The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 11

I sat at the kitchen bench munching on my fourth slice of toast as I looked at all the Alphas and Betas that were present. Smith watched me in fascination shaking his amused head as he ate his cereal, no doubt recalling my earlier discussion with him.

Smith wanted me to join them at breakfast, I told them over my dead body as I liked to eat alone in my room, and now I was here because I was starving and thought that no one would be here as it was a solid hour and a half since our conversation.

No, instead they all had a run together, and now were eating breakfast.

After doing some more research last night, I had fallen asleep at a weird angle on the ground which made my neck ache all morning. Even the hottest temperature on the shower didn’t relax it, and Gideon noticed every time I lifted my arm to massage it.

“You should train with us today,” He said as I lifted it again. This time it wasn’t just my arm I lifted, but my eyebrows too.

“I think I’m trained enough, thanks,” I replied. Training after all this bread? I needed a nap.

Not to mention Hercules’ pack were killing machines, all they did was train all the time. They were impressive to watch and I really didn’t want to get on the other side of them.

Gideon himself was someone I used to call the ‘hulk’ because the man was just impressive from head to toe and packed a solid punch.

“I think it’ll be good for you,” Loch joined in from beside me, taking a sip of his orange juice.

“No thank you,” I said munching on my full of sugar and definitely not good for you toast.

“Come on, I have a new trick I want to show you, it’ll fix your neck,” Giden pesterested beside me. I sighed.

“Fine.” I took the last bit of toast in my mouth, I was going to regret this.

* *********

I was dying.

“Come on get up, I didn’t know that you were this weak,” Giden laughed as he looked at me sprawled on the ground.

I liked the ground better, I could see the stunning blue sky, my view being ruined by Gideon laughing. It was one of his rare laughing moments, no doubt enjoying making me taste grass.

I nearly had him, I was doing really well till he grabbed my ponytail yanking it back and using that distraction to flip me. Otherwise it would have been him on the ground, but that’s the thing. You could use anything and everything to win over your opponent and I really should have placed my hair in a bun.

“Want to go again so I can break this tie we have?” He asked, holding out a hand. I grabbed it and he helped me come to my feet.

“Nope. We’re even now, I think I’m done,” I replied. It was one all, perhaps now his ego would be satisfied that he finally got one over me.

“Aw come on, you were doing so good,” he said reaching for me.

I wiped my sweaty arms on my leggings and shook my head getting up, “Yes I was good but you clearly used the move I taught you so no more. You’re like a mother fucking hulk and I’m a fat caterpillar I don’t need any bones broken.”

“Beauty and the beast,” Marcus joked as he walked by and I slapped the back of his head, hard, and he tripped over as Gideon threw his head back laughing loudly.

“Shut the trap Marcus,” Gideon added.

Marcus glared at me rubbing the back of his head, “You’re just offended that I called Gideon the beauty you beast.”

“I think you made my neck worse. You liar, you said you would fix it,” I said.

Unfortunately sprains and aches wasn’t something the wolf side of you assisted with, it was more in stopping blood flow and bleeding to death. Then again my wolf wouldn’t care even if I was bleeding.

I stretched my neck around, “Here, put some ice on it,” a packet was chucked in my face and I caught it before it could leave a bruise and glared at Marcus.

“Gee, thanks,” I placed the bag on my shoulder and neck, it was cold but didn’t give me immediate relief or anything.

“What did you do to it?”

“Slept weird. Nothing major.” I said as I looked around at everyone else that was still training. How could they do training all day, every day, I would get so bored.

My eyes met with an extremely large wolf on the border walking around making sure everything was alright, our eyes locked as it turned its head and it stopped. Our eyes were caught for a few moments, as I wondered what it was thinking before I broke the gaze.

“I need to go back and do some work,” I told the boys who were far more interested in wrestling with each other.

I could still feel the eyes on me as I slipped into the pack house. I reached for my phone as it started buzzing and picked it up.

“Hey Cameon,” I said as I took the stairs two at a time, reaching my bedroom and kicking the door shut behind me.

“How are you going over there?”

“Under control apart from that one incident I lodged. The rogues have been taken into custody, Alpha Damien apparently has handed it over to the Enforcers for investigation and I checked with Hannah and she did say that happened. I might have to come in and verify those are the same three.”

“What’s going to happen to them?” Cameron asked.

“Nothing maybe? They might just get a statement from them and me and just let them off with a warning. I’ll be fine with that, it was just an ego clash really,” I shrugged as I laid down on the bed.

“Well... I have finished my task and I have some free time so I offered to come help you babysit because one poor little Enforcer against four bid bad Alphas is hard right?”

I laughed, “Shut up. Are you actually coming? I would love that.”

“Yeah why not. John and George both said it’s okay with me coming so I’ll be there soon, I’m aiming to get there tomorrow. I’m curious to why all the Alpha’s are mingling,” he said.

“Right?!” I sat up, that was exactly why I was so curious as well. Normally they just didn’t mingle like this, especially Hercules, Damien and Smith. There was just so much that could go wrong here.

Hercules pack alone would do a fair bit of damage, I sometimes did wonder who would win if their killing machine went to war with the Enforcers.

The knock on the door made me look up at the open doorway to see Marcus peeking in between the small gap, “Can I come in?”

I waved a hand for him to come in, “Cam I’ll talk to you later,” I said as I hung up as he was saying something else.

“What’s up?” I asked, leaning up on the pillow as Marcus jumped onto the end of my bed.

“Aren’t you meant to be in charge of training since you’re third of command and everything?” I asked when he said nothing.

Hercules’s pack had a weird structure, in the sense there was no structure. Hercules might be the Alpha but both Gideon and Marcus switch roles so often that I could never tell who was acting as a Beta and who was being third in command.

Hercules always gave them so much freedom in what they wanted to do, perhaps that’s why I respected him. He and Smith always put the pack and common sense before power. Both of these Alphas would put their life for the most scrawny weak bastard they had as they were always of the ‘all is one’ mentality. I liked that.

There was no, “One wolf can die to keep the rest of the pack safe,” it was all or nothing. And that was how an Alpha should be like.

“Well shouldn’t you be doing ‘Enforcer’ stuff?” he asked, rolling his eyes.

“I am, till you came. Is everything ok?” I asked as he placed his head on the mattress sighing.

Marcus rolled around, spreading out to be more comfortable, kicking his legs out towards me.

“Eww, no shoes on my bed,” I slapped his legs off pushing them to hang off the bed.

“Did an Alpha ask you to come watch me?”

There was a slight pause, “No,” He said.

“Then go train or do something more useful,” I reached for my laptop on the bedside cabinet when Marcus made no move to leave and opened it up.

“Doesn’t that get boring?” Marcus asked, nodding at my laptop and folder next to me.

I shrugged, “No why would it?” I was confused. This was exciting, I knew all the dirty secrets about everything. There was nothing that could get me as excited as doing some investigation.

Marcus leaned over taking a picture that was sticking out of the folder before I could grab it. It was a picture of Alpha Damien, a younger self of him, and below it was pack information such as his Beta, age, behaviour etc.

“Do I have one of these?” Marcus curiously asked, his eyes lighting up.

I nodded, “Everyone does, including me.”

Marcus moved up the bed slightly, speaking in a quiet voice. “So you basically can dig up dirt on anyone you want?”

“Well to the extent of information we have,” I said nodding. Marcus placed the paper back a new glint to his eye as he moved closer, “Do you think you can look someone up for me?”

I was taken back, “What?” I asked shaking my head, “No of course not, Marcus this is high classified stuff, we don’t just look anyone up. Everything is tracked and you need a proper business justification. Do you have one?”

Marcus frowned like a five year old whose chocolate got stolen, which was just wrong, chocolate is great, “Really?”

I nodded, I did feel bad for him, “Well unless there is a reason to like you know doubt them then we can look them up. Who do you want to look up anyway?” I asked, placing Damien’s profile back into the folder.

“My mate,” he said, shrugging and leaning back against the pillow. I froze, Marcus knew his mate? A slow smile crept onto my face, “What? Who is she? Or he? Why do you want to look them up, can’t you talk to them?” I asked. If he knew who it was then surely they can just communicate.

Marcus gave out a small chuckle shaking his head before running a hand through his thick blonde hair, “She’s dead.”

“Oh,” I said, “Well... I’m sorry?” I said. I was never good at this comforting thing, Cameron was much better. I never had much experience.

He shrugged looking so emotionless, “She was a rogue, rogues get killed, no big deal,” he said as he rolled back onto his back, “Shit happens, I’m sure she was up to no good if she got killed.”

That was true, shit does happen.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do,” I mean maybe just maybe she was on our database, which I was sure she was. Only a few rogues escaped the list.

He smiled, “Thanks,” He said, jumping up from the bed making a beeline for the door, before he turned around when I called for him.

“You didn’t tell me her name,” I said.

“Oh yes of course, silly me, it’s Jennifer Riley,” and he left.

I frowned, why did that name seem so familiar?

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