The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 18


I caught the rock that flew in my direction, a centimetre from it smashing into my forehead, and pulled out my earphones looking up to see Cameron beckoning for me. I turned the rock in my hand as I ran up to him.

“Was throwing a rock really necessary?” I questioned as I wrapped my fist around it, breaking it into small pieces before letting the brown colour litter the smooth white snow. I switched my music off as Cameron shifted on his feet, no doubt cold.

“I called your name out ten times, you were completely ignoring me.”

“I had earphones in,” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn’t sleep and I had spent the entire night just reading various books so I had gotten up extra early to go for a run around the territory.

I didn’t think Cameron would be up this early since he always liked a sleep in.

“The guys brought our bags last night. I placed yours in the room.”

“Great thanks.” I said as I wrapped my headphones and placed them in my pocket.

“Well the rogue’s woken up, I thought you might want to talk to him,”

I nodded, “I do. I’ll go grab a shower and meet you downstairs?”

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” he said, not waiting for me as he went inside.

I was beyond excited to take a shower in the massive shower that had a ceiling water head, it was almost like taking a shower under a waterfall but instead of cold water it was hot water. I needed to find myself one of these.

As much as I wanted to stay forever under the shower I had a quick one, changing into warmer clothes and met everyone downstaints. Gideon and Hercules were talking to Cameron as I walked into the lounge room. I avoided Hercules’s eye contact as I looked at Cameron asking him where the rogue was kept.

“Follow me,” Gideon said, leading us down a different corridor. The house didn’t seem that big from the outside but now it felt like there were hidden rooms and corridors everywhere. The rogue was on a bed, with saline being fed to him.

The room was somewhat small with bare minimum, a bed and a few chairs. There was no windows, but brick walls with just the door as the main entrance and exit. Beside the bed was a small table, with water, food and what looked like juice.

“I’d like to talk privately with the rogue, just Cameron and me”

“Not in your dreams,” Hercules said, crossing his arms across a light blue coloured cashmere sweater.

He was wearing a button up shirt underneath, and just beneath the colour I could see the faintest red mark, almost like a mosquito but from the needle last night. The silver intake into that skin would be bare minimum and that bite appearance would reduce by tonight but he had left me with no choice if he wasn’t going to unhand me.

“He’s tied up, it’s fine.” Gideon said next to him. They looked at each other, going all quiet and I knew they were having a conversation through their mind link. Hercules looked at me, and then at Cameron and back at Gideon before he made a small rumbling noise at the back of his throat.

“Fine.” He said not pleased, “Ten minutes.”

Gideon and he walked out and I wonder what Gideon had said to convince his Alpha.

crossing his arms across his chest. I looked up at him, raising an eyebrow, trying not to smile as I saw the red bump on the side of his neck. Enough silver so it didn’t go deep into his bloodline, but wasn’t at the top, hence creating a very big mozzie bite appearance.

The rogue looked at me and Cameron as we approached the bed. He looked fine, the medicinal wolfbane doing wonders on his scarring, he was almost back to great shape, which was good because if he didn’t cooperate then we had a fully recoevered body to torture till he told us.

“Do you know how long we have been looking for you?” I asked. He was a slippery sucker that kept flowing through our arms leaving a chaos wherever he went.

“We won’t really hurt you,” I said, adding a silent “Yet” inside of my head. We just wanted information and if he had it then maybe he would walk out of this pack house unharmed.

“I’m not going to tell you anything,” He said, clearing his throat. His eyes darting around the room trying to look for something.

“Look, we can make this easy, you tell her what she wants, or we can make it hard and either way you’ll end up telling her what she wants.” Cameron said.

It was almost like we were playing good cop bad cop.

“You can’t make me tell you anything.” He said.

“That is true but will one question really be worth us sticking silver needles into you, slowly till they cover your entire body, making your skin turn red and shrivel up. The needled would then send small dosages of silver through your veins, the blood carrying it to other parts till your entire system was reeking of silver.”

“You ca-can’t do that.”

“I think I can. I mean you’re an escaped felony so you’re on the blacklist already. If you did manage to escape from here you wouldn’t get far before we track you down, or worse, Hercules men might get to you before we do and we can’t save you like last time. I just went for a run and let me tell you that there are some fast and big wolves patrolling every inch of this territory.”

“Fine, what do you want,” he spat out irritatedly and I smiled leaning over, that’s what I thought.

“Where is Lionel?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, shaking his head.

And I would have believed him, if I didn’t notice the small twitch he got in his pinky finger. “Are you really going to give up your life to save a man who abandoned you to fend for yourself.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know any Lionel.”

“I don’t think you understand that we won’t leave you till you tell us.”

“I would rather starve to death.” he muttered.

“Great.” I nodded, “As you request.” I sighed.

Gideon walked back into the room, I guess our time was up.

“Do you have a holding cell?” I asked. Gideon nodded, “Great, I’d like this man to be tied up, no food, no water, no shifting because he just told us he would rather die than answer one question. I’ll send some silver chains down to hold him.”

“That can be arranged. I’ll have to talk to Hercules” Gideon nodded.

“Great, thank you. I’m not sure what beef you have with him but he’s a fugitive so we will be taking care of him. You can discuss this with your Alpha but if there are issues you let me know.” I said as I followed Cameron out of the room.

“Of course.”

Cameron and I had barely gotten back to the lounge room when someone approached us. A tall man with scruffy blonde hair slightly bowed his head, “Enforcer Hill, ALpha Ryder wishes to speak to you.”

“Me?” I asked, confused, “Why? Cameron go see what he wants.”

“He requested you.” the man corrected me, turning his eyes to look at Cameron.

“Fine,” I shrugged, “Cameron can you help Gideon out, I have the stuff in my room.” Cameron didn’t need to be asked twice as he headed up the stairs to get the silver chains and cuffs from my room.

“Lead the way-,” I paused not knowing his name.


“Hapeon, nice name. Lead the way to your Alpha.” I said. I followed him down the other side of the house. He led me to a big brown oak door, knocking on it.

There was no verbal response but he opened the door and then nodded for me to go in.

Hercules was sitting at his desk, a frown on his face as he was scribbling on the paper.

I walked closer and he looked up, I almost saw the corners of his lips go up but just as fast then went back down as he stared at me. My eyes couldn’t help but wander to look at this red spot noting that it looked much better already.

He sensed me looking, reaching up to his mark with his hand and I looked at him, “Does it hurt?”

“Why do you care?” He muttered, placing his pen down. He leaned back in his black leather chair, and I shifted on my feet, I guess I didn’t care so it was a fair question.

He pushed a paper towards me when I didn’t answer, “The paperwork Cameron wanted me to complete,” he said.

Hercules suddenly raised to all of his full height and I would be lying if I said that he didn’t intimidate me. Alphas were always intimidating, they were strong and powerful, but I had gotten good at not letting them intimidate me. I remember the very first job I went to, the Alpha then interrogated me, asked me what my value add as a female was. I had come out of an hour long interrogation but I had refused to cry, perhap all those instances made me the strong woman I was.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t cower down when he walked around the table and stood in front of me, half sitting on the oak table.

“Why are you fighting this?”

“Fighting what?” I asked.

“Us.” Hercules said, crossing his hands across his chest.

“There is no ‘us’, Alpha Ryder, we just met.” did he really think that the moment you met your mate you gave up everything in your life to play mum and dad? If he did, he was with the wrong mate and the moon goddess fucked this soulmate match up.

“You’re right, we did just meet. Will you try at least?”

The gap between his eyebrows knotted as he looked at me, almost like he was worried about what I was going to say. There was a flicker of doubt behind those grey eyes as they looked at me, and I wondered what he was thinking. There was obviously a wolf bond, but what did the human part of him think of me?

Did he find me attractive? Did he find me to be a person that he could spend the rest of his life with? Because I just couldn’t look at him and decide on the way he looked. He was handsome, strong, powerful, perhaps even intelligent but how could I let that 40 something hours of knowing someone just define the rest of my life.

“I’m not sure.” I said honestly, looking briefly down at my fingers, I clasped them looking back up, “I didn’t really come here planning to meet my mate. Why do you want a mate so much? Surely you were doing just as well before I turned up.”

I saw the slight move of his jawline, as his teeth clenched.

“Because it is destiny, we are meant to be Ilargia.”

I didn’t know what annoyed me more, the fact that he believed all those childish tales that mates were soulmates for life, or the fact he said my name perfectly, and no one’s done that before.

“I don’t think it’s destiny at all. You just met me and you already want to claim me as your mate. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I like, what I dislike. You don’t know my family history. All you feel is a pull for me, a pull that is because of some stupid mate bullshit we are fed from when we are kids – you know nothing about me.”

“It’s not bullshit!”

“Perhaps not, but you can’t ask me to be your mate when I don’t know anything about me. I can not and will not spend the rest of my life with a man that only mated me for duty. I’m sorry Alpha Ryder but I do not think we’re fit for each other.”

“That’s not true.” he shook his head as he unfolded his hands. It almost seemed like he was about to reach out and then stopped himself as his hands moved forward, then back, and he placed them into his pockets.

“Well it has to be because it’s not even forty-eight hours since we met, and you’re already beating your chest Alpha Ryder.”



“Call me Hercules.”

“You’re not listening to me.” I pointed out, he definitely was not as now he was smiling. I didn’t really think what I was saying was funny.

“I am, well...was, but this conversation is getting awfully boring,”

I frowned, this man was infuriating, “Look. This pull thing,” I waved a hand, I didn’t know the exact way to describe it. “It’s just something, it’ll go away. I mean you’ve lived all your life without meeting me, and you can leave the rest of it without me.”

“You’re underestimating it.”

“I’m talking theories. You of all people should know that Alpha Ryder, since in your pack half of the men mates are dead, and they are still alive, perfectly living. There is proof that you don’t need a mate to survive. But it’s not what I am trying to say.”

“Then let me get to know you. I would if you gave me the chance, you’re running around like a mouse avoiding me.“he fairly pointed out.

“I’m just doing my job...besides the more time you spend with me the stronger the pull you feel will become, but not your actual thoughts about me. This pull is just a mask that covers anything else you could potentially feel. You might actually detest me if it wasn’t for this pull.”

“So you would...rather find a human?” he asked, the confused look on his face, he lifted a hand rubbing his chin, my eyes drawing to the movements and the small stubble on his jawline.

“I never said that, I’m just saying this mate theory, is all—” I said before he cut me off.

“The reason there is a pull is because it’s the perfect match. The pull just assists, besides your name literally means Luna, you’re meant to be the Luna of this pack. It’s settled.”

“Why are we having this conversation when you can’t even let me talk and—” Hercules suddenly reached out grabbing my upper arm which forced me to tilt my head up to look at him.

“I’ll tell you one thing: Enforcer Ilargia, you can go running around avoiding me for the rest of your life, you can go find yourself a pathetic weak human, but they’ll never make you feel the way I could make you feel. Because believe it or not, no wolf is complete without their mate.” with that he let my arm go, a bit roughly and stormed out of the room slamming the door shut.

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