Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Game Over. Life Begins.

"Yes, Peter, but we soon corrected that by everything that just happened between us."

Erin's sudden lack of resistance and concern over this imminent intimacy, puzzled him, but not for long.

Her eyes seemed to be flashing with a new awareness.

“I think I understand myself now and how I feel about you. It may have been late in happening but it did happen.” She laughed at him. “You won’t entirely lose control in any interaction with me, I already saw that about you. You have been remarkably well restrained, as well as constrained, until now”-- her eyes flashed to what she could easily see about his aroused condition--“though you are close to losing control of your own responses now, from what I can see.”

She nodded across the room, reminding him. “You said you would need a flashlight to do more?”

She would not take no, for an answer, and decisively moved his underwear farther down, then off. They were damp and uncomfortable for him. Besides, she needed to see him clearly. He could scarce believe what was happening between them as he moved across the kitchen, totally naked, now that his clothes on his upper body had gone, along with his shorts and underwear, retrieved his flashlight, and returned to her.

Erin could see that he had the breathtaking body of a Greek god and a lot more than she had ever seen before. A whole lot more! And as his reward for helping her as he had, and saving her from considerable embarrassment in the school, he deserved to be granted his wish of making love to her. It would be her wish too, and where they were was private and isolated. No one knew she was here, not even her friends, and he had promised that he would say nothing.

It looked as though he would burst out of his skin, he was so hard and erect for her, standing to attention so obviously from his body, intimidating in any other circumstance, but not now that she had slowly been introduced to the man, and what he wanted to do to her that she also wanted to have happen.

She watched intently, paying special attention to that part of his and preparing her mind for that, all of it, going into her body for the first time. It was bouncing with suppressed life as he walked. It wanted to be into her body. She was the one making him like that, doing that for him.

Her body.

It was exciting to know that she caused him to be that way. She wanted him to be in her body too, as difficult and as challenging as that would be, but all in good time.

He paused in front of her and brought the tweezers to sit beside her as he looked into her face. He seemed to be perspiring as though in anticipation.

This time she brought her feet up to the edge of the table for him, knowing that it would excite him to see her opened up ready for him without him asking her to do so, curious to see how it would affect him. She lay back and felt him begin to touch her once more between the lips of her vulva and open her up, and then she followed his request to help open herself more, with two of her fingers, so that he could shine the light into her vagina entrance as he dropped to his knees again. After controlling his raging excitement, calming down, and breathing deeply, slowly, forcing his attention to deal with one thing at a time, he focused on getting the last splinter out. If it was the last one.

She wanted to laugh, but the situation was becoming too serious for that.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds and took his mind off everything else except the task at hand. He went back to what he needed to do as he shone the flashlight into her vaginal entrance. She could not help but wonder what he could see there and wished there was another photograph. She felt him take hold of that errant splinter right at the edge, pull at it, pause for a few moments and then look up at her. She felt it go with a sharp little jolt to her there. It was a big one, but she said nothing. He was much more patient and gentle with her than the school nurse would have been.

She, was a masochist with those girls who went to her with their minor personal problems and when they had their various ‘shots’ for flu or tetanus, or just ‘shots’ for travelling abroad with their parents.

Erin recognized that she was unusually sensitive down there after that, as well as very moist and warm. She felt excited, knowing what was happening to her as well as to them both, and what would also very soon take place. She would insist upon it if she had to, before she went back to the school, but he was already helpless to ignore her.

“All done.” He heaved a sigh of relief and admired her breasts sitting in front of him straining against her bra and her blouse, accessible, but hidden.

“You should check again, Peter, please, while I am here and holding myself open like this…?” She knew he would have to check with his tongue again to locate any splinter, as before, and then use the flashlight to zoom in on it, if there was one. He closed his eyes, having to force some control onto himself, and to do as she asked.

He turned to her again, kissed her tenderly there upon her vagina, as though asking forgiveness for what he was doing to her, and pushed his tongue slowly into her again, checking everywhere he could reach. She had presence of mind to photograph him this time as he did that; a selfie, several of them all around, just to capture that intimate and shocking moment from various angles, knowing that she no longer needed to hold herself open once his tongue was started into her there. She also took a few of him, in his naked and aroused state for future reference, though would never dare show those to her friends.

He took his time about it, going deeper; as deep as he could, before he backed away and then looked up at her. There was a flush on her cheeks as well as on his. “I cannot feel anything more.”

She brought him to his feet as before and pulled him toward her to stand between her legs with his magnificent erection nudging at her and pushing at her belly as she brought him even closer.

He was almost afraid of what she seemed to intend for him.

She did not seem to be afraid of him now, no matter how close he was to her with that proud item of his, or what it was touching.

“Thank you. Now, will you kiss me again, please, Peter?” She seemed to be in complete control of everything, knowing what she wanted, and how she would get it before they parted. He seemed to be breathing with difficulty, not sure he could control himself.

“Don’t worry, I am not afraid of either this, or you.” She touched him and then held him firmly in her hand. It was the first time she had ever touched a man’s penis, feeling how hard and totally alive it was, and ready just for her. She was feeling heady, and breathless at thought of that going into her body down there.

He was in another world, enclosed within her personal space and never wanting to leave it. So was she, within his, and about to become much closer, especially when he burst her little bubble, with this.

“You should be afraid, Erin. I am almost beyond reason, and control.” She knew that. He had told her that before and she could feel it for herself.

“I know.” She laughed understandingly, feeling a sudden power over him. “Do you need to check any deeper into me?” It was a loaded question. She knew he would leap at the opportunity once he saw what she had in mind.

He shook his head, as though not trusting himself to speak, wondering where she was going with this. “I already checked as deep as I could with my tongue, and I doubt....” He knew that there could not be any splinters deeper into her, everything would be at the edge of her vagina.

With his tongue. She chuckled. “I think you should check again, Peter. But not with your tongue this time. With this! It will be able to feel, and to go even deeper.” She held his penis even more firmly, knowing that he was ready to do that for her, and wanted to.

“I know you want to.”

Oh, God, how he wanted to!

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