The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 17

It was hot, boiling and I felt like I was sweating.

I sat up, realising that I had fallen asleep on the couch, the book still open on my lap. I placed the book on the couch, standing up and stretching my arms above my head bending. I could hear a few bones in my body crack, which sent a satisfying relief through me.

The clock on the bedside cabinet said that it was two in the morning, how did I fall asleep like that? Now my sleep cycle would have definitely been ruined, I felt wide away as I walked over to look out the window at the pure stillness. I opened it slightly letting in a nice chilling yet refreshing air into the room.

My throat felt parched, I needed water. I didn’t really want to go out of the room but I guess I had to till I could get my luggage back which had my water bottle.

I headed out the room, the hall way was dark and the curtain were closed, most wolves had heightened senses, mine weren’t great but they were good enough to lead me to the stairs. There was still some natural moonlight that came through the bottom floors, showing me where the steps were to I didn’t fall down.

When I got to the bottom I could see a light in the distance, and started walking towards it. I could hear voices from it, but when I got closed I realised it was Gideon. Who was the other voice?

He looked over his shoulder, “You alright?”

“Oh yeah,” I said as I walked closer, “Was trying to find the kitchen, for some water.”

“Follow me.” Gideon turned around heading back down another corridor till we reached another room. The kitchen was big and mainly white with a few black appliances and very clean. On the other side of the island bench was a very long wooden table.

“Did you want some ice in it?”

“Yes please.” I hopped onto a bar stool as he placed a long glass in front of me. He leaned against the other bench watching me drink my water.

“You don’t have to babysit me,” I said as he just stood there and looked at me.

“I do.”

“ don’t.” But, I shrugged, well if he had nothing else to do but watch me drink water, be my guest.

“Are you hungry?” He asked after a few minutes, “You didn’t eat dinner.”

“I’m good thanks.” I said. It was far too late to eat now which would definitely ruin my appetite for the rest of tomorrow.

“Why are you still up?” I asked.

“It was my turn to do night patrol, I just got back a few minutes ago,” he said, refilling my glass with a jug of water from the fridge.

“So why are you guys here?′ he asked, crossing his muscular arm across his chest.

“I’m sure your Alpha got an email about the purpose of the visit. We were actually also looking for that rogue so it was like two birds one stone today.” I said, “Where is he by the way, the rogue?”

“I can take you to him in the morning.”

“Great. I better be off. Thanks for the water.” I jumped off the stool giving him a nod as I headed back upstairs.

As I reached the third level and started walking down the corridor I could feel another presence with me. I stopped my hand on my bedroom door handle.

“Is there any reason why you are lurking in the shadows?” I asked.

“We need to talk.”

I turned around, my eyes trying to locate him till I could finally see his grey eyes, shining like the moon as he stepped out of the shadows.

“And why is that Mr. Ryder?” I asked as he took another step closer.

“You know why,” he stated.

I swallowed shaking my head, even though I knew exactly why he wanted to talk. “I can’t read minds.” I said.

Hercules looked just as awkward as I did, he was wearing a woolen black sweater that almost looked like a walking electric blanket and I wondered if it was as warm as it looked. He was for some reason wearing normal pants, instead of his pyjamas. Who wears that at 2 in the morning?

I looked at his face, he was still staring at me like he was trying to figure me out like I was trying to figure him out. He had features that made him stand out, like any other Alpha he came with that rigid pursed face that tried not showing any emotion.

“I’m going to go to bed if you don’t want to converse. We can continue tomorrow.” I said as I turned around when he made no move to talk to me.

“Wait.” He said, grabbing my wrist as I opened the door and took a step in. I froze when I felt the sharp tingle shoot up my right arm and tried shrugging it off. I looked over my shoulder at Hercules, he opened his mouth to say something and then didn’t.

“Can you let go of me?” I asked.

His eyebrows knotted as he looked at me, “Why?”

“Because you’re all up in my personal space and I don’t like it.” I said.

It was like he purposely wanted to irritate me. Hercules pulled on my wrist, pulling me against him and I leaned back, this man had no respect for personal space.

“Let me go Alpha Ryder.”

When he didn’t, I reached for the silver needle that was tucked into the thick waistband of my trousers. I had always been taught to carry at least some weaponry on me from a young age and it always had a use, like now.

Hercules was so close that I could smell the minty breath of his toothpaste, I could tell that it was the green coloured colgate as it smelled like spearmint. Heat spread through my body through the clothes where he was pressed up against me.

Maybe that’s what distracted him as well, as he was surprised when I reached up with my free arm placing the needle against the side of the throat.

“Unhand me or else I will push this into your skin.”

Surely the man had enough dealings with silver today. The grip didn’t loosen on my arm, instead he almost smiled.

“I’m your mate, you wouldn’t.”

That was the thing about mates, they knew so little of you that they thought that you would fall for them head over heels. It was an absurd notion, he had no idea who I was, and I had no idea who he was, how could he think we would ever be compatible.

I frowned, tracing the needle up the side of his neck, “Wrong answer.”

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