The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 23

“So what do we know about Catherin?”

“Not much, she’s actually a lone-wolf as per our systems,” I said as I scrolled down on the page. Cameron was sitting across from me on the bed, looking at the name I had found.

“Not a rogue?”

“No history of that, she became a lone wolf after leaving her pack, and then she met Caine a few months ago and now she’s a luna of a pack. It doesn’t seem like she’s up to anything.” I shrugged, “who knows why the Enforcer had her name.”

“So what do we do?” Cameron asked sitting up.

I closed the lid of my laptop, “well I sent all the documentation in already about our stay here, I don’t think the killing machine pack is true. I’ve seen documentation from Marcus about the previous Alpha’s and most of the pack members are the same. They had a 45 per cent increase in new pack members due to them rescuing rogues but that’s ok as they have already submitted paperwork when they had joined the pack. I guess we can go, but we need to check for cabins in National Parks, did you do that?”

“Yeah, there is only one that would be a ten kilometre radius from Alpha Ryder’s territory. The others would be way too far.”

“Great.” I said looking at the time, it was nearly ten at night.

“I guess we can go tomorrow?” I suggested. Cameron nodded, “I think so, if we can get something by tomorrow we can leave by Saturday. Thank god, I was freezing in this damn town.”

I hummed a response as I leaned down on the bed, for some reason, I felt a little tiny bit bad about leaving.

* **

Cameron and I had gotten up at the six in the morning, we wanted to leave as early as we could so we could so we had enough time to get to the cabin, which was an hour away with a mix of car and by foot.

“Are you ready?” Cameron asked as he pushed the bedroom door open walking in.

“Just one moment.” I said slipping on my belt. We didn’t know what we were going to find, but if we did find someone I wanted to be ready.

I grabbed my gun tucking it into the waistband of my pants as I followed Hercules down.

I was glad to see a balck jeep ready for us outside, thankfully Marcus didn’t forget to arrange for it.

“I’ll drive.” Cameron said and I grabbed the GPS from him setting it up. We were going well for time as we hit the pack border, where there were a bunch of wolves, their dark fur making them blend into the night. They paused as we got out and I recognised one as Feoras.

They didn’t stop us, but they watched as we crossed over an imaginary line that no longer belonged to us.

“Keys are in the ignition but we need it on the way back so don’t take it!” I yelled over my shoulder.

“Come on Hill,” Cameron yelled over his shoulder as he broke into a run. I turned around joining him, catching up to him easy as he held his GPS. It was a twenty minute run to the cabin and with the weather warming up, most of the snow had melted which made it easier for us to make up for time.

The National Forest was shielded by a fence that had electricity running through it.

“You got this?” I asked. Cameron nodded, taking out his equipment, and I waited as he got to work. He neutralized the electrical current so it gave us just enough time to climb over the fence. The only other way was to run around for the opening, which wasn’t protected since there was a dangerous lake with the current too strong. However, wolves could get across it easy, but it meant wasting another half an hour running towards it.

Here it took Cameron ten minutes.

“Ready,” he said, taking a stick and throwing it at the fence, no reaction. “Go Hill.”

Cameron and I took our time climbing the fence, with all the silver weaponry tucked into our clothes there was always a risk that sudden non natural movements could push them out of place and against our own skin.

“Three minutes left.” Cameron warned as we reached the top.

“That’s ok, go half way and jump.” I told him, going down would be easier.

We both made it with a few seconds to spare on the ground and we looked at his portable device.

“Alright, we have a tricky trail to follow.” He got out his portable device, it was like a GPS, on the left screen was the location of the house, on the right screen was recognition data, and it recognised where a wolf has been by simply analyzing the heat patterns in the air and on the ground.

Wolves had a warm body, and werewolves had a really warm body when they just shifted.

“Let’s go then,” I said looking up at the cluster of trees that greeted us: it was wet, cold and smelled. The light in the sky was changing from the rising sun, and we had a good head start.

Cameron nodded walking in front of me, and I followed – it was time to kill this rogue.

“How much further?” According to my calculations we were already meant to be here, surely we weren’t going the wrong way, were we?

Cameron stopped looking confused at his device as he turned in a circle. “It should be...right here.”

I crossed my arms raising an eyebrow. “Oh really, was this cabin invisible by any chance?” I looked up into the sky and looked at the trees, was this cabin meant to be a cubby house by any chance. There was nothing, just lots and lots of trees.

“Can you smell anything?” he asked. I turned on my wolf senses taking a sniff but all I got was a stench of wet branches, damp ground from the melted snow and leaves: a lot of...nature-y smells. I was debating whether I should shift and let my wolf take over, she would be much better at finding scents if she was allowed to run around, but I didn’t want to give her that much control just yet.

I suppressed her urge to run, and walked around looking through the trees in case I found some clues, and checked the time, we were now ten minute behind schedule – this wasn’t good.

“Are you sure your stupid GPS is right?” I walked over to him staring at the screen with various colours, dots and lines, I never got his technology.

“It’s okay baby, she didn’t mean to call you stupid,” he said patting his machine and I rolled my eyes and paused. “Did you hear that?”

“Here wha—”

I shushed him. “The birds are cawing.”

He shrugged, “so?”

“The birds only caw when people are near it, or animals.” I pointed out as I headed in the direction of the noise.

“Birds also caw when they feel like it, or mating, or what they’re bird.”

“Not like that, those birds caw when they see blood. Crows Cameron, crows.” His eyes widened as he realised what I was saying, and we broke into a slight jog dodging trees and various logs as we hurried towards the noises of the birds.

I was always right with my hunches. As we neared closer I could smell the flesh of an animal, no doubt a wolf, injured. This would be perfect, if they were injured, there’s no doubt that he would be easier to take down.

We both slowed down, this time being more careful as we neared the noise, treading quietly trying not to alert the other wolf we were nearby. If we could smell them, they could smell us, but, hopefully, they were distracted by whatever was making them bleed.


We both paused and hid behind a tree trunk , and we were confused, was that a female’s voice?

I peeked from behind the trunk and I could see very distant figures, I let my wolf sense take over so the image cleared and I could see them. One female standing while a male was on the ground, bleeding. That was the smell of metallic I recognised.


I shook my head holding up a hand for Cameron to wait, I wanted to know what was going on. The more I watched the pair interact, the more I realised that something was off. What was it? Why are they arguing? I could tell Lionel was the man on the ground ubt who was she?

She kneeled down, wrapped her fingers around Lionel’s neck, and I could see the colour fading from his face. I held my hand down, signaling for Cameron to go, we needed them both alive; we needed them for questioning.

Whilst Cameron took the straight-ahead approach, I ran around the trees to another closer spot. She was distracted by both of us, her head going around, which allowed Lionel to escape from her hold by kicking her feet and making her fall over.

“Both of you freeze.”

I stepped out hearing Cameron’s voice, he had a gun in his hand and I took out mine as they both watched us approach them.

“Who the hell are you?” Her voice was strong and there wasn’t even a hint of fear – unlike the other man who recognised us almost immediately.

That’s when I noticed the difference, he was a rogue, but she wasn’t. My eyebrows furrowed, it can’t be.

I saw the faintest marks at the base of her neck, invisible to the human eye, she was mated. Which confirmed my thought about who she was.

“Hill, handcuff him.”

I nodded, took out my handcuffs as Cameron kept an eye on her.

“Hey, get up.” I kicked Lionel who was on the ground making him groan as he shifted over, bending down I quickly did his handcuffs and he hissed at the silver doubling over.

I looked back up at the lady as she watched me with narrowed eyes, eyes that hid something.

“Cameron, handcuff her.” I said, why wasn’t he handcuffing her yet?

I grabbed Lionel by his shirt and pulled him up getting a closer look at him to know it was him. I could tell that the committee was going to be so pleased that we finally found him He had some valuable information that only he knew.

I looked up when I heard Cameron groan, his body dropping to the ground as she tried to escape.

I pushed Lionel towards Cameron, “Stay here.” I ordered as I broke into a run.

She was fast. She hadn’t even shifted but she was twenty meters in front of me.

She looked over her shoulder and saw me, I had to get to her before she shifted – or I shifted. I ducked as she threw something at me, and changed. Rather than running behind her, I ran to the side so it was harder for her to throw something.

I was too busy concentrating on her running. I didn’t see the wolf cut me off before it was too late, and I just stopped myself from falling over. I recognised the wolf as Marcus, but I didn’t let him stop me as I hurried after her. To my surprise she had stopped running, instead she was...wait. I stopped running as I caught my breath as I stared into familiar grey eyes, Hercules.

“She’s a maniac Alpha Ryder, she’s trying to kill me!”

She ran behind Hercules, grabbing his shoulders and hiding herself behind him and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Get over here.” I told her as I started walking towards her, when Hercules moved, blocking me. I knew that Hercules and his men would catch up to us but I thought it would be back when we were on their territory, not that they could track us down. They must have had left as soon as Feoras saw us.

Hercules was shirtless, just like the others, in just a pair of shorts, they would have shifted to make up for the loss of time.

“Feoras, take Luna Catherin away.” he said, confirming my thoughts about who she was. Her blue eyes smiled at me smugly.

“No.” I said, shaking my head, “She was with Lionel, she tried killing him, we are taking her in.”

Hercules blocked me when I made a move again and I looked at her, acting so innocent with her fake tears and looking so scared, or maybe she was scared, but she still was a damn good actress as she pretended to cry.

Hercules grabbed my forearm shaking his head, “Don’t do this.” he said.

“What? Why? I have to, please don’t stop me from doing my job,”

Hercules refused to let go of me, his grip tightening, “Sometimes it’s not worth it, to do your job, do you know what’s going to happen if Caine finds out?” He whispered softly.

“I don’t care what the fuck she is Alpha Ryder, it’s my duty to take her in. If you try blocking me, I’ll have to handcuff you too.”

Hercules’s grip tightened the same time we heard a growl and we both turned around to see Feoras on the ground clutching his chest where there was a big gash.

“See! Do you get it now!” I shoved Hercules away from me as I ran after her. This time she didn’t get too far before I jumped at her and pulled her to the ground with me. It was silver, she had a silver blade, but where did she get one? I dodged as she tried hitting me with it and rolled on top of her, pinning her hands.

“Stop struggling, and I won’t hurt you.”

“You’re not going to get away with this, do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care. It’s a few questions if you relax we both can go back to where we would rather be” I reached for my handcuffs and realised I already used them, and the spare ones must have fallen out. She bucked underneath me making it hard to hold her. The woman was like a slippery snake. Not to mention her screaming in my ear, so loudly that it felt like I was about to rupture an eardrum.

I yelped, pulling back as she cut my shoulder with the silver knife. I knocked it out of her hand, grabbed my own needles and stabbed her vein with it earning her loud scream.

I got off her, pulling her up with me, and held her tightly so she couldn’t get away. “Feoras I need you to go get Cameron and Lionel, they are half a kilometer away from here.”

Feoras nodded calling after Marcus to follow him, and I reached around to get my phone to call the Committee to send up a car or something for these two wolves.

“Alpha Ryder, help me.” she screamed, and cue...the fake tears.

Hercules looked torn as he looked between us, he opened his mouth and closed it again. I wasn’t sure if he was worried about me, Catherin or his cousin, Caine.

I scoffed as she tried to struggle. “Stay still or else I’ll put more needles in you.” I warned her, I didn’t want to hurt her. We just wanted to take her in for a few questions about why she was with Lionel.

“Ilargia, are you sure about this?”

“Am I sure about my job? Yes Alpha Ryder, I am.”

Catherin started to wriggle around again and I held her tighter when I realised what she was doing, she was trying to shift in my arms. I wrapped my arm around her neck, “stop it.”

She didn’t stop, soon I was holding onto the neck of a big wolf that attacked me. I fell to the ground trying to pin her down as she wriggled trying to escape.

I grabbed another silver needle, pressing it into the underside of her paw as she yelped falling over. At least this way she couldn’t make a run for it as she needed her right front paw.

I felt Hercules grab me and I wasn’t sure if he was trying to help me or help her as she started pulling me off her as she bucked wildly on the ground.

“Let go of me,” I said. Hercules didn’t, but Catherin charged towards us, her teeth sinking into my calf drawing blood. I felt the pain shoot up my left leg and Hercules grabbed me before I fell to the ground.

“Shit.” He muttered as I sat on the ground trying to ignore the pain.

“Gia,” Hercules called for me, his grey eyes trying to see that I was ok, I could tell that his wolf was angry but his human side was confused about who’s side to take.

“Are you ok?” he asked, patting my cheek as I closed my eyes. I looked at my leg, the cut was really deep that I could see my bone sticking through. Hercules turned to Catherin almost snarling at her.

“Watch out!” I yelled as I saw her wolf leap again. I pushed Hercules away, her wolf colliding with mine, my head slamming against the ground. I held my hands up, blocking her bite as my vision spins.

I saw a jaw headed in my direction so I did something that didn’t come to me very naturally, I let my wolf take over, shutting my eyes tightly, which ended all of this in one very simple move.

I snapped her head off her body, holding the lifeless wolf face as warm blood flowed onto me like a waterfall.

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