The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 12

I was impressed with Cameron arriving within twenty-four hours like he said. I was outside the pack house waiting for him to pull up. To the side of the driveway was the oval where the wolves were all in training.

I had gone for a morning run with Gideon and Marcus, trying to beat them around the oval. I could make them out in the distance helping members of Damien's pack learn resistance training.

There was a loud honk, and I looked up as I saw someone wave, a hand sticking out the car window.

I smiled, waving back.

"Did you miss me?" Cameron screamed as he did a terrible park in the driveway, rushing out of the car.

"Always," I said honestly, he was the only person that I trusted. I had practically grown up with him, he was family.

"Were you eyeing the shirtless, half naked men? I saw you," He smirked as he handed me a piece of paper.

"No I was looking at Marcus," I said, the only guy wearing a shirt in this entire oval.

Cameron made a noise, "Yeah sure you were, nothing wrong with some eye candy. It's getting hot in here."

I sighed "Oh yeah I should have told you, warning! Potential seizure from all the chiseled chests out there," I rolled my eyes.

I opened up the piece of paper that was in front of me and smiled, "Wow you got it fast."

Last night I had called Cameron asking him to apply for a request to visit Alpha Caine's premises.

"Of course. Helps when people at work like me," he said, nudging me with his shoulder. The dates were listed as well as applications received. A search was not allowed to be conducted just yet, another application needed to be lodged. This was simply for us to have a discussion with him.

"I was just saying we might need one since we don't know whether he is harbouring Catherin. Do we have authority to go there and ask questions?" I asked Cameron. This wasn't really exactly why I was here.

"Well Catherin is a wanted fugitive so if we have insight that she may be alive then why not question Caine," he shrugged.

"I don't know..." I said handing the paper back to him, "Should we ask Hercules first about that report we got, about him talking to her?"

"Alpha Ryder is part of the investigation if he's been in contact with a fugitive too, we can't risk it." he said.

True... he had a point.

"Don't worry. I ran this by George and John." Cameron placed the note in his pocket, rolling up the sleeve to his grey shirt. Official approval made it more comfortable that they were okay with us looking into this matter.

Besides Cameron's intelligence was never wrong, I just wanted it to be because I didn't want to believe someone could come back from the dead.

"I'll come with you," I said.

Cameron shook his head, "Hill..." he placed a hand on my shoulder, "You know Caine won't like you there."

"I'm just doing my job. Surely he can't kill me for it? If he tries then I'm ready" I nodded.

"What are you kids doing here and not training?" A new voice said as they approached us.

Cameron squealed a happy squeal as he saw Gideon, both of them shaking hands.

"How good to see that you have not lost an ounce of muscle." Cameron nodded, impressed.

Gideon chuckled, "It's been what? Two years? More?"

The last time Cameron would have seen Gideon was when we had visited their pack. That time I easily won against Gideon in a hand combat, now, I guess I have lost my touch.

Gideon turned to look at me, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, why?"

"You get that look when you think, so what can the great, brilliant and smart Gideon help you both with?"

I let out a laugh, "What look?" I wasn't aware of having a look when I thought things through.

"Your eyes go all angry and your eyebrows knot and then you stare into something, like a bad stare. If that car you're looking at wasn't a living thing, it would have died."

I raised an eyebrow, I didn't really look like that. Did I?

"I do not," I said, "Let's go inside Cam. We have things to talk about."

"Oooh are they top secret information," Gideon teased us.

Cameron and I headed up to my room to go over the plan. We would go tomorrow to talk things through with Alpha Caine. There wasn't much happening here so there was no reason for us to be here.

I'll submit the paperwork for this task and mark it as closed. All the Alphas were leaving tomorrow morning as well so it would be perfect timing.

"Why do you think they all came here?" Cameron asked.

I shrugged, "Perhaps it was just as they said. Meet the new Alphas, have a catch up."

I had been present in almost every meeting I knew about, and there was nothing of utmost importance talked about and all the minutes from those meetings had been reported back to the Enforcer agency.

Either way I had done my reporting duties as discussed so now I was ready for my next task, albeit I didn't really want to take over Caine's mate case.

"Shall we leave tomorrow morning? It's not too far, under two hours by car so we can leave here at eight and get there by ten. I let his Beta know that I was coming, I thought it was best to leave your name out."

"I don't get why I'm the one he has issues with. You were also there when his mate died Cameron. You know what happened," I pointed out. Why wasn't Caine angry at Cameron? It wasn't just a risk for rogues, the agency and humans if Catherin was alive, it was a risk for Caine himself.

He was so blinded by the mate bond he had no idea what his mate used to get up to, what she was really capable of. The unjust she has caused. No, he just wanted to believe that I had killed his mate unfairly.

"I'm not sure Hill." Cameron frowned, "I hope he read that report we put together. Surely the man still cannot hold you responsible."

Yet I knew he did, because everytime he was mentioned people walked around eggshells. There was a knock on the door and I looked up as Smith poked his head through.

"I heard Cameron was here so I had to come say hi." He let himself in as they chatted for a few moments before Smith turned to me.

"Oh you're both leaving?" he asked.

I nodded, "We have something else to do. I heard you're all leaving tomorrow as well?"

Smith shook his head, "No actually we're going to visit Alpha Caine tomorrow."

"What?" I was surprised, surely this can't be a coincidence.

"We got a message from someone, not sure it might be his Beta saying to stop by as we were all in town, it's only respect to also visit him. Alpha Ryder, myself and Alpha Damien will be going. You know the bond he has with Hercules. It would be rude if he didn't visit so we thought a group visit would be fun."

"You're kidding." Cameron said his mouth agape, he turned to look at me, "We are as well."

"You?" Smith looked at me, "Why are you both going? What about?"

Cameron opened his mouth and I cut him off, "I can't disclose that information. Privacy, but we will be going also."

"Shall we go in the same car?" Smith asked.

"I think it's better if Cameron and I just meet you guys there, we'll be leaving earlier."

Smith nodded, getting the hint, "Oh yes of course. How silly of me, I can't intrude on your business. Well we may or may not run into you but if I don't see you both, take care okay? Cameron, watch over her," He said, bending down to kiss my cheek.

I rolled my eyes as I heard Cameron say, "I will."

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