Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Oh, God, How He Wanted to!

It wasn’t as though it was not obvious, and he was not about to argue with what she wanted.

“Yes I do. But you do not really want me to do that, do you? I may hurt you.”

Shut up you idiot or you may talk her out of it.

“How do you know that? I see nothing wrong with two people who love each other--as we have admitted to--making love. So why don’t we? We may never get another chance like this one in such privacy. She reached out and held him more strongly, feeling him flinch, and become harder again. It seemed as though she might not let him go until she had got her way.

His brain was not functioning.

“You are slippery and well-lubricated, and so am I, so I do not think you will have any difficulty getting this into me.”

Who was she fooling? Only herself.

“We could….” There was a flush high upon her cheeks and her eyes were dancing with suppressed excitement. He sensed that his own cheeks were blushing just as obviously.

It was more than he could take. He leaned over her and kissed her, feeling her pull him toward her and point him to get him started into her. She knew what she wanted, where she wanted him to be, and who was he to argue?

He was helpless to refuse her with such a highly-charged invitation so he cooperated in every way.

She was the one who was no longer scared, and she was in control. “You’ve done everything else to me, Peter, as you said, why not this last remaining point of intimacy between us? We have all summer to continue this and to perfect it, now that we know what we both want.”

He liked to hear that. So she didn’t intend it would be just a one-time thing. She had forgiven him his trespasses. He uttered a silent prayer of thanks.

“I would feel somehow cheated if we parted and went our separate ways without being intimate with each other, all summer at least, and having a much better understanding between us. I want you to make love to me. Show me what love means to you. We have almost two months to learn all we can about each other, and then after that...?” It was all open-ended.

Her thinking had gradually changed from considering what he would be doing, as ‘fucking’ her (so detached), to that of ‘making love’ to her. They were both very personal things, but 'making love' had a better ring to it.

She moved closer to the edge of the table, almost getting too close to the edge, and losing her precarious position and sending them both to the floor, but focused entirely on what she intended to happen.

“But how can you be comfortable about this so soon, Erin, when you were ready to fight me off less than an hour ago? You were ready to blacken my eyes then, even when I suggested your skirt coming off, never mind your panties.”

Shut up, fool!

Surely, he wasn’t still trying to talk himself out of doing this for her? She may need to be more-firm about it.

“That was then, Peter. This is now. Things have changed in the way I see and believe things; how I see you, and knowing my own feelings. I have grown to understand you better, as well as myself; who you are, what you are, what you mean to me.” She stroked the side of his face.

She could do something else to make it harder for him not to do what she wanted. She reached around behind herself, undid her bra then peeled everything off; her blouse and bra, dropping them both onto the floor, leaving them both entirely naked except for their socks and shoes.

He was a lost man about then, but he’d been getting there for a while. His concern about what they would soon be doing, and with her being under-age, fled from his brain as he reached out to touch her breasts.

She raised her head up to him to be kissed, and brought his hands up more firmly onto her breasts, feeling her nipples harden so easily under his palms, and letting him feel how eager she was for him. She pulled him to lie over her on the table, getting him started into her and giving him no choice in the matter.

She had thought she would die when she had first stretched herself and opened herself up for him, but this was different. It felt different. She was ready for him now and, disbelievingly--at the lack of discomfort for her--saw him begin to move into her, to stretch her. She saw his policeman’s helmet slowly move out of sight into her body, followed by more of him; fascinating her with how easily it was going into her. There would be no stopping him now, but she didn’t want to stop him.

She wondered when it would begin to hurt her, but it wasn't hurting her, not as much as she had feared.

He felt warmth and even moistness begin to welcome him as he slid slowly, but surely, into her, anxious not to push too hard, or too quickly, and cause her any discomfort or pain this first time. He had not known that he could get into her so easily, and nor did she, expecting to feel some discomfort with him distending her so notably, but feeling very little to put her off.

What they had done together over the last hour had excited them both and brought her along to being relaxed enough, despite his intimidating size, to let him into her without much of any problem, and feeling no obstruction.

He moved slowly into her, not encountering any obvious difficulty for her, other than just tightness around him as he moved forward, feeling her tightly-embracing vagina slide down his shaft as he moved into her; her vagina putting a tightly constricting noose, of mind-blowing pressure around the base of his erection, and holding him securely within her when he got as deep into her as he needed to be. He felt as though the top of his head was about to lift off. Both of his heads. And then all of him was into her. Neither of them had believed it would be possible the first time, or so easily achieved.

Closing his eyes, he focused on kissing her, touching her breasts. She gradually brought him farther into her, until he could go no farther. It had not hurt as much as she had expected. It had not hurt at all, and they had moved slowly enough to discover any problem, had there been one.

He was helpless. Within seconds he felt the pulsations beginning, and so did she as he moved farther onto the table with her, moving her back beneath him as he continued to push into her.

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