The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 14

I didn’t waste a second leaping into action. The wolf’s claws closed around Damien’s shoulder, pushing the Alpha that was clearly not vigilant to the ground but I had my silver knife in my hand pushed against the back of the wolf.

“Off,” I command, my knee pushing into the wolf on the ground. “Let go of him.”

Damien wasn’t in pain, but he was surprised, his eyes wide open staring at me. It must be one stupid wolf thinking it could attack a group of Alphas and Enforcers. So stupid that no one else in the cirlce moved to assist, as they knew I had it under control.

Damien slipped from under the wolf, a small scratch on his shoulder as he looked at the wolf, narrowed eyes and clenched jaws.

“Who is it?” he asked looking at the pack member, who was staring with his mouth open.

“That’s not our pack member,” He said.


But what was a rogue doing out all the way in the middle of pack territory, “Shift,” I said pushing the knife further against the skin making it buck under me, trying to make me lose my grip.

It didn’t matter if I lost my grip because there were three Alphas around me that would shift in an instance.

“Did you not hear her? She said Shift.” Smith kicked his paw earning a low growl. The rogue obliged, shifted under me and it felt like I dropped half a metre as I landed on top of him, my knife still pressed against his throat. This time the skin sizzled where the blade touched him.

It wasn’t a rogue I have seen before, but there was a look in his eye I didn’t like.

“Who the hell are you?” Cameron grabbed my handcuffs from my back pocket, quickly placing the silver around him earning more snarls from the man. I stood up placing my knife away.

“Why did you try to attack Damien?” I asked, looking at Damien, “Do you know this man?”

Damien shook his head, opening to say something when the rogue spoke.

“Oh bumble bee, it’s not this weasel we want.”

We looked down at him, “What?” Cameron asked, still kneeling next to him.

“I’ve mind linked Caine, he is on his way with men.” The pack member said from beside us, he bent down grabbing the rogue, forcing him to stand.

The rogue kept his eyes on me, smiling, sending a shiver through my body. There was something wrong with his eyes, almost like he was on something.

“What’s he talking about?” Cameron asked me. I shrugged, I had no idea. I looked around my surroundings again, trying to see if there was anyone else watching us.

The only movement was from the leaves and branches, from the strong wind that was suddenly building up.

“We should move indoors,” I said. Perhaps waiting out in the open for Caine and his men wasn’t the smartest idea.

“Yes, follow me-,”

That’s when I saw it, the glint of silver from high up in the trees, reflecting the sun off it and straight into my eye.

“Move, NOW!"

I grabbed the gun tucked under my shirt, I could probably take aim and get him based on the reflection of that arrow.

“Shift.” I heard someone call out, but before they could I saw the bright spark move.

It was an arrow, but where was it headed?

I leapt in the direction of the arrow, knocking Cameron out of the way, falling on top of me.

Before the Alpha’s could move there were more wolves in the clearing and the pack member screamed, “He’s over there somewhere,” and the wolves ran off in the distance that the arrow came from.

“Are you ok?” I asked looking at Cameron, placing my hand on the ground sitting up next to him as he sprawled on the ground, his mouth slightly open. His bright emerald eyes shone at me and I was almost worried he was concussed. Why were they aiming for Cameron?

“Hill,” He said, almost like he was in pain. I ran my eyes over him but I couldn’t see any blood, nor could I see the arrow.

“What is it? Are you bleeding?” I asked him, reaching to touch him when he shook his head, pointing to me.

“You are.”


Smith crouched next to me, leaning in, “It’s disappeared inside of you.” he said, and then there was panic.

“It’s silver, Hill where is your wolfsbane?”

“In the car.” I said, it was in the glovebox. “Why?”

I reached up touching the back of my neck and winced when I felt the warm liquid. I looked at my fingers, there was a lot of blood, but I was yet to feel the pain.

Instead of pain, I felt tingling, like I had pins and needles all over my body.

“Oh,” I said as the world spun before me.

I was getting paralysed.

“Someone go get the wolfbane,” Damien yelled. Soon everyone was around me making me feel like it was hard to breathe, and I fell backwards, but something was behind me holding me up.

Warm tingles spreading through my body.

“It’s silver, it’s melting into her bloodstream,” the voice behind me spoke, “She’ll be dead in five minutes.”

“I’ll go to the car, I can make it there and back in six minutes, keep her eyes open,” the pack member, I think, spoke.

Cameron chucked him the keys, the sun reflecting off that right into my eye, making me partially blind. There were black spots as my body now started to feel like it was on fire.

How much damn silver was in there. I saw the pack member shift into a wolf, from the corner of my eye disappearing into the woods.

“How much silver,” I asked Cameron, he would know.

He leaned over, pressing a finger tightly against my neck and pulling it back, then he licked it. The concentration of blood and silver could tell you an approximate.

“Almost thirty mL” he panicked, I could see his green eyes widen, “What do we do she won’t make it five minutes.”

Fifteen mL was enough to kill a grown wolf, thirty was double that.

“Move you’re making it worse, give her air,” Gideon said as he grabbed Cameron pulling him away from me, “She needs air.”

You never really know how high your pain tolerance was, until something really tested it. Right now, I could feel the cold ground underneath me. The ground was wet because of the rain last night, but it felt like it was burning through the layers of my clothing. My t-shirt was damp, sticking to my body, and my legs were so cold I was worried I would never be able to move it.

Every vein in my body was on fire, I could feel my blood moving inside of me, trying to pump out the invader and make it less toxic.

My body felt like it would on a hot summer’s day, when you get into the car and touch the seat belt buckle and it’s so hot your arm jerks back, it’s like that – except it’s the blood pumping in your veins. Every vein in your body feels like that, the heat and the pain of thousands of needles stabbing you, and you can’t jerk away.

In the midst of that fire, there were sharp needles being pushed into where the arrow had cut me. Every second felt like an hour.

“There is one solution to help it slow down,” Cameron spoke up and I concentrated on keeping my eyes open, “Shift.”

“I don’t think she even has the energy to shift,” Gideon piped up. He was right, I tried to shift, but my wolf and my body were long gone. I could barely make out the images in front of me. I leaned into the warmth behind me. It was a different type of warmth, it was almost like an air conditioner blowing out air as I was sweating like I was in a sauna.

“Well she’s unmated, if someone bites her she can borrow her mate’s bond to fight the silver.”

“Touch me and die,” I muttered, just knowing that the blob in front of me was Damien. I felt the arms around my shoulders tighten.

“Hill stop talking, save your energy,” Cameron spoke.

But he had a point.

Talking was just going to make it worse, it was like quick sand, the more you struggled, the faster it would take over.

I tried concentrating on breathing, but my mind didn’t want to. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breath out, well I can’t breathe sideways now can I?

“Well that is the best option, the mate bond,” was that Gideon?

Whilst the mate bond would help my wolf fight it, for a bit, they still needed wolfsbane. It was over thirty mL I needed more than just some dumb bond.

“Well that’s that, I volunteer since I am an Alpha and my bond would be stronger.”

And I volunteered to kick you in the balls, or I wanted to say but nothing came out from my voice.

“Yeah no I don’t think so,” Cameron scoffed. The images in front of me were getting blurrier and blurier when I heard a whisper in my ear.

“Hang in there,” the voice was deep but soft, and the breath was cold against my skin, letting me know exactly who was holding the weight of my body. I tried to move away, but I couldn’t.

“Why not, there is no one else here that volunteers. I’m trying to save her, I’m the best match you have.”

“Actually the best match would be her mate,” said Cameron.

The light was vanishing as my eyes closed, all I could see was black with orange specks floating in front of my eyes, little orange bubbles like dots. I thought people said that your life vanished before you when you were about to die.

All I could see was the utter serenity of black space.

“She doesn’t have a mate.”

“She does.”

“Oh yeah who?”

“Stop bickering!”

There was silence and I realised that I was probably dead. If I was dead why did my mind still run like it was on a treadmill?

“I got the wolfsbane, pour it in her mouth quickly.”

“Hurry up, she’s pale!”

Oh nope, that was Gideon’s voice, I was alive. Damn it.

“Who?” Was that Damien?

“Me,” a deep voice muttered, there wasn’t much excitement in that voice – it matched how cold I was feeling.

“What?” Damien snapped, oh there was light I could see it, was it heaven?

Who are you kidding Hill, even Satan doesn’t want you for everything you did.

“When did this happen, I refuse to believe it!”

“Now, what are you waiting for, till she dies?” Gideon asked someone. “Hurry up, grow some balls and bite her, the wolfsbane isn’t going to work.”

“Two years ago,” Cameron added as I felt something around my neck. Cold, I shivered, bless the soul who gave me an ice-pack to melt the heat inside of me.

And then I felt it, that didn’t feel like an ice-pack at all.

“I know we made a deal, but this is to save you,” the voice was so quiet I thought it was a whisper, but the scent was familiar “I’m sorry Gia,” was the last thing I heard before I found out that there were other things more painful than silver.

Like a pair of teeth sinking into your neck.

I opened my mouth to tell him no, I didn’t want his mark. But it was too late, Hercules’s teeth had already sunk into my neck and the world around me went black.

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