The Enforcer

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Part 3 - Chapter 25

Part 3 - back to the present/current storyline

There were times in my life that I’ve always thought that I didn’t deserve to live. I had done many things, some of them that I couldn’t never undo. I could never bring back the missing piece in our lives, the happiness that we all missed.

There were times in my life that I willingly got myself into situations, hoping that I wouldn’t come out of them alive. Every time, I somehow managed to live.

I realised as I heard a voice that again, I was on the brink of death but something was pulling me back.

No, I don’t want to go back.

I could see the bright light in the distance, I just needed to go a few more steps towards it but something was stopping me, a tight hold that refused to let me go.

I just wanted it to let go, perhaps if I could finally go into eternal sleep I would be happy, content for everything I had done.

But it kept pulling me back.

“Gia,” I could hear someone, it was a soft voice, like a whisper.

I could feel the beat in my heart, it was loud like the drums, but fast, wild, crazy. I was almost worried it would be jumping out of my rib cage, each beat was loud enough that I could feel it through my body.

I could hear them.

They were loud, I didn’t know where they were but it felt like they were right next to me, yelling in my ear.

I could smell their scents. It didn’t matter how far away they were, I could smell the mud on their shoes, the rain on their jackets, the leaves in their hair. I could smell everything.

The bright light was going further away from me and I groaned, I just wanted to hug the light. Let it take me, maybe that way I could finally be with him.

And then, came the pain—, lots of it—, heightened like never before. I could feel my blood pump through my body, and it all over my shoulder felt like fire all over my shoulder.

I heard my name again, something cold being put against my skin, a hand?

It felt like a cold bucket full of ice was dropped onto me, and I gasped, opening my eyes.

“Gia.” I heard the voice more clearly.

It wasn’t just a bad dream.

I realised this was very much real.

I looked around, letting my eyes adjust to the dark interior—, where was I?

And why did my body ache?

“Gia, can you hear me?”

I turned my head to the side to see Hercules, it was almost like he never left. His hand was resting against my arm, as he kneeled next to the bed. Was I still at his house? Didn’t I leave to go to the agency?

Was my leg healed?

I tried sitting up but the pain was too much and I closed my eyes, why did my neck hurt?

It felt hard to swallow, and I raised my hand to touch it, but then pulled back not wanting to.

I felt the cold hand brush the hair out of my face, “Where am I?” I asked.

“Caine’s house.” He said.

Why were we at Caine’s house? Didn’t I just kill his mate, why were we here already? I turned to look at Hercules, his grey eyes held concern as he looked at me. Why was he looking at me like that?

He looked different.

His stubble was a bit longer and his hair had grown a little bit, enough for me to notice, he looked disheveled and tired.

This time when I tried to sit up, Hercules helped me, placing his arms around me lifting me up and turning me so I was sitting on the bed, my feet touching the carpet.

Was carpet always this soft?

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

I nodded.


I didn’t know where to tell him it hurt, because it hurt everywhere, but most importantly there was an unknown feeling in my heart, like it was empty. My head was throbbing, like I could hear something but it was all muffled.

Hercules gave me a glass of water, my throat had never felt so painful and parched that I had the entire glass in two big gulps. I still wanted more.

I pushed my hands into the mattress, trying to get up. Hercules placed a hand on my hips, balancing me before I fell to the ground. I stretched my leg out, it felt fine. I couldn’t see the bite marks, it was pretty much healed apart from a very thin scar.

After a few moments of standing up the sensations in my body calmed down a bit and I was able to walk without Hercules’s help. I opened the blinds in the room, closing my eyes as the bright light infiltrated my eyes.

I let my eyes settle before I looked around the room.

“You need to take some rest.” Hercules said as he watched me walk up and down the room.

I ignored him going into the attached bathroom to wash my face. I felt hot and sweaty and really needed a shower. I turned on the tap letting the cold water pool in my hands before I bent down splashing the water on my face.

I grabbed the face towel on the counter drying my face, looking at my reflection and pausing. Why did I look like that?

My hair was neatly tied back, I always thought my hair was brown, just a shade of brown but looking at it now it felt like there were a range of browns. It almost looked like autumn leaves that had dried up, their bright orange turning to a dull murky brown.

My eyes looked brighter, but there were dark circles under them. I could see the slight scar on top of my left eyebrow, the one I got when I was fifteen.

I noticed the baby strand of hair on the left side of my hair, it never grew past my ear and now it was sticking out like a sore thumb.

My cracked lips were slightly pale, instinctively I licked my lips to get rid of the dryness.

My eyes zoned in on the faint marks at the base of my neck on my left side. It was a bit pink, slightly bruised and it looked like a lump.

I frowned, what was that?

I leaned in closer to the mirror, confused at what I was looking at, perhaps I was imagining it because they were so small.

I froze.


Slowly everything came back, and I looked up this time meeting a pair of grey eyes, Hercules standing in the doorway and a concerned look on his face.

And I wasn’t sure what or how I was meant to react. I just felt confused, there were so many things in my mind—, whispers—, I just wanted them all to shut up. But there was one thing that was clear; looking at my reflection, all I saw was the lump.

And I didn’t want it.

My fingers itched, to just claw it away, make it disappear, but I knew it wasn’t that simple.

I raised my fingers, hesitantly, before I touched the mark, it looked like tiny pin pricks, as my fingers contacted it, my knees buckled and I grabbed the sink before I fell.

A weird feeling. An intense feeling.

The past two years flashed before my eyes.

I felt like my whole world was upside down. One moment everything was fine, it was normal, and now everything felt like it wasn’t.

I could feel my wolf trying to get it’s revenge for being suppressed all these years, pushing against my skull trying to get out, causing a heavy throbbing in my temples.

“Make it stop,” I said. I closed my eyes trying to make the voices stop, but they just wouldn’t.

It wasn’t loud enough for me to hear, but I could feel loud clunks, like drums.

Hercules took a step forward and my toes curled against the tiles, did he always smell like that?

I leaned into the sink, trying to keep my distance from him, but it was pretty much inevitable when my wolf wanted me to move forward.

My wolf was stronger than it used to be, but it would never be as strong as my human mind as I resisted her.

“I can’t,” he said, his voice nearly sounding pained. Well, great help he was. God I just wanted to claw that voice out—. Rip into my head and pull it out.

“You just have to suppress it, you’ll learn,”

Suppress it? Suppress it? I couldn’t live with that for my whole life. That voice needed to go, right now.

“Gia. Breathe, calm down.”

“I am fucking calm,” I snapped as he inched closer. Doesn’t he know how suffocating it was having him in the same room?

I pressed my fingers against my eyelids—, till I could see light—, but it didn’t drain everything else out.

“You had a lot of silver pass through your body, we had to take a lot of blood out, you need to rest.”

I wasn’t angry at Hercules but there was some sort of despair in me that I couldn’t just ignore. I felt empty, like I had just lost my identity and a new one was forming.

He had no choice, he did what he thought was best to save me, which I was grateful for but at the same time, I was unhappy.

“Is Cameron ok?” I asked, concerned, remembering that I got hit because someone was aiming for him.

“He’s fine.” Hercules nodded, taking another guarded step towards me, and then again till he was right in front of me.

He reached for my arm, hesitating to see how I could react and then wrapped himself around me. It was almost comforting to have him this close, which was something I never thought I would say.

He rested his chin on top of my head and I closed my eyes leaning my head against his chest, why was he always so comfortable?

“We’ll be ok.” he said, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me, or himself.

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