Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Stage Three.

He controlled this puppet now, but resisted moving the lips of her vulva as much as he would have liked, by pressing with his thumbs on either side of them, opening and closing those lips, and mimicking a conversation with her as he did that.

‘Hello Erin. I have a very close friend; a big, horny, loving friend I am dying to introduce into you.’

‘You are? Oh, Peter, how thoughtful of you.’

'Yes, I would, Erin. He’s just behind you. He is very friendly, though likely to be a tad too insistent, pushy, and even blustery at first, as well as big with ambition and intentions for you, but he will soon settle right in. And comfortably. Aching to bathe in your juices. Would you like to meet him?'

‘Oh, yes, Peter, I would so much like to meet him.’

She might not appreciate that.

Oh, lord! He was temporarily overcome by his feelings, and for a moment leaned in and rested his aching head on her cheek before he revived and continued. There was an even bigger ache he could do nothing about.

She could still see him in one of those mirrors. He did not look at ease, and there were times he paused and closed his eyes. She was disturbing him. Was that why he had sniffed at her panties after he had inspected them for splinters and was now close in to her, and likely doing the same? Or had sniffing at her panties done this to him, putting him in this inflamed mood? Men were strange.

Cause and effect. Egg or chicken.

She’d heard that a man always wanted to sniff knickers and even sniff her there, and lick, kiss, and suck, especially on breasts, and do even more of that to her quim if he could. If she would let him. Would he try to do that to her while she was helpless like this? He had also undone his top button to his shorts and moved his zip down a little. She knew why; to relieve the pressure. As long as it did not go any farther than that and nothing else made an appearance, she would say nothing, but the stakes kept going up.

“I can see two more splinters at the edge of... where I am, I think, but I will need your help to get those. If you can pull yourself apart for me, as I am doing for you, I will get these two, and then I will need to go a little farther.”

A little farther? How much farther?

He was already doing too much and getting into areas she had not thought he would need to be. She did as he asked, and with his guidance, opened herself up a little more to his attentive scrutiny. She could imagine herself doing this for the school nurse and then all of the comments following that. And then everything would go into her report for ‘Polly’, the headmistress, ('Polly was not her real name, of course) to see.

‘Numerous small splinters removed from back of legs, glutea, perineum, vulva (labia majora, and minora) and vagina. No explanation given as to how they got there. Evasive. Suspicious! Possibly no hymen! I didn't see one. No panties on her either when she came in.'

She felt two more splinters being removed. At least they were making slow progress.

“I am going to ask for your help again.”

“To do what?” She had to ask. The strain in her voice must be obvious.

“I need to be sure, and so do you? Spread yourself, please. Pull at the edges of your vagina for me, and open yourself up better than I can do it for you, and still get at those splinters lurking just inside, at the edge there. I did not get to see as much as I need to see, nor did I get chance to examine as much there as I would have liked.” He was saying too much.

There? What, there was he referring to? Her vagina, of course. There was no other place. Every conversation and negotiation with a man, boiled down to a woman’s vagina in one way or another, and him getting his blustery cock into it at the earliest opportunity.

“I could not see you as well as I would like, and... dammit (he gave in to his anguished feelings), but as little as you might choose to believe me, I am not playing around with you."

She knew that, from the way he vocally protested and blushed. At least he was not playing around with her yet. And she would have to be more relaxed for that, if it ever were to get that far.

“I will get you started, and then you take over, and pull yourself just a little more until I tell you to stop, and that will be as much as I will need to do (or dare ask), but we should be sure. It needs to be done.”

He seemed to have thought it all out.

What could she say? It was too late to refuse to do anything and leave the job only half finished. What price would he ask of her, to pay for this help, and to persuade him to keep his mouth shut about what he had done for her? Would he be a total cad and think to try and take advantage of her as she had feared all along? She wasn’t sure. And there were those photographs to think about.

She sighed and helped him as he directed. It was too late to do anything else, and it was almost over. She was opening her vulva, and her vagina, so a man could inspect her there? Why would anyone want to inspect her there?

A man would, of course; splinters or no splinters. There had better be splinters or he would hear about this. However, he had not misled her before.

“That’s good enough I think.”

Thank the lord for that, she was beginning to fear she would tear herself.

She felt him shuffle, sitting on the floor to sit closer between her legs, his shoulders moving her legs apart even more notably, with him staring up at her vulva in 3D; a magnificent panorama in technicolor, and then she felt his breath on her there, felt his face between her legs, his breath riffling her hairs, waking her up as he moved closer, and then…?

Pandemonium! Chaos!

She felt strange things happening, letting out a faint cry. What was he doing? What had he done?

Her reflex was to bring her legs tight together, but she couldn’t. He was in there between them, stopping her.

He was licking at her, touching along her vulva with his tongue, moving slowly along her labia; between them, and then she felt his tongue begin to intrude into her vagina.

This was a violation of her body! It was even worse than those splinters. And different.

He had not warned her about this step and he should have done. She would have refused, of course. Perhaps that was why he had not asked her. However, she did not let go of anything she was doing to help him.

She wanted to say something but couldn’t. It was too late. Besides, it felt soothing. She consciously tried to relax, and did so, feeling his tongue move into her more easily now. Is this what the other would feel like?

How did she let herself get into this predicament? Didn’t he find this disgusting? He might throw up. Throw up? She knew better than that.

“What are you doing?” Her voice sounded too high. She wondered if she should complain more vocally, ask him to stop, and even to stand up from what he was doing, but it actually felt good.

She didn’t get chance. He was touching deeper into her vagina now, and gently moving into her with his tongue. She should complain more, bring her legs together, but couldn’t, not with him there, and she couldn’t stand up. She felt a warm flush creep over her and she began to fidget involuntarily before he retreated from her. That other thought again; was this what that insistent part of him would feel like, going into her? Unlikely, with it being ten times the size of his tongue, and a lot bloody harder!

He had just violated her with his tongue. If she could be violated by that item. He hadn’t needed to do that, surely? It had been an unnecessary trespass, but she was not sure what she could do about it, or what he would say to try and justify it.

He came up for air, breathing harder now, and spoke softly, resting his head upon her buttocks with his hands holding her at the front of her thighs at the level of his head, touching hair. His words were entirely unexpected, as was the emotional stress in his voice.

“Why do you do this to a man, Erin? To this man? I did not know what I was letting myself in for when I began to help you. I don’t think I will survive much more of this.”

Nor would she before she rebelled, or surrendered.

What was he telling her when he said that he might not survive this? She was uncertain what he meant, her anger momentarily forgotten.

“You tempt this man too hard, Erin. But I suppose that is what happens to a man in love. I do not wish to harm you or have you hate me for this, yet I fear I must be harming you without intending to, and I know you must be judging me for this.”

She knew that if she turned her head to look back at him, if she could see him, that he would be looking at her with puppy-like, pleading eyes. And she knew what he would be pleading to do.

She was caught speechless, lying as she was on her front with his face between her legs, having recently touched into her so intimately with his tongue, and admitting, again, that he was in love with her! It was too much to understand. Her anger had gone, hearing that admission again and believing it, but that was what he had suggested earlier in so many subtle, and yet not so subtle ways. Her feelings on all of this had changed and were changing even now.

“I hope you can forgive me, but I damn nearly exploded with excitement, if you know what I mean?”

She thought she did, and reached back to touch gently at his head, essentially forgiving him. She should be fighting him, striking out at him for that trespass, but she couldn’t. Not now. The situation was so strange. It was something even beyond any possibility of the wildest kind of speculation, having a man doing this to her. Nothing was likely to surprise her now.

“I think I know what you mean.”

She was aware that he had been aroused for her ever since he had seen her up on that ramp and helped her down. This was turning out to be a very personal situation in every way, and enlightening for her, but enlightening only in a pleasant kind of way so far, and not how it had begun for her with all manner of embarrassment and concerns. She no longer felt threatened or so vulnerable.

“I wondered about my survival doing such a personal thing for you. But more to the point, I felt another splinter just inside the edge of your vagina when I first put my tongue into you. I suspected there would be at least one there. It will have to come out, if you will allow me to do that.”

So, he hadn’t just been taking opportunistic advantage of her as she had suspected. That made her feel better that she hadn’t blown up at him.

And then there was that phrase he had used; a man in love. She now believed that he was in love with her already and was not just telling her that as some men would, telling a girl anything to get into her panties to fuck her. Except he was already far beyond getting into her panties and getting them off her. They had gone earlier. Could that other progression be that far behind?

What a conversation this was turning out to be with him so close to her there, and able to see her so personally! He was also as emotionally affected by all of this as she was. Maybe more.

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