Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Coming, Mother! Yes, I'm Certainly Coming.

It did not take long. He had been excited for too long.

“I am coming?”

The urgency in his voice was obvious. She could even feel what was happening within her.

The little death; when most other cerebral functions stopped, and were closed down so as not to interfere with the mindless pleasure of what was now happening to him! Or was that, what was said of sleeping?

She already knew he was coming. She was getting close to coming herself, and pulled him more onto her on the table, and into her, with her hands on his buttocks, eagerly pulling at him, driving her fingernails into him-- almost-- sending him even further along.

In just two hours, her life had changed drastically. And it was all because of a kitten; this one man, and what he had done to help her, and what he was now doing for her; fucking her for the first time. She corrected herself again. This was not 'fucking', as those other girls described it, it was making love. It would always be making love with him.

It was easier than either of them thought it would be, but they had slowly, or not so slowly worked up to this point, making it easier for them both as their minds and bodies had adjusted.

Of course, with her playing hockey, there was no hymen to get in the way to tear, though it still was a challenge to take all of him into her, except he'd distracted her so nicely by touching and playing with her breasts, kissing her; as well as all of that other stimulatory excitement around and within her vagina.

She had not realized that two such acts could both be so intensely pleasant. One of them so forceful and different as he came within her, stiffening, arching his back and groaning in such a strange way as he pushed so hard into her, and then ejaculated into her with such force behind it; his entire body driven into her explosively by muscular contractions and pure raw emotion.

He was oblivious at that moment to everything going on around him, living in a different world far beyond this one. And then the other act, so gentle and arousing to her, as he had licked at her with his tongue, kissed her, and touched at her breasts. It felt as though there was a liquid fire suffusing through all of her body down there. She would soon be able to 'come' herself, now that she had got this strange and unfamiliar initiation stage behind her with far more ease than she had believed possible.

They lay in each other’s arms, exhausted for a few minutes, breathing hard upon each other, as they both recovered their breath and their wits. They knew nothing of where they were, unconscious of the passage of time around them.

He continued to push into her, as though he would never get close enough, deep enough, or enough of her in any way. She liked this new feeling.

She concentrated, hoping to be able to sense the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sperm thrashing about inside her vagina, lashing their tails to propel themselves forward to her uterus (all of which had been blasted against the neck of that part of her, all seeking to get access to that); all racing against each other instinctively, to reach an unfertilized egg, resting impatiently in her uterus and waiting in anticipation for that one lucky little begger that would break in, before any other did so, and to kick-start it to life within her.

That first spurt of his ejaculate, propelled deep into her, would be the one containing the successful candidate, except there would be no ovum to greet it. It would be a race without a winner this time, and they would all die in futility. She could sense nothing of the battle being waged deep within her vagina, and she felt vaguely disappointed, but she certainly knew about the other item that was in there. Deep in her. Never wanting to come out.

Peter was unaware of her dreaminess. “One thing I can tell you with certainty, my love: I don’t feel any splinters that I missed, but I will keep searching.” She felt him push. They both laughed as they gradually came down from that emotional high.

“I think you should keep checking, and often, Peter.” He would.

“Did this really happen to us both, Erin? Did we fall so soon in love, and just make love?”

She stroked his head. “Yes, Peter, for the first of many, many times I hope. And we are going to have to talk about that, and where we go from here. I think both of our lives have now been changed for the better.”

Yes, they would need to talk about it, and about a lot of other things too. His schedule for the summer would need to be changed, just as his life had been changed when he had encountered her this way. How could this have happened to them both so quickly?

He recognized something else. “I think I just broke the law with an underage young woman. Oh, dear.” He didn’t seem so bothered by that.

She laughed with him. Nor was she worried. “Don’t worry, Peter, I won’t say anything, provided you promise that we will continue to do this whenever we can.”

“I promise that we will do this whenever we can possibly do so without getting caught, Erin. Perhaps even if we do risk getting caught.”

He realized where they were, on top of the kitchen table.

“But I am sure this must be uncomfortable for you on this hard old table with me on you, and in you.”

She smiled up at him and kissed him. “What do you suggest?”

“That we move onto the settee where we can hold each other in comfort and continue doing this together. I don’t want to come out of you for a few days.”

“How will we get over there?”

“Slowly. Leave it to me.” He kissed her. “I love you, Erin Nicholson.” He smiled down upon her.

“You better had after you did that to me. I love you too, Peter Watson.” She sighed. “What will you tell your mother and father about us?”

“As little as I can about this, but she already knows that I have a crush on you. Dad’s posted abroad for another few months, and then he’ll be home again.”

That surprised her. “Your mother? She knows about us? How could she? I didn’t even know myself until an hour or so, ago. When did you tell her?”

“A year ago, when I was home last summer, and watched you play hockey.”

“Why didn’t I notice you then?”

She liked the way he touched at her breasts and kept pushing into her, as he looked deep into her eyes.

“Because I stayed back out of the way and adored you from a distance with lustful, worshipful feelings I could not share with anyone. My mother noticed how strangely I was behaving, and asked me, so I told her. She was the one who told me your name and all about you, and she was kind enough to pass on to me what she could, and how you were doing in school. My mother is very understanding that way.”

“What about now? She will probably see how we feel for each other and will know, as mothers all do, what we are doing with each other.” Making love to each other whenever we can be alone. “When will she get back?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“Tomorrow is my birthday, when I turn eighteen.” She looked at him with a knowing smile on her face.

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