Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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What Just Happened?

Erin let out an involuntary cry as the world crashed down around her and her mind was scrambled like a complicated jigsaw puzzle lost to the floor. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before, but she was aware of what must have occurred.

When she next became conscious of what was happening, her mind in a jumbled mess, he was backing away from her with a dazed look on his face, his cheeks flushed, and he was breathing hard. Why was he leaving her now? He hadn’t done anything yet. Her hand tightened on his head to hold him there.

She began to feel cheated. Was that all? But what had he done? She felt wet down there, and she was perspiring as well as breathing in a labored way. So soon? Had he done something else to her and that was why she was wet? Where had she been? What had happened to her? It had only been a few seconds, but she didn’t know.

“What happened?”

He was breathless too, and was nodding, as he stood up from her.

He was looking up at her, and he was flushed. “You… we…” she waited for him to tell her. He sighed. “We both came, just after I put my tongue into you. You took me off guard.” His eyes were sparkling.

She giggled involuntarily, not sure what he was saying.

What did he mean that they both came? He was laughing, still breathing hard. What did that mean? But whatever had happened was still occurring. She felt wave after wave of contractions flooding over her. She felt as though, one second, she could not have inserted even a toothpick into her vagina, and the next, felt as though she could accommodate anything he might want to put into her there. Even that monstrous part of his. She was tingling, and she felt warm, and excited.

She noticed other things about him too. The zip had moved farther down on him, and his underwear was pushing out from him. His clothing was wet with fluid still being pushed through the fabric over the head of his penis. That was his ejaculate, his sperm, still leaking from him. Fortunately, that part of him was not liberated for her to see or to deal with, or she might have felt threatened even more. His shirt was damp too, near the neck. Had she caused that?

She held his arms. “What happened? What did I do?”

“You came. You flooded onto me.” She remembered one of the girls talk about squirting fluids from her vagina when she became excited. Had she done that? She was not sure she liked that thought, but that is what must have happened.

“Before we… before you… did you feel any other splinters in me there?”

“I didn’t have time. I no sooner put my face into you, and got my tongue started, when you groaned, and slammed your legs together on either side of my head, and you held my head very firmly, pulling me into you. Then you came. And once that happened I was not far behind.”

“But a woman doesn’t… come…. Not like that. Does she?”

He nodded. “She can. You did. As I soon found out.” He was smiling at her and was flushed, but he wouldn’t be smiling if he felt disgusted over that happening.

“Did I do this to you? She touched his damp shirt as he nodded. She was not sure whether to be worried or happy about that. Was what she had done, normal?

“And this?” She reached down and touched his underwear, feeling its dampness too, as well as how slippery it was between her fingers, and detecting how hard he was behind there, and how uncomfortable it must be for him. And she was the direct cause of that. That, and his declared love for her, and his obvious desire for her, which she was beginning to understand.

She slowly undid, and then took off his wet shirt. His other clothing was damp, from her, and should come off too, but she couldn’t go that far. Or could she?

She reached out and took his shorts down his legs, but then decided to stop. He was breathing deeply and had his eyes closed. He was even more prominent and emphasized now with only his underwear holding him in check, but not holding him that securely, with them pushed out from his body by that glistening, fleshy rod, becoming visible behind them and his balls, visible at the edge. She wanted to giggle again.

Her mouth went dry. He was big behind there; B. I. G., standing out proudly from his body, pushing against his underwear, pushing them out and revealing a mess of hair, and something more there. And he was definitely still leaking. It was being pushed through the material of his underwear. He was enormous behind there but, fortunately, he was not visible to her in his entirety.

She frowned. Why did she think like that? There was nothing wrong with her seeing him there, any more than it was wrong for him to be seeing her where he did, and had.

She took a tissue from the tissue box beside her and passed it to him, then took one to dry herself between her legs, and the table top.

Holy Mother...!

She was mesmerized by what she saw him do as he freed himself, rather than just push the tissue down into his briefs. He actually lifted them away from himself, pushing them down and exposing the eye-popping beast, which, of course, he had to do, and wiped the tissue firmly but steadily along and around his monstrous shaft, as he pulled the already tight skin, down on himself there, and touched over the end where it was still wet and still leaking. His cock (the gritty, but forceful term the girls used to describe the male penis) was enormous, smooth, hairless, and as stiff as a pole, with visible threads of veins and arteries upon its hairless, porcelain-like surface! But how could it be so obviously hard? It was made of soft flesh? She had never seen such an entity before, never mind an erect one. Except for the teeny penis on that baby, but that would never count.

That was when he realized that she was watching him attentively. He looked up at her.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t be afraid?”

But she was not afraid. She wanted to reach out and help him dry that part. They could have done it for each other. But what would happen then, if they touched each other?

“I am not afraid of you, or of that. I just haven’t seen a grown man there before.”

He dropped his damp tissue beside her.

“You should be afraid, considering the damage this can do to you in so many ways.”

Just one way; the obvious one, would do a lot of damage, she knew that. But she wasn’t afraid.

”Let’s try this again shall we, now that the fireworks are over for a while?” He dropped back to his knees.

She knew the fireworks he referred to. She would watch him this time and see if he might come again, except he had put himself away into his damp underwear and covered it again. She felt disappointed. How long did ‘a while’ mean?

His head dropped to her leg as he recovered his poise.

He looked up, pleadingly. “But not just yet. I need another minute or two.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

What was she offering to do? He groaned and shook his head. This could not be happening to him so quickly. He might never survive.

“There is only one thing left that we haven’t done with each other, Erin, and that would be a step too far.”

She knew what he meant, and what that was. Sex. Raw sex, where he pushed his very stiff cock into her welcoming, moist vagina. And it would be welcoming now. Hell, he had done everything else, and none of it had been unpleasant but quite the opposite, though that stage would be challenging for her.

“Don’t tempt me, please, my love, don’t tempt me. You are more than enough disturbing to me as it is.” He was able to smile up at her as she put her hand beside his face to console him and leaned back for him.

He turned into her again and closed with her, pushing his face into her. She felt his tongue then, again, and noticed that his ears were red. He was also growing again if that were possible. She wanted to reach out and touch it, encourage it, give it hope, but he, that part of him, was just out of her reach. She felt her body beginning to tingle in a strange way, and knew that she would soon come again, but unfortunately, he backed away from her before that happened.

“I felt one, anyway, so let’s get that one, first, and then check again. If I can.” If I dare.

She took his head into her hands and raised his face to kiss him. Everything had changed between them. She was more in control now than he was.

“I’ll need a flashlight, but it’s over there. If I stand up now, I am likely to scare you, though I am covered.”

“You won’t scare me, Peter. Why shouldn’t I see you? I already did. You’ve seen everything about me, and I would like to learn more about that part of you.” She corrected herself. “I think.”

She wasn’t all that sure. He hadn’t seen everything about her. But it wouldn’t take much; just the clasp on her bra.

She reached out and touched him on his arms, raising him to his feet in front of her and she began to peel his underwear down his legs. Where the courage to do that came from, she did not know.

He was blushing and reached out to touch her face. “I don’t want to scare you with this.”

This, being the growing part of his that she was exposing again.

“I’m not scared any more.” His penis seemed to respond to all of that and the conversation, becoming hard and erect in front of her eyes, pushing at all of the limits of human flesh. It was magnificent. Not scary at all now, but magnificent!

“You’re not scared, but I am.”

He was scared?

“Why?” She had to ask.

“I don’t want to lose control and hurt you in any way.” He blushed. “You know already what I was unwise to admit to you as soon as I did, about my feelings for you. We need to know each other much better, first.”

She just had to ask again. “Why? I already feel as though we know each other well enough, having been thrown into this difficult predicament together, though everything about it was unexpected, but welcome.”

What was she suggesting? Welcome?

“Even after just a few minutes?”

He wanted to believe her. “My feelings for you were growing over the last year, whereas, from what I understood, you barely noticed me until just now.”

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