Tales Told Out Of School. 1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

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Happy Birthday, my Love!

Slow down. Time to think of consequences, and the future.

He laughed and kissed her. “Well, that’s a relief. I don’t feel so bad about breaking the law now. But, while we can, I would like to be an outlaw a few more times before you turn eighteen, and then I will wish you happy birthday in a suitable way again and give you a lot more presents. A few million of them.”

He looked down at her. “I know I am heavy on you. Why don’t you take firm hold of me around the neck and wrap your legs around me. Don’t let me slip out of you, and I will see about getting us over to the settee.”

Slip out of her? Impossible! Not with a rod like that, impaling her!

She followed his directions as he helped bring her legs securely around him by lifting behind her hips as she locked them in place, and he eased them both off the table to rest at the edge of it as he secured his position within her, paused, kissed her, and held her under her buttocks with both hands as he maneuvered them both to the settee and slowly sank onto it with her, making sure he did not leave her body.

He wouldn't be long, coming again with what she did to him.

“You have a couple of hours before you need to get back to school for the evening meal, so we can lie here for a while, then shower together if you would like.” He mouthed at her breasts and kissed her, constantly pushing, making sure he did not drop out of her.

“Will you come again, Peter? You came twice already, but only the last time in me.” And what an intense feeling that had been!

“Two, or three, maybe four times. I’m building up to it even now. Not long, and then we can shower, rinse out my under-shorts and, if you will not object, we don’t have to get dressed until you are ready to leave. Before then, however, with your permission, I will groom you here; shave you, while I am in you if I can, and then come again, at least twice. Unless you feel I am being too greedy, or I am making you sore.”

“I am not sore. I want you to do this to me, Peter. I shall think of you and everything we did all night. I won’t be able to sleep with this excitement on my mind.”

Neither would he.

“Good. Then back to what is important. We just have to decide what decoration I create when I groom you down there. Not a question mark. There can be no doubt about what we did. Perhaps it should be a celebratory exclamation point, or an arrow pointing to the crucial place where I am right now. What a pity you do not have enough hair that I could trim you to say, Pete’s Place.

He suddenly thought of something else.

“Oh, Lord.”

“What is it Peter?”

“I never gave any thought to you becoming pregnant.”

It had not been forefront on her mind, either. Those little considerations at the time, just tended to slip through the cracks as easily as an errant sperm could sneak around all defenses and do its damage to a woman's plans.

“If we do this as often as we intend, we must take precautions, though it might already be too late.”

“I'm not at that vulnerable time, Peter, but I’ll see about taking those depth-charge pills to stop the little buggers taking root. Some of the older girls are doing that, but I won’t dare ask them or they’ll guess what’s going on and pester me until they find out who is doing me, and I want you all to myself. I’ll phone the doctor tonight. She has a special line for the girls. And she delivers anonymously, and with confidentiality. I suppose the sooner I begin taking them the better.”

He had another thought. “There is a way to get around that in the short term, even now, after the fact.”

“Tell me.”

“Whisky will do it.”

She was puzzled. “I never heard of liquor being a contraceptive, but more likely the opposite if the girl gets drunk, and I can’t show up for the evening meal, under the weather that way, slurring my words and giggling, and inspecting in my panties to see if I've got rid of all of you. Others would notice.”

They both laughed.

He buried his head between her breasts and snuggled into her. “It would not be for you to drink, my love. I pour a small glass of it into your vagina just before, or after we make love. It’s a spermicidal, at least; so if it is done soon enough after we make love, or preferably before it, it would work to murder off some of those more energetic little tadpoles of mine.” It sounded strange.

“I can do that before I come again if you like. Some of it will be absorbed by the walls of your vagina and even through my penis, but very little of it, so it won’t affect you so much. I will absorb some too, through the stretched skin of my penis. It actually sounds exciting.

"Intoxicated from fucking, (he already was) making love. Especially if I use my tongue on you there at the same time and you can let it run out into my mouth. I would like that. I doubt you want the smell of whisky on your panties, or to leave a few hundred thousand murdered sperm; murdered by intoxication, filtered out in your panties for others to find in the laundry.”

His mind was still working clearly, despite what he had done for her, and which he was about to do again in a few minutes.

“Now, Erin, my love, about my tutoring you in math.”

She had said nothing about that, but it would be a very good idea. “We could begin this evening, here, after the evening meal, and each evening after that when you come back here.”

She could guess his other unspoken intent with her. They would also be making love as they studied, once they had got rid of all of their clothes again. It was her desire too. The mathematical complications; the calculus of fucking; permutations and combinations; probabilities, possibilities. 'The shortest distance between two points; one, his body and the other, her vagina: answer, a penis that was fully into her.'

“You only want to make love to me again, as often as you can, Peter.”

She was not complaining, however, blushing at him.

He smiled. “True, of course, but math tutoring will be our excuse for being together. Two birds with one stone.” They would strive to be close together, one way or another, all summer. The fuckingest summer ever.


"We could set aside some time for both of those things, each evening before, and after dinner, and also before school curfew, as well as on Wednesday, all afternoon for the half day. I can come to the school, when I get permission, or you can come here.”

She would come here, and act as though she were out practicing hockey, playing tennis, or running around the track. She would dress as though she were doing one of those things. The less the headmistress knew what Erin did before curfew (or after it), and with whom, the better.

“When should we begin, Peter?”

“There is no time like the present. How about tonight, my love?”

She smiled. He wanted to make love to her again, and as soon as possible, not wanting to entertain the thought of her not being with him after this, and they hadn’t even finished with each other this time.

“I could come to you tonight, Peter, and tonight I could even stay here with you overnight, sleep with you all night if you would like that?” She could see by the look on his face that he would like that. Not that they would get much sleep.

He was curious. “How will you get out of the school after curfew without being seen, or your absence commented upon?”

“There are ways. No one will miss me. There is no bed check for the older girls, and we all have private rooms. I do have one friend who will cover for me, if necessary. Then you and I can run tomorrow first thing in the morning. I always get back from my early morning run before anyone else is stirring, so I will not be missed, and my day-clothes will still be in the school by my bed, so no one will know that I am here with you and not running. I wonder how many times you can fuck me before breakfast.”

She detected increased activity in him and fell silent, as he slowly—not so slowly—built up to come again, before he relaxed back onto her breasts as they recovered and kissed. Next time, she knew she would be able to come herself. She had been on the verge of coming that time.

“We should shower now, Erin, and then we can relax together on the settee with both of us naked as I groom you with my razor. I shall be inside you as I do that.”

Of course he would be. When would he not be inside her?

She added her own thoughts. “After curfew and lights-out tonight, and every night, I shall come over in my running clothes for our morning run, and shall spend the night here with you if I can avoid your mother seeing us.

"If there is a bed check, for once, they will assume I am having a bath, or am in one of the toilets. I hope you have enough whisky until I get that prescription from the doctor.”

“There will be.”

“What will you tell your mother?”

“Some of it. That I am tutoring you at math for the summer, but I will not tell her about the rest of what we will be doing. Except she already knows how I feel about you and will soon guess about the rest, when she sees us together if she doesn’t actually see what we are doing. It may take her all of a day or so to figure out that we are in love, and that we are making love, even sleeping together, and that we will be doing so all summer. Either that, or I shall find some way to get into the school and come to you. She won’t approve, either way, but she won’t say anything either.”

“It will have to be here, or you will be tripping over a few tens of semi-naked, screeching girls in the morning when they find us locked together, naked in the shower and oblivious to everything around us as they run screaming off into the wild blue yonder, or assault you to get you to do to them, what you will be doing to me.”

“Yes, my love. That too. We’ll alternate. Make love like rabbits on the even dates, about six times a day, make love (fuck like weasels but in a more refined way, if that is possible), on the odd ones.”

“And, Peter?”

“Yes, my love?”

“You can sniff my panties and me, anytime you would like to, and whether I am wearing them or not. And you can check for splinters anytime too, as long as you do it mostly with this.” She reached down and touched him.

He groaned. “I am in Heaven!”

It was entirely true that men were deeply disturbed and deeply disturbing individuals. And so absolutely wonderful in what they could do for a girl, once she woke up to the possibilities!


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