The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 13

Cameron and I had left an hour earlier than planned, we wanted to beat the other group from getting there. The plan was just to visit Alpha Caine, ask a few questions and leave.

It was all going to plan until Cameron pulled the car off the main road.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, confused.

“Something is wrong,” he said pointing to the screen, “The oil is flashing. I think we need some oil for the car.”

I groaned, you had to be kidding me. I followed him outside for some fresh air as I watched him play with the engine. I had no idea what he was doing, so I stood and watched.

Cameron seemed to know what the problem was and we were back on the road, but it set us back an hour so it was no surprise that there was another car that was already there when we pulled into the long driveway that belonged to Alpha Caine.

Each side of his territory was shared with other packs, so he had these big iron gates on each side that marked his official entrance. They were black and thick, with point arrows at the top, almost as tall as the trees in the territory.

They were obnoxiously big and served no other purpose than “look at me”.

I got out of the car, the same time five men got out of the car next to us.

Hercules, Smith and Damien got out of the back seats, whilst Marcus and Gideon got out of the front. Everyone except Smith looked surprised to see us.

“Are you following me Hill?” Damien smiled.

“What are you doing here?” Hercules asked at the same time, a frown appearing on his concerned face.

“We’re here on business,” Cameron helped up the white sheet of paper he had slept with. “How about we go first? We’ll be quick,” he said.

“I don’t think that’s a wise idea.” Hercules said.

“They know we’re coming,” I said, sort of. They knew Cameron was coming, but I was sure Caine would have guessed I would.

“Maybe there is a good reason for you to wait outside?” Cameron whispered into my ear. I ribbed him with my elbow, I was here and I was coming in with him.

Another man approached us, stopping a few metres before, his eyes going from us, to the rest, and back.

“Oh what a pleasant surprise,” he said looking at the Alphas and then at Cameron and me, “And not so pleasant but also not a surprise. Great timing. Alpha Caine has just gone on round duty but he will be here soon. Would you all like to wait inside or meet him at the back?” the pack member asked.

“We can meet him at the back,” I said nodding.

“Very well, you can follow me,” he turned and what was meant to be a quiet meeting was now going to have seven people not including Caine’s own men... great.

I was positive that the other Alpha’s wouldn’t intrude on our meeting but at the same time if Caine requested them to be present well... this was going to be a very awkward conversation.

“Are you staying for the banquet lunch?” Smith asked as he fell into step with him.

“Ooh there is lunch?” Cameron asked from the other side of me.

I sighed, “We will definitely most likely not be coming,” I told them. I hardly think we were on a lunch basis with Caine, at least I wasn’t and I was pretty sure Cameron wasn’t. However I wasn’t allowing myself to get any more surprises.

It was a fair fifteen minute walk to an open clearing when the pack member stopped, “He will be here shortly,” He nodded, taking a step back and falling into conversation with Hercules. I wondered if there was anyone that Hercules didn’t know.

For an intimidating man, he sure was beyond friendly with some people. I could watch those stormy eyes flicker at me every few seconds, he was probably concerned I was going to do something stupid, like I generally do when I was near Caine.

No fear Hercules Ryder, I was going to be civil today.

Cameron was saying something next to me with Smith but I was paying more attention to Hercules and the pack member, that was until Damien cleared his throat next to me.

I turned my head to look at him, raising an eyebrow, as he smiled.

“This may be the last time I run into Miss Hill,” he said as he rocked back on his feet, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Perhaps and perhaps not, there aren’t many traveling Enforcers in this state,” I told him. It was fairly likely that he had more than a 20 percent chance he’ll run into me again. It obviously would be related to the skill set of the Enforcer that needed to come out.

I no longer did admin law and the introductions when Alpha’s get their positions or handovers, so there would be very little chance he would see me if he ever needed any of those services. I also used to be in legislative interpretation, assisting Alpha’s understand the law, what they can and can’t do however I stopped doing that three years ago as well. I prefer being a field Enforcer, it was just more fun and I was getting really good at it. Tracking, hunting, and investigating were all my special skills.

Perhaps that’s why when I noticed weird movements in the peripheral of my left eye I stood still, trying to let my eye focus.

“Have you thought anymore about the offer I made you?” Damien asked.

“I’d rather not,” I replied as he turned to face me, my eyes were still focused to my left. There it was, the bushes were moving. There was something definitely there.

“I think you would make a great Luna.” he said, quite loudly only irritating me as I could now feel Smith turn his head to look at us.

“You’ve known me a few days Damien. Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

“Exactly, well that’s my point. If I like you in these few days do you not think once we get to know each other we would be perfect?”

“Did I just hear that correctly?” Smith asked, almost a big smile on his face, “Are you two mates? Oh the lord has heard my prayers.”

There it was the bush was not moving.

“No we are not,” Damien said shaking his head, “I was simply stating that-,”

There it was, a big brown wolf. I opened my mouth to yell out, but it was too late as the wolf closed the two metres distancing and leaping forward, its jaws wide open with pointy teeth that already had a bit of red around them.

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