The Enforcer

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Part 3 - Chapter 26

Hercules was waiting in the chair beside the bed as I came out of the bathroom. He was right, a shower did help, most of the pain had eased from when I had woken up but there was a slight uncomfortable feeling as I tried to move.

My mind was still a bit hazy from all the medicinal wolfsbane they had pumped into my body.

“I think you need to rest.” Hercules said as he watched me try to tie my hair up, “It’s only been a day you need to let your body recover.”

“I feel fine.” I lied. What was I going to achieve by sleeping all day? Hercules got up walking over towards me. I looked at him confused.

He placed his hands on my shoulders turning me around to face the other way, his hands replacing mine as he gathered all my hair up, tying a ponytail much faster than I was.

“I used to do it for my sister when she was sick.” He said, almost like he had to justify why he knew how to tie it. I smiled. He parted my hair into two sections pulling it out to tighten my ponytail.

“Thanks.” I said lifting my hand to feel the ponytail, just as there was a knock on the door.

I turned around to face Hercules as the door opened and someone walked in.

“Caine.” Hercules greeted from next to me. I hadn’t met Alpha Caine, apart from hearing stories from Marcus about the man.

He was only a few months younger than Hercules, but looking at him he looked much older. Caine had blue eyes, the type of eyes that could stare at you expressionless and you had no idea what they were thinking.

He had a slight beard, trimmed close to his face, and I noticed a few grey hairs as he walked towards us. He was as tall as Hercules, now that they were side by side and I could see a slight resemblance between the cousins, especially in their body language.

Both of them standing tall, arms in their pockets but a stern look on their faces.

Caine turned to look at me, his blue eyes narrowing ever so slightly, “Are you feeling better.”

“Yes.” I said nodding, my body subconsciously leaning towards Hercules. I never really thought about how my interaction with Caine was going to go, and now that he was here and we were standing in the same room and he hasn’t attacked me yet, maybe it would go ok.

“I already spoke to Cameron,” Caine said looking down at me, “You can get the information from him.” he then pulled something out of his pocket, looking at it before passing it to me.

“This was posted to us this morning, I thought you might want it.” He said before turning to Hercules, “A quick word?”

Both of them walked out of the room and I looked at the envelope. It was addressed to me, but it had Caine’s pack address, so someone had to know that I was here.

It was a very light envelope, I turned around holding it up against the window to let the sunlight pass through, there was something inside, it seemed like a note and nothing explosive or dangerous.

I opened the envelope from the side, carefully peeling apart the two pieces of thin paper that held the envelope together to make sure nothing was glued inside. It didn’t seem so, it just looked like a normal piece of paper.

I shook out the envelope, a small postcard sized card falling out. I frowned, turning around to look at the photo, and then I realised that this wasn’t a letter, it was a threat.

I felt my stomach drop as I looked at the image.


I looked up when Hercules re-entered the room, his expression changing when he saw me, “What is it?” he asked. He closed the distance between us in three easy strides plucking the picture from my hand.

“Who is it from?” He asked after a few moments. I looked at the envelope, “I don’t know.” I said. There was no return address but the envelope looked worn and torn, and it was weird that people sent a letter.

“I need to speak to Cameron.”

“I’ll get him.” Hercules said as he passed the picture back to me. I looked at the picture trying to think who would send this. There were only a few people that knew where I lived, who my family were and that would be the elders at the agency but why would they send me a picture of my own parents?

It had to be someone else.

“Hill? Is everything ok?” Cameron rushed into the room, “Hercules said you wanted to speak to me. Are you feeling ok?” Cameron placed a hand on my shoulder trying to see if I was ok before he noticed the picture in my hands.

“What’s that?” He asked, confused.

“Someone sent it to Caine apparently.” I said as Cameron took the picture, a frown etching on his face, his green eyes flickered to me.

“It was addressed to me though, so someone knew I was going to be here.” I said handing the envelope.

“Do you think it’s Catherin?” I asked, almost in a whisper.

Cameron shook his head, “When we brought you here Caine was just as surprised, there was genuine confusion in his eyes. I had a meeting with him yesterday and he showed me documents of her burial. Unless they’re fake I don’t think she’s alive.” he said.

I knew she wasn’t alive, I was there, I felt that blood trickle down my neck, I could still remember holding the furry head in my hands. There was no way you could come back from that alive.

“What happened to Lionel?” I asked, “What happened after we handed him in?” He was the only other person that was there that day.

“I’ll send an inquiry, do you think it’s him?” Cameron asked.

“I don’t know but who else could it be? Caine?” I asked, perhaps he wanted to get revenge on what I had done.

“I told him you know.”

“Told him what?” I asked.

“The stuff Catherin was up to, I don’t think he ever read the file that was issued to him. She wasn’t innocent, hundreds died because of her. He just refuses to believe it and we can’t do anything about that.”

That was the thing about mates, you almost forgot everything else about them apart from that they were bound to you. I reached up and itched my neck.

“What’s wrong?” Cameron asked.

“It’s itchy.” I said. Cameron grabbed my wrist pulling it away from my neck.

“Don’t do that, you’re clawing your neck. Put some cream on it.” he said as he looked back at the picture, “We need to go now Hill. We need to see them.”

“I’m worried, what if they’re...hurt or something?” I asked, a dread filling my stomach.

“Nothing will happen to them, I promise. They’re not just your parents Hill, they’re mine a well. They brought me up with you. I won’t let anything happen to our parents.” He said, shaking his head.

Cameron has grown up with us ever since he was ten, he wasn’t just a family friend, he was a brother to me, the one person I could trust more than myself. So when he said he wasn’t going to let anything happen to them, I trusted him.

“I’ll go speak to Hercules. We leave now.” he said rushing out of the room.

I looked back at the picture, it wasn’t just the picture of my parents that sent a chill down my body, it was that my father had a big X drawn on it by a marker.

I just hoped I wasn’t too late.

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