The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 15

Important: This is now Part 2 of the novel, which is the ‘FLASHBACK’.

Everything in part 2 is on its own timelines, which is 2 years before the closing chapter on Part 1.

Flashback - 2 years ago

“I can’t believe how cold it is, why is it snowing?” Cameron complained from beside me, as my foot got stuck in the snow again and I had to grab Cameron’s shoulder to push myself against and pull it out.

“Because it’s in the mountains,” I said trying to catch my breath. He was right, it was so cold that every time I took a deep breath the inside of my nostrils hurt.

Who the hell raises a pack in the mountains? Of course, packs that wanted pure isolation. It made them stronger in a way, the uphill climb to get to it. But I soon realised that once you got high enough into the gentle hills, the ground was quite flat.

It felt like we had been walking forever, but it had only been half an hour and we probably only did six kilometres.

Cameron and I walked close to each other as the wind blew snow everywhere, making it hard to see and walk.

“We should have checked the weather before we left,” He said.

“I know, I think we’re in the middle of a storm of some sort,” I yelled as the wind started howling louder.

“Why did we come again?” He yelled back.

“Because Josephina said everyone else was scared to come,” I said as I stopped. The uphill had finally ended, but what goes up, must come down. Cameron’s jaw next to me dropped and he looked at me, shaking his head.

“Can we just roll down that, there is no way we’re not going to fall.”

“We can’t afford to fall,” I said looking at the steep downhill. I guess these hills were one way to isolate away from humans. I stuck out my hand and Cameron grabbed it, “Don’t fall.” He warned me as I started walking down, slowly, helping him with me.

Once we got to the bottom, the wind stopped, and so did the snow storm. The mountains shaded the entire area from the icy blast winds and I let out a breath.

That was definitely a solid workout. We started following a man made path, with snow shielding each side till we went through a thick forest. All the trees had rugged rough green leaves and eventually the forest cleared out in another open plain where we could see massive brown brick houses. I looked between all the houses, they were all big, grand, but which one was the pack house?

Generally the pack houses were the biggest, most grand, elaborate mansion, but here everything looked so normal, almost homely like a human estate.

Cameron was shivering beside me, jumping in the spot trying to warm up.

“So, what’s your approach?” Cameron asked as his teeth chattered.

“What do you mean? Simple. See if it’s true, if it’s true, take them down,” I replied.

It was rumored that Alpha Ryder was creating a killing machine, not a pack. It was also rumored that he had lost his mate to the rogues, and wanted revenge. A war was on the brink of this snow town.

The agency wanted us to simply come, introduce ourselves and ask a few questions.

Alpha Ryder had taken over after his parents both died, or disappeared – that was still a mystery. There was nothing in the books about him except that he was a killing machine, and that he had vengeance and hate running in his blood.

There was no proof, just speculation and they hoped that in our short stay that they would find something here. I doubted it, I’ve been sent on similar things in the past and came back with no substantiation and we closed the case as a no action.

Cameron and I started walking towards the houses, till we got closer to what seemed like the town, a few small shops that were closed. They were so isolated from the human town I wondered how they would get their own food. Did they have a farm? How would the farms survive the cold out here?

We eventually went through most of the houses till we saw another clearing, this one had a few people. There were even specks of grass coming through from under the snow.

Cameron and I approached them, one of them could help us in identifying the pack house. It wasn’t until we got closer that I realised that they were in a circle, surrounding someone on the ground.

“Hill,” Cameron said as he stopped walking. The man in the middle of the circle almost made a howling noise, he was in pain.

There was another man in the middle of the circle, his back towards us as he said something to the other man making him cower.

“Isn’t that the rogue you’ve been spending a month trying to track?” Cameron asked.

He was right, it was.

When the standing man made a move to grab the rogue around his throat, lifting him out, I broke into a run. I needed that rogue and I needed him alive.

The man with his other hand grabbed the rogue’s arm, twisting it till a satisfying crack echoed in the clearing.

“Hey!” I yelled out, “Let him go!”

The three men that formed a circle turned around, their looks faltering when they saw Cameron and I. Dressed in our bright red uniform, it was easy to see that we were Enforcers. And against the nearly pure white snow, we stuck out like a sore thumb.

One of them growled trying to block me, “Can I help you?” using his muscular hulk like body to shield my view.

I heard another scream from the rogue as something else cracked and I ducked underneath the hulk, pushing the next man till I got to my target.

I grabbed the man holding the rogue trying to pull me off him when he turned, stormy grey eyes glaring at me.

The rogue withered in pain, the man still had his hand around the rogue’s throat and I could see him getting pale.

“Please stop,” I said panicking as I looked at him, who seemed to be frozen staring at me. I quickly reached for my handcuffs, chucking one silver cuff around the arm holding the rogue. The sound of silver burning against his skin and the smell filled the area as he suddenly let go.

I grabbed the rogue before he could make a move and Cameron rushed over placing a similar set of handcuffs on him.

The man tried to grab for me, or touch me, his arm reaching out so before he could I quickly moved using my legs to sweep out his balance from under him, only he fell forwards and not backwards.

The breath was knocked out of my lungs as he toppled against my body, knocking us both to the ground. My head slammed against the snow which was not cushiony at all and my vision blurred.

After a few seconds I could see him staring at me, mouthing something and I shook my head trying to get my vision to balance and then I heard him, he was repeating “Are you ok?”

He propped one arm off the ground, lifting his body weight off me and stared at me, his eyes almost as dark as the thunder clouds above his head. He shifted the propped up arm to the other side and then touched the side of my face with his non handcuffed hand.

“Are you concussed?” His fingers tingled against the skin he had touched and I finally heard the voice that had been uttering the same thing the last five minutes, that I was too distracted to understand.


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