The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 2

I have almost travelled to all the packs in the country, but there are still a handful of them that I have never been to, the Cavern pack being one of them.

I couldn’t compare this one with the other packs, this one was surprisingly modest. There was no overbearing mansion of a pack house, rather a relatively big but simple one. It almost looked like an obese townhouse.

I got out of my car looking around as various members of the pack stared at me. I pulled the hem of my uniform down as I saw a man approach me. I recognised him from the picture in the file, he was the Beta, also known as the second in charge after the Alpha.

Normally when Enforcers came, especially dressed in the uniform, we got very hostile welcomes. No one really wanted us around as they thought we were bad news. Except this Beta smiled widely and stuck out his hand as he approached me.

“Nice to meet you Ilgia, wait not, Ilgarina?” he struggled pronouncing my name and I smiled. I mean, it was an interesting name.

“Just call me Hill,“I reached over shaking his hand. He nodded, then taking a hand and running it through his copper hair as he rocked back and forth on his feet.

“I’m Elliot and welcome to the Cavern pack! How was your drive?” he reached for my bags, taking them out of my hand, chatting as he started walking. Elliot had the typical Beta build, big muscles and they held themselves with excellent posture, perhaps it was a way for them to make themselves seem taller.

He led me up a steep staircase to the top floor. As I followed behind him I looked on the walls, there were pictures everywhere. This pack house had a very homely feel to it. There were real flowers in vases, a wall filled with what looked like children’s books as well as some toys laying around.

All the doors on the top floor were shut, letting in very little light, it was also very quiet up here compared to the noisy first floor that had people walking around in it.

Elliot led me to the furthest room in the corridor, opening the door he led me inside. There was a smell in the room, like it was new or just steam cleaned and dusted. It almost seemed like no one really used this bedroom.

I looked at the walls that had a glisten to them, was that fresh paint? Elliot placed my bags on the queen bed and turned around to face me, brushing his hair out of his face. Behind him was a big window that looked out on the backyard of the pack house, again I was surprised to see it having a pool and numerous flowers planted.

“Would you like to freshen up before you meet the Alpha?” He asked.

“Now is fine,” I said shrugging off my jacket. Underneath I had decided not to bother with the thick shirt of the uniform, instead I wore a simple black one. I followed him back out of the room. It was incredibly stuffy inside the house and I felt like I was sweating.

Elliot let me back down some stairs, a few more corridors and then paused as a big door. The house was deceptively big on the inside from what it looked like from outside.

Elliot knocked, a very human like gesture rather than using a mindlink. A mindlink was a way the wolves communicated in packs together, they didn’t need to speak out loud, it was like their minds talking to each other.

I was never able to mindlink, perhaps it was because I wasn’t really part of a pack nor was my wolf a very strong character. It was like they were all bonded, that still creeped me out. Family and those you allowed could also mindlink with you, but I had never been able to.

Alphas could sometimes be able to mindlink with other wolves, if one was willing you would be able to. However the wolf in me was very quiet, and she preferred no contact to anyone.

“Come in,” a voice boomed and Elliot opened the door giving me a hesitant smile and let me inside and closed the door, not following me inside. The office was small with earthy colours as I walked in.

A table, a couch and a bookshelf with only a handful of books and heaps of random junk. One of the books stood out, a big red book with a gold spine. The way it was placed made it seem odd, and I could also tell the things around it were dusty, but this book wasn’t. I hid my smile, it was the ‘LAW’ book and I was pretty sure this Alpha just put it on display cause I was arriving.

I slowly let my eyes fall to the man behind the desk meeting blue eyes and pursed lips. He put down his fancy gold pen and clasped his hands on the table, as his eyes went up and down.

“Welcome to our pack house Miss Ilgaria.” he stood up to his full length and crossed his hands over his chest.

“Ilargia, like ill-are-ghee-a,” I corrected him, sticking out a hand to shake his. He looked at it and then ignored it and I let it drop... okay then.

“Are you looking forward to fitting in?” He asked.

I shook my head, “I have no intention of fitting in Damien.” I said, that wasn’t why I was here and I was definitely not going to be a pack member or act like one.

He frowned, his eyes darkening, “It’s Alpha Damien,” he corrected me, not liking that I didn’t use his title.

Damien was also dressed casually, a white shirt and dark blue jeans and he was also interestingly wearing a watch. Most wolves didn’t wear a watch seeing as if they shifted into their wolf form without taking it off, it would snap in half.

“I’m sure George advised you I was coming. I’ll be here for two weeks, maybe less but I won’t overstay my welcome,” I said, he could count on that, the moment my job was done I was out the door.

Damien continued to stare at me and I met his gaze, staring at him back, “Anything else?” He asked.

I shook my head, his desk was awfully clean, there was a book and a pen, nothing else. His desk needed a paperweight.

“I’ll let myself out.” I said when he didn’t say anything else. Elliot was outside leaning against the wall with his phone and stood up when he saw me.

“That was fast,” he commented, falling into a walk beside me.

“Your Alpha is too shy to speak.” I said, that was probably the shortest welcome chat I have ever had with them.

I walked towards my room leaving Elliot to do his own things.

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