give good examples from the book that supported her thesis. Josh remembered reading the story and found himself fascinated by her analysis and insight.

Lauren shivered, then shoved his face away from her shoulder. “Stop breathing on me,” she hissed in genuine anger.

“Sorry, I was just reading your report. It’s really good, Lauren.”

“Would you just give it up!” Lauren spun around to face the couch with a deep flush. “Just how stupid do you think I am? I know you don’t really like me. You’ve never paid attention to me before and now I’m supposed to believe that Joshua Alexander—” She stopped that comment just when it got interesting to shout, “Just leave me alone!”

“Hold up,” Josh said as he sat up to pause the movie with the remote. “It wasn’t a line. I saw a couple of sentences that were too long and there was some odd phrasing here and there, but the thesis is really solid.”

“Which sentences?” she asked, her tone calling him out.

“Here,” he said and spun her binder around. “One page back. This paragraph is basically one long sentence and it shouldn’t be. I’d break it apart here and here.” He tapped his finger on the page to show her where he meant. “This middle part is really the topic sentence for that point, so rearrange them like this.” He indicated the order he meant with his finger.

Lauren kept looking back between the page and his face as if gauging his sincerity. He tried to keep a serious expression on his face, but anger made her even hotter. Eventually Josh slid down to the floor with her and they had a ten minute discussion about the story and her paper.

Talking about the book report set her at ease. Josh loved his study group discussions at college and could tell she would, too, when she got there. Watching her get passionate about a literary character was infectious. He loved teasing her, but as their conversation wound down he realized he didn’t want to ruin the moment they’d just had.

“Wow, thanks,” Lauren said at last with a tone that betrayed her surprise.

“For the record, I’ve always liked you. We just never had much in common when you were younger. Sorry for picking on you earlier. Can we start over?”

“Are you gonna stare at my boobs again?” she teased. Unfortunately, her comment made his eyes dart to her chest. She punched him in the upper arm before complaining, “Jeez, Josh!”

“I’m sorry!” He rubbed his arm. “You can’t talk about your boobs without making me look at them. I swear I wasn’t even thinking about them until you brought ’em up again.”

“It’s bad enough I have to deal with shit like this at school. I swear it’s like that South Park episode about Raisins over there. The guys all grunt like animals. I used to think you were so mature.”

“Hey,” Josh warned. “I am mature.”

“My boyfriend is more mature than you are,” Lauren said with a weary shake of her head.

“Boyfriend?” Josh asked with an incredulous bounce in his tone. “Does your dad know about him?”

“Of course,” Lauren laughed. “Dad thinks he’s great.”

Imagining her kissing some pimply high school guy made his chest ache for no good reason. The feeling made him want to take her down a peg or two. “He’s just being cool right now to get your guard down.”

“He’s not like that. He’s nice.”

“If he’s that nice, then he’s gay and you’re his beard.”

“Oh my God,” Lauren exclaimed through laughter. “You can’t talk about Bruce like that!”

“Seriously?” Josh laughed. “His name’s Bruce? Oh, yeah, definitely gay.”

“He’s definitely not gay,” Lauren murmured without meeting his eyes, then returned to making the changes to the book report they had discussed.

Now he imagined her doing more than kissing Bruce. Damnit, it’s not like he actually wanted to bang his parents’ babysitter. He looked at her again. Maybe.

The washer spun down and stopped. Josh got up to move the wet clothes to the dryer and loaded up the washer with the rest of his dirty clothes. While he poured on the soap he decided to stop teasing her. It wasn’t funny anymore.

When he got back to the couch, he grabbed the remote to start the movie again and sat at the far end of the couch, away from Lauren. He tried to focus on the movie, but his eyes were drawn back to those shiny red nails that moved as she wrote.

A stray bit of hair tickled along her cheek. When she absently tucked it behind her ear he felt his heart skip a beat. Simply gorgeous. She must have felt his scrutiny. His eyes shifted back to the television screen just as she turned her head. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her smile at him for a moment, then she returned to her paper.

Josh pulled out his phone and shot a text to his regular hookup at school. Gillian and her friends had thrown a party early in the school year. After the party, Josh had spent enough time with Gillian to warm her up and get her off first. She’d taken a little longer than most girls to get there, but that just made it more satisfying in the end. Turns out she’d never had anyone else get her there before. She wasn’t interested in getting serious, but they still got together a couple of times a week for sex.

He needed to get Lauren off his mind fast. Gillian was usually up for a late call, but her reply said she was out of town with a frowny face.

“When are Mom and Dad getting home?” Josh asked, hoping it was soon. He put away his phone while Lauren finished a bite of popcorn.

“Late. It’s some kind of formal function for the hospital. Your mom had on this fantastic looking little black dress and heels. I didn’t know if your dad was gonna make it out the door, the way he kept looking at her.”

Josh sighed and mentally went through his prospect list. The problem was most of the girls he knew were not as casual as Gillian. Some would be offended by a late night booty call and others would read too much into it.

Lauren drew up her legs and crossed them as she leaned over the coffee table to review her paper from the beginning. There was a tiny flash of white panty peeking out the leg of her shorts. Josh did his best to ignore it, but his own shorts grew tighter as he pondered what the thin stretch of cotton was covering. He couldn’t watch the movie without constantly glancing over.

“Done,” Lauren announced.

She shut and stacked her books, then picked up the can of soda and the bowl of popcorn before sitting in the middle of the couch. If she had sat at the other end he might have been able to ignore her until his laundry was done. Then she hooked her bare toes on the edge of the coffee table.

Red toenails, perfectly painted. The delicate skin around her ankles. Her calves and thighs flexed as she sat there, accentuating her feminine lines. Josh had to shift around slightly because of the hairs pulling as he stiffened. He wanted to be able to touch those legs, to kiss those ankles, and part those thighs to taste her liquid center. Damn it, she’s too young!

He wondered if Bruce had tasted her. Had he gotten her off yet? Gotten her to that wild state of abandon he was certain she was capable of? The pressure of his desire was multiplied by his irrational jealousy. It made no sense for him to be so upset. She was a family friend, not some coed at school.

“She’s so stupid,” Lauren muttered at the screen. “I mean, I know Austen wrote her to be, but it hurts to watch it acted out like this.”

“What?” Josh tried to pull his thoughts out of the mire he was in.

“The movie,” she said without taking her eyes off the screen. “It hurts to watch movies where people do such idiotic things. Like Napoleon Dynamite. I can’t finish it.”

“You don’t like Napoleon Dynamite?” Josh watched as she stretched her back out and raised her hands up above her head. Her shirt pulled tighter across her chest and drew his gaze down.

“Eyes up here,” she said as she snapped her fingers to draw his attention away from her breasts. “I can’t stand movies where the characters get in awkward situations like this.”

“But you love the book.”

“Yeah, but it’s different seeing it.” She lowered her arms after her stretch, grabbed a handful of popcorn, and munched it quickly. “Like porn. I could read erotica all day long, but porn does nothing for me.”

“Uh…” Josh suddenly felt like a punch drunk fighter. She reads erotica? What kind?

“Except for gay porn. I don’t know why I like it, but they always seem to be enjoying themselves.” She acted like discussing erotica and porn with him didn’t faze her, but even confused Josh caught the color rising up her cheeks.

“The guys are cut and there’s twice as many dicks,” Josh said before he realized what he’d said.


He looked back at the movie to keep from losing his train of thought again. “Like the way guys always watch lesbian porn. Twice as much of the stuff we love. Well, except for fake-fingernail lesbians in stripper shoes. Nobody likes those.”

“Oh.” Lauren ate another handful of popcorn. “I’m sorry, I can’t watch this. It’s making my skin crawl.” She reached over and grabbed the remote to stop the movie.

“So,” Josh said, trying to get back on his game. “Erotica? I bet your dad doesn’t know about that.”

“No way,” she said. Her expression was neutral, like she was still trying to be mature about it, but her flush deepened. “So now you know about me and Bruce. Are you seeing anyone?”

“Gillian.” He was relieved he could use her name as a shield even if her body was far away. “She’s just a friend.”

“With benefits?” Lauren asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Talking about this with Lauren was making his chest ache. “She’s too busy in pre-law and I’m not much on commitment.”

“Figured,” she said with a sniff.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Come on, you’ve always been a huge player. Girls were still talking about you when I got to high school.”

“Who was talking about me?” Josh said, turning to face her on the couch.

“You remember Marissa Long? She always raved about you.”

“I never hooked up with her,” Josh answered reflexively, then had to think. “Did I?”

“You didn’t have sex with her, but you got her off after the homecoming game last year. It was at some party you came back to school for, I think.”

He thought he remembered her. “Long dark hair, right? Dancer or something?”

“Yeah, that’s her.” Lauren looked up and rolled her eyes. “God, I was so—I got so tired of hearing about it.” She drained the last of her coke and got up without looking his way. “I’m gonna make sure the girls are sleeping okay.”

He couldn’t look away from her tight shorts as she walked up the stairs. Josh was certain she had been going to say I was so jealous, but caught herself at the last second. Maybe she was suffering the same kind of torment he was.

Josh got up and headed to the laundry room to pull his clothes from the dryer and start the last load drying. By the time he returned to the couch Lauren was sitting at the far end frowning at her phone. He dumped the warm clothes in the middle of the couch to create a barrier between them, then pulled the coffee table a little closer to fold his clothes on it.

Lauren was texting madly in bursts followed by the ding of an alert, but she still wasn’t smiling. After a few more exchanges, her phone rang and she rolled her eyes as she got up. “Are you serious?” she snapped into the phone.

Josh heard her wandering through the kitchen. Her angry voice rose and fell, but he couldn’t make out the words. After he’d folded some dark blue boxer-briefs, she came back and plopped down at the other end of the couch.

“Everything okay?” he asked as he put the folded underwear on the growing stack.

She glared at Josh for a moment and took a deep breath. “No.”

“Wanna talk about it?”

She shook her head.

Josh grabbed the next thing on top of the laundry pile and started folding it. She was still staring at him, but the glare had faded to something that just looked confused and hurt. When he put the folded t-shirt on the coffee table, Lauren grabbed a t-shirt off the pile to help fold.

“How did you meet Gillian?”

Josh was troubled by the question. Her mood had really soured after the phone call. Rather than waste time worrying about the cause, he just answered her question. “She threw a party. We hooked up afterwards.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

Lauren shook her head as she added the folded t-shirt to his pile.

“What?” Josh asked as he stopped to look at her.

“I don’t understand. How does that even work?”

“You’re overthinking it,” Josh said. “It’s not a relationship. We both wanted to have an orgasm or two. I help her. She helps me. That’s it.” He only thought his next question for a moment before it spilled out. “You masturbate, right?”

Her eyes widened and a deep flush bloomed up from her neck. “Yes,” she whispered.

“It’s kinda like doing that, but with someone else. We don’t hang out, or snuggle, or talk about the future. I get her off a couple of times, then we have sex for a while and finish up together. It’s a great workout.”

“Does she sleep with other people?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.”

“Do you?” she asked. Her pink flush had reached her hairline.

“Sure, when the chemistry is right.” Josh saw her puzzled squint and answered her unspoken question. “You ever meet someone and get fascinated by them? Then you get to know them and it gets so bad you can’t stop thinking about them?”

“You mean love?” she asked with a confused laugh in her voice.

“Nope,” Josh said. “That’s just chemistry. Love’s something you do, not something you feel. Anyway, if she feels the same way I do we’ll hook up for a while.”

“How do you not get… attached?”

“You do, sometimes, but that’s why you try not to spend too much time together outside of sex. And no sleepovers. Ever.”

Lauren picked up a boxer-brief from the laundry and folded it on the coffee table. “I was wrong about Bruce. I mean, he’s still not gay, but he’s fucking someone at a party right now.”

“What?” Josh asked, the skin on his arms prickling in sudden rage. “Right now?”

She nodded. “I had to babysit tonight so he went to a party without me. We’re going to prom tomorrow.”

“You’re not still going with him after this, are you?” Josh asked with an incredulous tone.

“I spent too much on the dress and I refuse to go stag.” She placed the folded boxer-brief on the pile.

Josh grabbed the last item, another boxer-brief, and folded it while his head spun. “You said he was your boyfriend.”

“He was, but not anymore,” she said in a tone that seemed to be half fear and half desire. “I want to have an orgasm.”

“Uh…” He sat up to look at her, leaving the underwear half-folded. Confusion crashed through his mind.

She scooted closer on the couch. “You inspired so many of mine over the years, I figured you might want to be present for at least one.”

Wait, she jilled off to me? “I’m not sure this is a good idea.” Josh couldn’t believe those words came out of his own mouth.

“I’m sure it’s not, but…” She pressed into him, cupping the back of his head to bring their lips together. The kiss started hot and ramped up from there as Josh reached to pull her closer.

She tasted sweet, like warm honey. His heart pounded as her quick breathing tickled his face. With trembling fingers, she caressed his cheek, cupping his chin in both hands before breaking the kiss and staring into his eyes.

“Wow,” Josh whispered as he searched her face. The fear had fallen away from her expression, leaving lust burning alone.

He traced a finger from her ear to her chin. She dipped her head to kiss the tip of his forefinger, then used her tongue to draw it between her lips. Josh watched her while electricity shot up and down his body. When she allowed it to slip out with a final kiss, Josh ran his palm down her arm to cup her breast.

Lauren closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. Kissing her again, he squeezed the soft handful as her nipple rose against his palm. She gasped in his mouth and he smothered it with another kiss. She tugged her shirt up and pushed his hand underneath it.

Warm skin on her stomach. Her tongue teased his lips open. His hand found the catch on the front of her bra. When it opened at his touch, she whispered, “Yes.”

Her nipples taunted him. He had to taste her. Pushing her against the back of the couch, he raised her shirt to expose those perfectly rounded breasts. They were topped with tan circles the size of quarters. The exposed skin pulled tight around erect nipples the size of pencil erasers. She cradled his head as he took her breasts into his mouth, one after the other.

The warm taste of her only fed his hunger. He sucked harder to pull more of her soft skin into his mouth. Her firm breasts tasted like heaven. The scent of her soap and perfume made his head swim. Josh kept his tongue soft as he lapped until she moaned.

She escaped his lips long enough to take her shorts, shirt, and bra off. Keeping her thumbs hooked in the top of her panties, she waited until his shorts and boxer-briefs were in a tangle on the floor before lowering hers slowly. He watched the trimmed bush appear first, then the tangle of hair at the top of her cleft. There was a moment when the gusset stuck at the top of her thighs, then the damp fabric popped free.

The sight and scent of her nakedness filled his senses. He lowered himself to the couch as her panties dropped past her knees. One hand moved around to cup her soft ass as the other returned to her breasts. When she squeezed his hard shaft, his stomach floated up into his chest. There was a lidded look of pleasure on her face as he stroked her breasts in return.

“I want to taste you.” Josh’s voice was low and rough with desire.

Lauren’s breath caught, then she moved away to lie down along the couch. Josh kissed her foot along the arch, then kissed upward to her ankle. Her fingers stroked through the thin hairs above her cleft and she arched her back with a moan.

Josh kissed up her calf, taking a leisurely path and lingering on the way. Lauren continued to stroke herself while uttering an urgent whimper. Her scent drew him faster than her voice. The fresh, mouthwatering promise of heat and lust. It took all his willpower not to push her thighs apart and feast on the wet heat between them. Teasing, moving from one thigh to the other, he was inches away from her core when her trembling fingers fisted his hair.

“I need—” Her voice cut off as she pulled at him.

Even the pain she gave him was arousing. He slid his arms under her thighs, pulling them back with his hands to bare her swollen pink lips. They dripped. He shut his eyes when his lips touched hers. Her scent was overwhelming. It was rich, with a coppery overtone that made his mouth water.

When his tongue opened her, she held her breath and pushed into his mouth. Wet and hot. Short tickling hairs. He sucked her inner lips into his mouth eliciting a gasping cry. Her fingers tightened in his hair, but he ignored everything to bring her the relief she craved.

Reaching his hands further around her hips, he pulled her open for his mouth. The swollen bud at the top of her cleft peeked out from under a tuft of hair. He put his lips around it and sucked it gently, barely moving it at all. Lauren reacted like she had been electrocuted, crying out and jerking away in one moment to push back for more the next. Josh held her captive, his arms preventing her from escaping the warmth suction of his mouth.

“Fuck,” she cried out. “Oh, God! Oh, Josh, don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping. She held her breath even longer, gasping for air then holding it again. She was riding the cusp and Josh needed a hand free to push her over the edge. Slipping one hand out from around her thigh, he placed his palm under his chin and slid two fingers inside her. When her muscles clamped down, he paused and pulled back, teaching her she had control. She opened herself completely then, crying out as he began to slowly fuck her with his fingers. He swirled his tongue around the little bud trapped between his lips.

“I’m coming,” she announced as her body trembled. “Yes! Yes, oh, please, oh, yes!”

He rode it out with her. She sat up slightly, her hands moving behind his head to hold his face where it was. When her inner muscles clenched around his fingers, Josh began to lick long, soft strokes from bottom to top in time with her insistent rhythm. She convulsed and shook with each pulse until they slowed. Josh kept licking around her sensitive bud until she stilled at last, then he gently pulled his fingers out and placed one last kiss on her furry mons.

“I can’t move,” she whispered, her legs splayed open and arms in a jumble on her stomach.

“Can I get you some water?” Josh asked with a self-satisfied grin. The experience was even more than he’d imagined. Lauren was as responsive as a kitten and twice as cute.

“Please,” she said as she lifted her knee and rocked it against the back of the couch.

When he got back, Josh sat on the floor near her head. He sucked some water into his mouth from the glass, then leaned over to kiss her, letting a little water dribble in. That made her smile.

“More,” she demanded with a sleepy grin.

He did it a few more times, then breathed cool air on her chest and stomach. “Coming back to Earth yet?”

“Do I have to?” she chuckled. “That was so good.”

“Well, I guess I could suit up and join you there.” Josh pulled his shorts over and got out his wallet.

“I think I’d like that,” Lauren sighed.

He’d leaked so much precum while pleasing her, he had to wipe it off on his underwear. It only took a moment to tear open the foil package and roll the condom down his rigid shaft. “Do you want to move?”

“No,” she chuckled. “Right here is fine.”

He climbed up on the couch, kissing his way to her lips. She moved slightly to make more room, then slid her feet down the backs of his legs. He watched her face while he lined up. As he slid inside, her mouth opened and her eyes squeezed shut. He took his time, backing in and out a few times to get her used to his girth, then went all the way home.

“You feel great,” she whispered and pulled him down to kiss her. “Being filled up slow like that gives me goosebumps.”

Josh pushed his weight down to grind into her a little. She had to stop kissing him to bite her lip. Going slowly at first, he began to thoroughly fuck her. He wanted to make her cum again before he joined her, so he slowed himself down by counting prime numbers.

Her hands were on his ass urging him deeper and faster, but that would end things almost instantly. He would get close and have to pause for a moment, but she only whimpered and kissed him harder to get him moving again. Thrusting deep, he made sure to add a little extra pressure to stimulate her. At one point he just kept grinding back and forth until her nails pulled across his back.

Eventually she was riding that edge again, her body slick with sweat. Watching her reactions made holding himself off even harder. She was lost in it. He’d never been with someone so completely in the moment before. He couldn’t help joining her there, kissing with more passion and energy than he usually did. When she began to shake, he lifted up a little to be able to thrust faster.

“Oh yes,” she begged. “Oh, please! Oh, yes! Yes!”

“I’m so close,” Josh whispered. “Can you cum with me?”

“Yes!” Her cry announced it before Josh felt those powerful muscles clenching around him.

Hitting a manic pace for her, he held off his own end for a few more heartbeats. When he came, he pushed slow, deep strokes into her. Her legs wrapped around his thighs to pull him deeper while she used him to lift herself off the couch. He let out a wordless cry to answer her last, ringing Yes!

It was yes for Josh, too, and heights, and heaven. When he returned to Earth, Lauren was shaking in his arms, crying into his neck with deep racking sobs that tore him up.

“Hey,” he said as he tried to pull back. Lauren’s arms were locked around him. “Hey, did I hurt you?”

“No,” she answered with a wet sniff.

“Then what’s wrong?” he asked.

She shook her head, then eased her grip on him. Shooting a glance at the clock, she let go and wiped her eyes. “We need to get dressed before your parents come home,” she said without any warmth.

Josh sat back to allow her up. She gathered her clothes and left him to deal with the condom leaking on his thighs. But first he watched her swaying walk to the bathroom under the stairs. Her hair a wild mess, her skin flushed. She didn’t look like a kid to him anymore, just a petite woman like her mother.

After he’d tied off the condom to keep it from leaking anymore, he began to pull on his underwear and shorts. Instead of the usual sense of post-coital bliss, he felt anxious. It obviously wasn’t Lauren’s first time, but he didn’t want to hurt her. Bruce had already done enough of that. Josh got his shirt on and was considering what to say or do when Lauren came back looking determined.

“Dang, we need some air freshener in here.” She waved her hand in front of her face as she walked into the kitchen. “Can I help you get that last load folded? Then you can head out before your parents get here and ask awkward questions.”

Josh winced at her cool tone. He realized the girls he’d been with must have felt the same way when he was hustling them out the door after he was done. “Yeah, thanks, let me get them.”

They folded them together, but Lauren was obviously thinking hard about something else. Josh remembered she was still planning on going to her Prom with Bruce. Fuck that. The thought surprised him. While he’d often seen possessiveness in others, he’d rarely felt envy or jealousy himself.

“Are you seriously going to Prom with Bruce tomorrow?”

“Yup,” she replied as she stacked another t-shirt in the hamper.


“I already told you. The dress is paid for and I’m not going stag.” She grabbed another t-shirt and spread it out to fold it. “I’m even looking forward to seeing him now.”

“Uh… why?” Despite her being a highschool girl, he hadn’t figured her out at all.

She looked over at Josh. “I’m going to wait until the little shit confesses what he did tonight. I can get him to tell me anything eventually. Then I’m going to tell him that I’m totally cool with it as long as he doesn’t mind me doing the same thing. I don’t think that will go over very well with him. Then I’m gonna confess.” Her smile would make a shark feel proud.

“Damn,” Josh muttered, suddenly more worried but for different reasons.

“Now that I understand it better, I like the idea of friends with benefits. If Bruce doesn’t mind me laughing when he tries to get me off, I may even let him fuck me at the hotel like we planned.”

The flood of anger that raged at her words was entirely unexpected. Josh felt the hair stand up all over his body at the idea of Bruce fucking her. The irony of him thinking that felt like some kind of karmic joke, with him as the punchline.

“And I have you to thank for it.” Lauren flipped the last folded t-shirt on top of the laundry hamper. “That’s that. Let me help you get this back to your car.”

Josh picked up the hamper and followed Lauren to his parents’ front door. She opened it wide and stepped aside before he could give her a kiss goodnight. He stepped through the door in a daze and turned to her, trying to think of something to say, but Lauren spoke first as she closed the door.

“Thanks for everything. I’m sure I’ll see you around.” The door shut in his face, leaving him standing outside as the mosquitoes swarmed him in the porch light.

“Fuck,” he muttered. What the hell just happened?

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