Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Almost There!

She made up her mind. She would allow it. He was being very gentle and considerate about it all.

“How will you get it out of me?”

What a conversation to be having!

“Very carefully. I will need you to be seated properly and facing me for that, and you will then find out if you can sit down.”

He backed away, stood up from her, careful of his own too obvious condition, and helped her to her feet with his arms going around her, still not sure that he would be forgiven, and half expecting a sudden attack from her.

He looked deep into her eyes.

“I am sorry this happened the way it did, Erin, but it could not be avoided without my taking you back into the school, and I am not sure that would have been any less embarrassing for you.” He stroked the side of her head. “Now let’s see how comfortably you move, before I go after it. If I dare go after it now.”

She might have to help him, or even persuade him that he could. He seemed to be losing his nerve and she could feel his hand trembling against her face. He was concerned about how she felt about all of this. He was concerned about how he felt.

As he helped her, she saw him there. He was poking against his clothing, and as he had said, he had almost exploded; almost ejaculated. Came. What would that have been like for him? How would that have affected her? She would like to see that happen with no one else to see it. It was a sign that he found her desirable; wanted to make love to her. Could it be so very bad, him doing that to her? How would she handle this? She wasn’t sure if she could. Too much was happening to them both.

He watched her walk around the table. She was conscious of being watched, intently, his eyes burning into her. She moved easily enough after the first few steps, and with no obvious discomfort, except for the occasional sharp pain from just one part of her, but she was acutely conscious of having neither skirt or panties covering her, and that she was fully revealed to him. He was certainly watching her, just as he did when she played hockey, but she had been dressed then.

He was also taking another few photographs of her.

“I feel much better now.” She sounded relieved. “But I think you were right, that there is still another splinter. Maybe more than one. I can feel something there, in me, and I am generally sore.”

He didn’t feel well himself.

“What do you need me to do to help you, Peter, and what will you do?”

He sighed. “I will have to use my tongue to locate it again, and then use my finger, or yours, or even both of them to open you so that I can get to it. It is close to your entrance, but back from it. Some of those splinters in that plank were pretty big.”

“But how is it that you were not disgusted, doing that for me? Licking me? Using your tongue there? Was that not sickening for you to do?”

She did not understand why any man would want to put his face into her there in that smelly place, and lick at her with his tongue? But men were strange that way. Interestingly strange.

He smiled at her, and took her hand into his, relieved that she was not going to fight him. “I already answered that. Nothing about you would ever be disgusting to me, Erin. Nothing.”

It still confused her. It soon wouldn’t.

“I did not mean to tell you so soon that I was in love with you, but I am. I had to tell you, to try and persuade you to do this with me, and I don’t regret it. At the same time, I understand that it cannot go further than that between us, but at least you know, and it is up to you how you respond or not. I find you very beautiful and interesting in every way--damn, I must sound like a stuck record--and, to put it simply, my future is solely in your hands.” Just as hers was in his now, but she wouldn’t tell him that. He looked concerned.

She blushed over his outspoken frankness with her, and wondered how she would deal with this confession of his feelings for her. Her own feelings were changing with each passing minute.

“When we do that, this next time, Erin, you will be facing me, and that will make it much more challenging for us both.”

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before, and she did not understand what she was feeling, except that she knew her heart was beating violently. She was no longer as shy or as embarrassed as she had been. That time was long behind them. She would do anything he wanted of her now. She had liked to hear what he thought of her. And love too? She was beginning to feel excited, and in love herself, if that was what this feeling in her was.

“Why do I need to face you, Peter?”

“Because when we did this, and I was behind you, I did not have full access to you there as I will when I face you. I will be able to see what I am doing, and I can get closer into you.”

It would also be infinitely more exciting. Infinitely!

He looked up at her. “You seem to be concerned at that happening, Erin.”

She blushed, but she had been blushing all of the time since he had brought her in here.

She nodded. “I suppose so. I am not sure what I feel. It has to be done. I had my back to you before, and I could not see what you were doing to me. I could not see your response to me”—she glanced at him there—“though I could feel most of what you were doing.”

She had known of his interest in her there even when she had been stuck on that ramp. All girls soon learned about the dangers that men represented for them, and about penises and erections, and seductions, and rape. They talked about it enough. Their mothers constantly drilled that into them. However, she also knew that this man would not harm her in that more violent way.

“So, with me facing you, doing that personal thing for you between your legs, Erin, will you feel much more threatened?”

She shook her head. “Not threatened. Vulnerable, perhaps. I suppose so.” She wasn’t sure any more. She wasn't sure of anything, never having been in this personal kind of situation before.

“Me too.”

Especially if she were to notice the inevitable changes that were happening with his body. He would not survive much more of this.

He was aroused for her even now, she could see that much, and had felt it against her whenever he had helped her. She was getting used to this feeling and to this sense of something hard and inevitable in her future. Immediately in her future.

She didn’t want to see the look in his eyes, or have him see the look in hers. She had been excited too, and did not want him to notice that about her so soon. She also knew that his body had responded to her being like this, but he hadn’t taken advantage of her as she had been afraid of, earlier. Not too much afraid.

But facing him? Missionary-wise? She had no choice, and the sooner this problem was behind her, the better, and she could then deal with the rest of what she had learned about him, and was learning about herself. Her own body had responded to some of what he had been doing, and it had felt strangely pleasurable.

“How…? How should I sit?”

“You will be on the table again. You can sit on the edge, and I will kneel in front of you.” She giggled like a schoolgirl, but was no longer nervous.

“You can put your hand on my head and stop me anytime you need to if it seems likely to get out of control.”

Out of control for whom?

He had already seen everything about her most private place, and still could, and his interest seemed less threatening to her now, but that change was because of her. This had to happen before she would dare go back to school. But what about after that?

Would this be the end of it between them? She did not want it to be, not after he had admitted that he was in love with her.

As dangerous as it all was for her, she didn’t want it to end just like that. She wanted to know more about him too. She realized that she could always come back and see the kitten. Hell, the ice between then had long since been broken. Her hymen might be the next casualty.

She lifted herself onto the table, moving more comfortably now, not having to worry about losing her knickers or him seeing her there with her already fully exposed to him, and she forced her mind to forget about being embarrassed, and to put her legs apart for him, rather than have them clenched tightly together; water-tight, like a shy little schoolgirl in her first adventure with a boy, so that even the tip of a little finger was too much for her.

She did not even notice that the last of the buttons on her blouse had popped as she leaned back, with her blouse opening up fully from her.

He paused and leaned into her, looking into her eyes. “Erin.” She looked up at him standing between her legs, and close to her.


“Are you alright with this now?” He was more concerned for her than she was for herself.

She nodded. “I think so. No one will find out about this. It will be our secret.” She knew that this was just the beginning of something; of even more secrets.

He leaned in closer, looking into her eyes, and slowly kissed her, giving her enough warning, and the chance to object and push him away or to move back out of his way. She did neither of those but leaned toward him.

She was conscious of his erection close to her there, poking his underwear out of his zip, which had been forced even lower by the pressure behind it.

This was the first time they had kissed. She did not believe how far and how fast they had moved forward, and all because of looking for a kitten.

She did not understand how she could be so relaxed with her being less than half-dressed, and with a man in front of her; an aroused, no—correction—an erect man, lance-at-the-ready for her, between her legs, and her legs spread apart for him.

They were beginning to learn a lot about each other, but she knew that he would be learning too much about her for her own safety, considering how little they knew of each other to begin with, and where she was, sitting on a table with neither skirt or panties to cover her and with her legs wide apart for him, but she no longer gave a damn.

“Erin, my love, if you don’t mind me calling you that so soon.”

She shook her head and smiled at him.

“You are not doing my hormones any good.”

That worked both ways. She knew what he meant, and it would not get any easier for him, or for her after this.

“Let’s get this behind us, shall we, and see where we go from here?” She nodded and watched him drop to his knees between her legs, and slowly move her legs farther apart. She had no difficulty this time, knowing what he was going to do.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, Peter.” She giggled involuntarily and with excitement, put a hand on his head, and felt him move closer to her there. She wondered what it would feel like from this direction, and was already feeling as breathless as he was, knowing that she was excited in a way she had never experienced before. She could even see it happening to him.

He was big; that part, even with it hidden away behind his clothes, but fighting to get out and to learn all about her. She tried to take her mind off that and what it might mean for her if things got out of hand. It seemed inevitable that they would get out of hand, and sometime soon.

He lifted her legs, as he looked into her face, seeking her permission, forcing her to lean back to rest on her arms, bringing her feet onto the edge of the table, and then he began to nuzzle into her. He was able to get closer into her now, and she was open to him more than before. It might be easier for her if she put her legs over his shoulders.

Their eyes met. She felt her temperature rise as his tongue moved into her again. She leaned farther back, forcing her breasts forward as she flexed her hips, rotating them into him to make it easier for him.

Confusion reigned! The pillars of Hercules fell! The world crumbled around them!

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