The Enforcer

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Part 2 - Chapter 24

“Does it hurt?”

“No,” I scoffed, and at the same time he applied pressure, which made me growl and pull my leg back.

Cameron looked up smirking. “Liar.”

“You did that on purpose.” I said trying to pull my leg away from him. Of course it was going to hurt if he was going to put pressure against it!

He laughed pulling my leg back into position, and as he placed the rest of the bandage on, as Feoras walked into the room.

“Is it done?” I asked. I had left him in charge of them to give Lionel over to other Enforcers while we cleaned up, and left Gideon to clean up the decapitated body.

Feoras nodded, “I handed him over to your superiors. They left ten minutes ago.”

I nodded, good.

Marcus was sitting on the floor beside us staring as Cameron treated my leg. “Are you going to have holes in your calf,” he asked and I laughed, patting his head.

“I hope not.” I said wincing, “I’ll get proper medical care when I go back to the agency.”

“You shouldn’t, it’ll scar but you’ll need a lot of stitches,” Cmaeron said, shaking his head.

I was piped up on so much medicinal wolfsbane, I could barely feel the pain... well unless Cameron dug his hands into the wound like he kept doing.

“Okay, time for your shoulder.”

“It’s not that bad,” I said. “You should treat yourself,” I said nodding to his bloodied shirt. We still didn’t know how she got a hold of silver. She was a Luna, so she could have gotten it from the pack house as all Alphas had a very small supply of it locked for emergencies.

There was a knock on the door and we all looked up to see Hercules standing there, he walked in and Marcus and Cameron made an excuse about packing up and leaving the room.

Hercules walked over to the other side of the bed, taking a seat on the chair leaning forward. He took my right palm between his hands, holding it as he looked at me.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine, I took drugs.” I said trying to joke but he had that stern concerned look on his face. “I really am fine.“I said.

I saw his eyes dip to my shoulder and collarbone, where Catherin’s bite was.

“I’m sorry.” he said sighing, “I was just so confused on what to do.”

“It’s fine it’s over you don’t need to -,”

“Caine’s like my brother you know, he’s younger than me but when my parents died he was there. When I saw you and Catherin there I just didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t pick between you and Caine but my wolf knew the entire time to pick you. I guess you’re right.”

“About what?”

“About the bond, it’s just a pull. My wolf had no doubts about you when my human heart failed you, it knew my wolf wanted to protect you without knowing the full story so I can’t imagine what Caine will do now.”

“Nothing.” I said.

Hercules leaned forwards placing his forehead on our hands and sighing, “I was so scared that I lost you out there. I just couldn’t think that his mate would do that.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said nothing as he sat there holding onto my hand like it was the only moment he had left.

“So I guess this is it?” he said after a few moments. He looked back up and I could see sadness in those eyes.

“You’re going.” he added.

I nodded, “Yeah, I need to get my leg checked out, Cameron thinks I need stitches,” I said shuddering, “That’s going to be annoying.”

“I was hoping you’d change your mind.”

“Hercules...” I sighed not knowing what to say, “I already told you th—”

“I know! you don’t have to keep repeating it!”

I frowned, “I’m sorry but it’s just what I need to do. We discussed this,”

“I know...I just,- I don’t know.” he let go of my hands, grabbing something from his pocket as he moved closer to the bed.

He kneeled on the ground next to the bed staring at me as he placed a small item on the bed, it was wrapped in newspaper and I smiled at the bad sticky tape job.

“Open it.”

I picked it up, incredibly surprised at the weight and looked down at him and the soft smile he had on his lips.

I pulled the wrapping off, my fingers enclosing around the cold object as I looked up. “How?” I asked.

He gave me a one shouldered shrug. “Your scent was all over it so I thought you might want it.”

I looked back at the paperweight in my hands biting my lips. “This is yours, I can’t accept it.”

“I have a hundred more.”

I rotated the wolf paperweight that had caught my attention when I had first seen it, and again every time I was in his office, and again, and again, and again.

“I can’t.”

But I wanted to. It was so beautiful I couldn’t part with it, but at the same time, it was too beautiful for someone like me to keep it.

“It’s a gift.”

I looked up meeting his grey eyes as he stared at me, it was one of those really deep stares, and he didn’t look like an Alpha, he just looked like an ordinary man standing in front of me. And I saw vulnerability in those eyes. And something else.

“Two years, five months and twenty nine days, I’m including this one as you’re leaving before midnight.” Hercules said, smiling a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

I laughed, “Fine, you get a four hour discount. Happy?”

“Yes.” he said, leaning over and placing a kiss on my cheek, my stomach flipping as the close proximity of him, his scent and his warmth.

“Try not to get killed in these two and a half years ok?” he said.

I sighed, “I thought it was two years, five months and twenty nine days.”

Hercules chuckled, shaking his head as he stood up, but bent down, placing both hands on the side of the bed, caging me in.

“Don’t do it.” I warned him, recognising the look in his eyes.

“But I need an incentive Illargia.”

“You already got it.”

“I need it again.”

“Definitely not.” I said , shaking my head as his face came alarmingly close to mine.

But who was I to stop him from giving me one final goodbye kiss, especially when I was in no position to run with my injured leg. When I felt his lips on mine, the pain disappeared.

Next chapter is PART 3 - back to the present.

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