The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 9

His grey eyes weren’t even looking at me, and they made me want to cower. Carson let go and I wasn’t sure if it was because of my gun or the presence of another Alpha.

Carson rushed towards the trees, breaking into a sprint. My hand went up to my neck, trying to feel the damage.

I needed to get my special wolfsbane medicine that would heal my skin in no time.

“Thanks,” I said, the word sounding foreign, and shifted my foot when his grey eyes took me in, “You need medical wolfsbane for your neck.”

His voice always surprised me at how deep yet relaxed it always was and I nodded, “I have some upstairs.”

I made a move to go inside when he stepped in my way, he opened his mouth to say something, and then closed it, staring at me instead. Then he moved aside, letting me slip away inside, nearly running into Smith and Damien who were on their way out, no doubt already knowing what happened.

I rushed to my room giving it a lock and assessing the damage in the mirror. It wasn’t too bad, it would take overnight to heal. I applied some medicine to my neck, wincng when it stung. It was like applying alcohol to a cut, it burned and then tingled.

Wolfsbane was a powerful liquid made from a special plant, it could be a medicine, a poison or even a drug. Sometimes if you had too much of it, you could go into a limbo state, like a coma.

My door burst open and I looked over my shoulder confused, “I thought I locked that.” I said as I saw Damien standing in the bedroom.

“I have keys,” He said, raising a set of keys. Dangling them from his fingers making me frown.

“You could have knocked.” I muttered as I placed the medicine back into my bag. Damien stepped closer towards me, “Let me see,” He said.

“It’s just a scratch.” I zipped up my bag confused to why he was so interested.

“The rogues will be captured by my patrol. I didn’t realise they were going to ambush you.”

Neither did I. I could have taken the two on, but the third, well that would be fine in broad daylight if I knew he was there. I was not at my best tonight and I was a bit embarrassed at the way things turned out. I was also surprised that they had silver, generally only Enforcers had them.

What did Carson mean that they had a supplier?

I was nearly able to get myself out of the pickle but that’s just when he decided to come and ruin my warrior moment. Perhaps it was a good thing.

I flinched when Damien touched my shoulder and took a step back, putting some distance between us.

“Well... I’m glad you’re okay,” he said looking uncomfortable, “and I guess you’ll be reporting it.”

I nodded. “Let me know when you capture the rogues, otherwise I can go do it myself tonight.” I knew where they went and I was sure I could redeem myself. It wasn’t like anyone else but my pride and ego cared about being ambushed.

I was silly to let my guard down.

“We’ll have them,” Damien assured me. “I’ll leave you to it.” His eyes flickered down towards my neck before he left the room, closing the door behind him.

I lowered myself onto a comfortable position onto the bed and grabbed my laptop, to check what Cameron was talking about.

He had sent me the attachment I wanted, all the known and seen movements of the Alphas in the past month. However none of them were in the same place until this meetup.

I kept scrolling at the list of names until one caught my attention.

Alpha Hercules Ryder met with Luna Catherin from the Rosewater pack

I frowned, why was he meeting with Catherin? The name sounded so familiar, Rosewater. I frowned, closing my eyes, what did I remember that name from?

Cameron told me I would find something interesting, was this it? I opened up our database typing in the Rosewater pack and what I saw made me freeze.

A picture of a beautiful girl stared back at me, her blue eyes haunting my memories. Her hair was brushed carefully to the side, her hair was as red as blood, with a few natural brown strands in there.

Her skin was absolutely flawless and I looked at the name under the picture, Luna Catherin.

I remembered now.

But the thing was, Luna Catherin was meant to be dead.

I should know, because I was the one who killed her.

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