The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 21

“We have to wait till Alpha Ryder comes.” Argus said as I approached the cells. I had gotten up extra early and went on a run so I could utilise the time today to interrogate the rogue.

“How long do I need to wait?” I asked.

“It’s okay Argus, let her in.” Marcus said nodding to him. He looked at Marcus, almost like they were having a silent conversation before he opened the cell and nodded towards me.

Both of them waited outside as I walked inside, the rogue sat in the corner, his eyes fixed on me.

I sat down on the gross ground crossing my legs, “So Jeremy, do you wanna talk yet? A little prey to predators. Criminal to police. Rogue to Enforcer?”

“How do you know my name?” the rogue asked.

“I know a lot of things, I also know that before you were a rogue, you had a pack. And I also know in that pack, you have a younger sister... ” what I said must have hit a nerve as he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t touch her!”

“Never said I was,” I said, shaking my head, “You tell me something about Lionel and for everything you tell me, I’ll tell you something in return.” He nodded, his skin seemed paler than it was three days ago, the blue circles under his eyes prominent, veins sticking out.

The silver did its job.

“If you lie to me, I’ll know, and I might just have to hurt you. So, with that, I won’t ask you many questions. Just one, I’m sorta fair like that. So... where is Lionel?”

“He’s dead.”

My finger twitched – lie.

“Oh really now,” I asked even though my hand was itching to pull out my gun, I hated it when they lied.

Why would you lie?

Why break my trust?

Just one step closer for me to shoot you.

Between the dripping water, the stench and the footsteps above, I was really getting annoyed and losing my patience.

“Yeah. We came across the river, took shelter in the caves and I came out for food when they found me,” he said, narrowing his eyes at the guard behind me and Marcus. “And you know the rest.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” I asked.

“I told you! He’s dead, he got shot at, it was probably one of you guys!”

“Wrong answer, maybe Amelia will know more.”

I was expecting the rage, I just didn’t think he would do anything stupid like charge at me. I sat there unfazed as the silver chains pulled him and he flew back. “That was stupid,” I said at the same time I heard footsteps and a growl.

“I told you to wait for me Argus!”

I looked over my shoulder to see Hercules storm up to the men before he noticed me, doing a double take, “Why are you in the cell? Get out.”

I ignored Hercules and looked back at the rogue, “You’re annoying me,” I said standing up, pulling the gun out of my pocket and taking the safety off.

“Wait, no. I’ll tell you.”

“Three seconds, and then I will shoot you, three, two, o—”

“They’re hiding in the caves.”


“I told you!” he said, throwing his arms up.

“Yes you did and I said I’ll still shoot you on one, so we have reached the number one.” I said.

All it took was a simple click of the trigger for the bullet to hit him straight between the eyes.

The sound echoed through the cells loudly and I turned around, confused at the stunned looks I was getting, “What?” I asked self consciously.

“You killed him!” Argus said breaking the silence first.

I nodded, I reached for the paper in my back pocket,“I got official orders to but I thought I would try and get information out of him first.” I went to walk past Hercules, passing the paper to him.

I looked up at Hercules who was regarding me with a strange look in his eyes. Fear? No. Astonishment?




“But we could have gotten information out of him!” Marcus said.

“I did, Lionel – you just had to read through his speech – is not dead. He’s not in the caves, but I do think there is the dead body of an Enforcer in the caves so we do need to visit that. As for Lionel, he’s in a cabin hiding somewhere. Simple.”

“How did you get that?”

“Well normally when rogues tend to lie they tell their story but jumbled up. Most of the times I have encountered them telling me the scenario but from most to least recent. The last thing he mentioned was the caves which is where he wouldn’t be as Jeremy would never really betray Lionel like that.” I said.

“The caves clearly were in his memory so there is definitely someone there, he was on the fugitive list in the first place because of the Enforcers he’s killed who have gone missing so most likely you’ll find one of them in there. If it happened somewhere else he would have said lake, or the water or something but he remembered caves so there is something definitely there.”

“I’ll send someone to go look.” Hercules nodded.

“Great, the next thing to remember is the map of your territory that I studied. You’re either surrounded by water, vast lakes or National Parks. You can’t really cross frozen lakes as they can collapse at any time, the mountains are too rough with the weather and Cameron and I would have seen someone or any signs as we came from that side. The next and final option is the National Forest which the caves are part of. Our best chance of finding him would be looking at the National Park that surrounds the forest to see if there are any cabins he could hide in.” I said ticking them off.

“It’s big, he wouldn’t think your territory would go that far on patrol and humans wouldn’t be visiting during these months.” I added.

“What should we do with the body, do you need it?” Argus asked.

“What do you normally do?”

“Burn it.” he said.

“Do that.” I said walking out of the cells.

“That was stupid going in there by yourself.” Hercules said as he followed me.

I looked over my shoulder, the cells were dark as they were under the house and there was no natural light, and his grey eyes shone like a cat’s eye.

I opened the door back into the house welcoming the heating that was lacking in the cells.

“He could have attacked you.” Hercules added, he grabbed my hand pausing me in my walk and I sighed turning around.

“He could but I have my trusty weapons, no fear Alpha, I can handle myself.”

“What if the chains broke and your gun faltered?”

“Very small chance and if it did happen then I have a dagger, a blade,a spare pistol and fifteen needles on me so I can handle it. Risk is a part of my job.”

Hercules looked at me, his eyes going from my head to toe and back, “Where the hell are you hiding all that?” He asked.

“I’d tell you, but then it wouldn’t be a secret would it?” I leaned up patting his cheek, like how you do to a kid. Big mistake – for one, my hand tingles, that unfamiliar sensation that spread through my body.

Hercules’s eyes darkened as his eyes met mine and I went to move my pull my hand back when his palm enclosed around my wrist holding it there. There was a moment of silence, before I pulled my hand back, forcing it out of his grip.

I took a step back putting some distance between us.

“Sorry I didn’t mean t-,” Hercules paused mid sentence, looking up as someone came rushing down the corridor.

I looked over my shoulder as someone came running down, a panicked look in his face.

“What is it Feoras?” Hercules asked.

“The one we found last week, he just broke through the chains. Raonic has tied him up but we’re not sure we can contain him.”

I had no idea what that meant but it must have been something bad for Hercules rushed past me. The curiosity got the better of me so I decided to follow.

What survivor and what are chains?

I followed them trying to keep up as they ran through disappearing through the trees. I could hear voices so it must have not been far as none of them shifted to their wolf form.

In my rush to follow them I hadn’t bothered to grab my winter coat and a small shiver went through my body as I caught up to them in the middle of the tree.

Gideon was already there next to another man, who must be Roanic from what Feoras was saying. Roanic looked at me, slightly dipping his head, “Hello Lu-,”

“Finish that sentence and I’ll stab you.” I warned him.

I looked down at a red and brown furred wolf nudging my calf with its nose. When I met it’s eyes it took a piece of my pant into its mouth pulling at it.

“What are you going?” I asked, trying to shake it off. The wolf let go and then started licking my pants and then it occurred to me.

“Eww you gross boy, Marcus?” I asked and the wolf softly bit my calf to confirm it. “Yuck stop licking me.” I said bending down to pat his head. He was a smaller wold than the other ones in his pack, but he had the softest fur.

I looked up at the commotion, Gideon, Raonic and Hercules deep in chat. There was a nakedman hanging upside down from the tree, tied by rope.

“Who’s that?” I asked Marcus who just poked out his tongue closing his eyes. I guess he wasn’t going to shift back.

“That’s a lot wolf we caught on a suicide attempt last week.” Feoras said moving next to me. “He tried attaching the pack on patrol but they brought him back here.”

“What’s a suicide attempt? Why did he want to, do we know?” I asked.

“Well he probably thought the wolves would kill him but they brought him back. It’s probably because he lost a mate, she was taken down by Enforcers actually. He probably didn’t want to live after that sometimes the bond can really make you do crazy things.” Feoras shook his head staring at the rogue.

“What did his mate do?” I asked, a dreadful feeling being built up in my stomach.

“You know that attack that killed three hundred people?” Feoras asked.

“Oh..Oh no,” I said, wincing. That was his mate?

“What’s oh no?” Feoras asked me. I remembered that day very clear even though it was two months ago, I was actually on my way back from another job when I had the phone call as I was the closest one there.

There had been a lone she-wolf that broke into a small childcare centre, killing a bunch of kids before she had gone into a local shopping centre. For humans it was just a big, feral, wolf but for us who tracked them, we knew who it was.

“If she died two months ago, why is he trying to kill himself last week?” I asked. Feoras looked at me confused before he turned to face me.

“How do you know that?” he asked, confused. Perhaps it was the look on my face that made him realise what it was, he looked over his shoulder at the rogue and back at me, his mouth opened and perhaps it was because he realised that I was the one that killed his mate, or maybe it didn’t click just yet.

“What do you do with them?” I asked.

“We try and get them to be normal again. The first few weeks are the worst when they are in this frenzy, they just want to kill or be killed so we tie them up in our cell house to keep them safe. This one got out and clearly doesn’t want to cooperate.” Feoras said.

“Generally they calm down and if they can then they can be part of the pack like the rest of us, if they don’t then we have no option to kill them. It’s for their own safety.”

“So what will happen to this one?” I asked.

“We’ll take him inside after he calms down, give him some sedative and give him another week to behave.” he said as Hercules approached us and Feoras rushed off somewhere.

“You should go inside.” Hercules said looking down at me.


“It’s not really safe out here with him.”

“It’s fine, I can handle myself.”

Marcus started tugging on the bottom of my pants again, in an attempt to make me move. I looked down at him narrowing my eyes, making him pause.

“I will kick you Marcus,” I warned him and he made a whining sound, walking off with his tail between his back legs. No doubt to shift into his human form.

Raonic walked over to Hercules, both of them having a glazed expression on their face meaning they were talking through their mindlink.

I groaned, great, way to feel left out. I walked around them towards the man hanging upside down, “He looks dead.” I said to Gideon who was monitoring him.

“He’s just sedated.” Gideon said, I took another step closer looking at him. He did look pale, all the blood must be rushing to his head if he was hanging upside down.

I tilted my head to look at his face and was just about to ask Gideon how long he had been hanging upside down when his eyes opened. I froze staring into a murky brown eyes that stared back at me intensely, I didn’t move in case I scared him.

Then, his eyes turned even darker.

Gideon grabbed my arm pulling me back, the same time I heard the sound of bones cracking. He shifted, hanging upside down, the force of the shift breaking all the ropes that were holding him in place. He knocked Gideon over, the force of it pushing me onto the snow and his wolf landing on top of me.

His teeth went straight for my face but he wasn’t fast enough as I had already grabbed his jaw, holding it closed with my left hand as my right had a silver blade against his neck.

“Don’t,” I warned tilting his head to the side, hearing a whimper from him as the uncomfortable posture. I could feel his legs trying to kick the snow to get a better grip but he kept struggling.

His back foot made contact with my stomach, kicking me right under the ribs and I held back a wince as I applied more pressure around his jaw.

“Shift back.” I told him. The wolf struggled for a bit more but he was outnumbered with Gideon, Hercules and Roanic all around him.

He finally shifted after Gideon growled at him, the large wolf becoming a man again on top of me. The drugs must have kicked in as he had a tired expression on his face, but he was also angry, and hurt.

Hercules grabbed the man pulling him off me and pushing him towards Gideon, “Get him some fucking clothes.” Hercules ordered before looking at me, frowning.

I got up off the ground dusting the snow off me when Hercules grabbed my arm pulling me towards him.

“Ouch be gentle.” I said as his hold around my upper arm was incredibly tight to the point where I could pressure against my bone.

“You have a really hard time doing things that I want you to do.”

“Yeah...well..I guess?” I shrugged trying to get his grip off me. I knew that he wasn’t even using his entire strength against him, was this his gentle hold because someone needed to tell him that he could leave a bruise.

“You’re going to get yourself killed one of these days.”

“Perhaps.” I shrugged, “Maybe you need to stop thinking that I’ll live to see my old days.”

Hercules pursed his lips staring at me, before he reduced the strength on his hold and I could feel the blood returning to my arm again.

“You’re being really difficult right now,”

I shrugged, “And you say we’re soulmates.”

Hercules closed his eyes like I was testing his patience and when he opened them up again, he shook his head at me.

“No pain no gain.”

“You’re impossible to argue with.” I told him.

He cracked a small smile, the corner of his lips lifting up, “I know.”

“Where are you going?” I asked when he started walking a different direction.

“They found the body in the caves, you coming?”

Of course I was coming.

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