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Stone (Highway Jokers #1)

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His the VP of the Highway Jokers MC. Born and raised in Western Australia. Being on the dry open road with his brothers behind him, Stone never thought about settling down. Well, that was until he saw her again…. His school crush… But of course club business always came first and finding out who had shot him in broad daylight.

Romance / Action
Gina O’Connor
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Chapter 1




































Swinging my arm back and bringing a strong punch I lay the guy out immediately. I stepped over him, taking the stuff I needed before looking around my surroundings. I tried to duck down behind the dumpster but didn’t move in time. Three shots. That’s all I heard before I hit the ground. Pain filled my entire body. I had been hit. I look to my side as two men run off in the opposite direction. The fuckers messed up.

If I were to make it out of here I had already seen their patches. Holding my side I roll over and use all the strength I had to stand up. The pain was unbearable but I had to get to any sort of shelter and I needed help immediately. Falling into the side of a building, I use it for balance as I make my way out of the alley I had just been shot in and down the street. People were screaming and running. It was noon and the shops were full. I tried pulling out my phone but couldn’t get it out when I stumbled into someone and hit the ground hard with a heavy groan.

“Oh my God. Are you okay, mate?” the person’s voice sounded broken up at this point and my vision blurred keeping me from being able to see them.

Before I knew it, I was in and out of consciousness as I saw flashes of tables and machines around me. Where the hell was I? I tried sitting up but someone stopped me. I groaned out in pain as I fell backwards and everything went black.

I woke up at the club’s table in the chapel. I rolled over on my side to see Gravel the club’s SAA sitting in his regular chair he sits in for church. “Welcome back brother, how are you feeling?” He stood up checking me over.

“Like shit” I groaned out as the chapel doors slid open and Thrasher, my club's President, Skitzo the club’s Enforcer, and 8ball the club’s Hacker walked in and closed the doors behind them.

“Finally, you're awake brother. What the fuck happened out there?” Thrasher spoke up. He was always straightforward. Never liked to wait for information unless needed.

“I got attacked by two different clubs. It was a damn set-up.” I moved to sit up and Gravel reached out for me telling me to be careful.

“I did the pickup and the fucker tried to play me. I knocked him out but I didn’t see two other guys turn into the alleyway. I turned around and two men shot me. What got me pissed off was that they had The Demon Riders Kutte on. I want blood and I’m gonna get it.” I looked over to my president who nodded once.

“Those fuckers have been under our protection for the past two years. We will be visiting them. 8ball go tell the rest of the men we will have church in an hour. I want this shit settled as soon as Stone is checked out and fed.” Thrasher demanded before walking out of the chapel.

“How did you guys find me?” I asked Gravel.

“Some chick at a coffee shop in town called us and told us you were hurt. Said she knew Enigma and that they were close.”

“Damn, I will have to pay my respects. If not for her I would be dead.” He nodded once in agreement.

I hated this. Being hurt and all fucked up. I walked into my old apartment upstairs after taking at least ten minutes to get up here and went straight for a shower. Times like this I wished I had an old lady to help me out. But this life will only bring pain. I’ve seen it many times with other old ladies. They never knew when we would be back from runs and worried if we would be hurt or dead when we did return. This life isn’t easy. That’s why when we do meet our old ladies they are just as strong as us, as they need to be.

I struggled out of my clothing before stepping into the shower the water burned my wounds and I bit back the urge to scream from the pain. Thoughts of yesterday’s events filled my mind as I reflected on the fact that I almost died. Someone targeted me and although I’m used to all of this, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s very much real.

I finished my shower in just enough time to make church. As soon as I made it downstairs and to the chapel, I placed my phone in the bin along with everyone else. We all sat down and Thrasher slammed his gavel on the table beginning church.

“As you all know yesterday our VP was attacked by both The Demon Riders and The Broken Hitchman. We will get blood but first, let’s look into everything we have going on. Redback call up Hancock and tell him the deal is off and we can figure something else out whatever he needs. Those fuckers betrayed us and attacked us. They get no protection. 8ball What do you have on the footage of the coffee shop?” Thrasher spoke. 8ball started typing immediately when I sat up in my chair letting Thrasher know that I needed to speak.

“What is it, brother?” He looked at me.

“Why are we looking into the coffee shop?” I asked flat out. Nobody ever told me the full story of what happened and my memory was blurry.

“So as you know from Gravel the woman helped you out and called us. Well apparently her shop had been shot up this morning. No one was hurt but we sent out Skitzo and Redback to check it out. She was a bit shaken up and of course, she thought she was doing a good thing when she helped you. So we now need to have protection for her. We owe her after all.” I nodded my head.

“I will go check things out after church then.” his eyebrows now knitted together.

“Brother you’re in bad shape I don’t think you should be riding right now.” I just shook my head. “Very well. Gravel and Redback will ride with you in the truck.” I nodded.

“Anything else anyone needs to bring to the table? “ Everyone shook their heads no. Thrasher slammed my Gavel ending church before calling Blackout over to him.

After a short 15-minute drive to town, we pulled up in front of the shop. The glass windows were broken and I saw a woman inside cleaning up the mess alone. “Redback, call two of the prospects and tell them to get down here and help clean.” He nodded once letting me know he was on it. I stepped into the shop grabbing the attention of the woman who owned the shop and my eyes went wide.

The woman who owned the shop happened to be the one girl I had always been into in high school. She was always a part of the crowd that didn’t like me and my crowd. We were always the kids who got looked down at. Like the scum of the town. Some of the guys I hung around had been to Juvie and most of the kids in the school stayed away. Small towns like the one we live in didn’t like those sorts of kids. We never stuck by the rules and always meshed up our own version of the school uniforms.

Her friends on the other hand were always the goodie two-shoe kind. The kind that turned their noses up at anyone, not in their circle. Good or bad. But she always stood out. She never turned her back on people even if they were people from a different background and she always saw light in situations that no one else saw.

She looked up from her small pile of rubbish and a small smile formed on her face. “Hey. Sorry, didn’t see you pull up,” she spoke. Her voice was angelic and her cheeks flushed a bit.

“All good, I just wanted to personally come here and thank you for helping me. You saved my life.” I stuck my hands into my front pockets as I looked around the place. “I’m sorry this happened to you. I can imagine you worked your ass off to get this place.” I spoke up.

“I did, but it’s not closed.” She shrugged her shoulders before running a hand through her hair. “Thank you but life happens sometimes.” She cleared her throat. Two of the prospects walked in as soon as she stopped speaking.

I looked at them and said “Clean this shop up. And when you’re done make sure she gets home safe. Don’t leave her side, got it?” I told them. They nodded their heads and went to work cleaning up all the glass.

“Thank you for this. Really,” she said when I turned back to face her, her smile made my heart jump.

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