The Enforcer

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Part 3 - Chapter 31

I messaged Cameron where we were headed as Hercules drove towards the beach. It might have been quicker for him to shift but with my wolf, it was easier for me to drive.

I was out of the car before Hercules even switched the ignition off. I rushed down the slippery wet rocks towards the sand, I knew exactly where the caves were. Adam and I played all the time down here when we were kids.

It brought back happy memories, but also painful ones, as this was where I had my first shift. It was almost like it was taunting me that I would lose another person in the same place.

Hercules caught up to me in no time, as we rushed towards where the tide was out.

“The tide comes in soon, the caves will be filled with water. Hercules, he can’t swim!” I said panicking.

“We’ll get him out.” he said, with assurance that I just didn’t have.

Just as we neared the corner, there was a growl and we paused. There was someone else here.

I felt Hercules stiffen as he took in the area, just as I heard the snap of a sea shell. I spun around, but there was nothing there.

Hercules and I had the same instinct, to hunt and kill.

“There’s more than one.” Hercules said, his wolf picking up the different smells, “They might be surrounding us.” he said.

I heard Hercules’s booming voice, “Watch out.” and before I knew it something bolted into my side flinging me two yards away into the bank of the beach.

For a moment I was still frozen, I wasn’t really sure what was happening, till my eyes closed and opened, seeing a massive wolf in front of me.

The pain in my spine shot through all of my body, paralyzing me for a second.

I could hear my name being called in the distance. My eyes blurred and then I felt more pain as something bit me, hard.

And then just like that, it was gone. I sat up against the tree as I tried to catch my breath, my hazy eyes watching a much larger wolf pin the other one down.

I grabbed my gun out of my waist band firing a single shot against the other wolf that was trying to win against Hercules. It went limp as soon as the silver bullet lodged into its stomach, falling off Hercules and I walked up to it, firing a shot between its eyes to truly kill it.

As I looked up, two more wolves came out of nowhere, one lunging for Hercules who was ready and the other one at me.

I shot them both with two easy bullets, not missing aim.

“I’m going in.” I said, not knowing how many elsewhere here ,“Hercules you cover this area?”

I didn’t have enough bullets, but I saw Hercules’s wolf, we would be more than fine.

It had been a long time since I had been into the cave, it was different than I remembered. It was much...bigger. I knew at some point the caves were divided into two, one was part of the blow hole and the other was just a small gap that we would hide in.

Our mother hates us playing down here, if the tide came in you could easily die, or get sucked through the blowhole, but that never stopped us coming here.

We never cared about our danger but now that Noel was down here, I felt like what my mother must have, dread in her stomach.

As I went in further into the caves, I could smell a weird odour that I couldn’t quite recognise.

I fastened my pace, looking over my shoulder at the light, it was getting darker in the caved and I could just make out something.

After a few more metres of running, I could hear something, faint crying.


My voice echoed inside, rebounding over the empty walls. I rushed closer, when I faced the question of which road to take.

The crying got louder and I got more impatient, “Oh god damn it wolf can’t you help me for once. That’s your godson in there!” I muttered, trying to smell which way to go. The blow hole would be another five minutes from here, and I just couldn’t risk going there and back if the tide came in. I could already feel the slight dampness in the sand. You could never predict how quickly a tide would come in.

I could feel her, in the back of my mind, she was always there but she never stirred.

“Fuck.” I muttered angrily as I heard the crying get louder, feeling so helpless I was getting more and more frustrated.

“Please.” I begged as I knelt on the ground, “Just this once.” which way.

I looked over my shoulder, it was quiet, there was nothing there.

“You owe me this.” I told her, for everything she had done to me, and I had done to her, I wanted us to call it a truce.

And then the smell came again, stronger as her wolf instincts picked it up. I sniffed and realised it was the familiar smell of pigs.


I got up sprinting down the cave as the water around my ankles got higher. The tide was coming in and I could hear the voice was getting louder. Oh Noel, don’t cry, your throat will hurt.

I had never heard him cry like that, and ever part of my body just wanted to hug him.

“Noel!” I called out.

The crying almost stopped. I rushed around the corner, and there he was, all alone on the ground. His eyes stared right at me before he started crying again.

And then I noticed what was around him, pigs, all of dad’s pigs, bled and cut open.

“Oh Noel.”

Who knew how long he was sitting there surrounded by the massacre.

I rushed over to him, his small hands coming around me and he held on tightly, I let him before I realised we had to get out of here. I pulled back, wiping his wet cheeks, “It’s ok, I got you now.”

His little body was cold, and shivering, every sob I could feel through him. I held him tighter, “it’s alright.”

I wasn’t sure what was worse, hearing him or the smell. It made bile rise up my throat, not to mention a little kid being surrounded by a pig’s internal organs. Who would do this, which sick person would do this?

I heard footsteps behind me and reached for my gun turning around, my body high on alert, still holding onto Noel, but when it was Cameron that came running through I let out a breath. Oh thank God.

I placed the gun on the ground, “Oh thank God it’s you, where’s Hercules?”

“I left him with your parents and called for backup.” He walked over towards us.

“Oh hey Noel.” he placed a hand on Noel, Noel held me tighter. His body was shaking again, he must be cold.

“Are they ok?” I asked, “Did you find my dad?”

“Yeah they’re fine.”

“Who would do this Cam, which sick person would do this.”

Cameron stood up.

“Let’s go before we get trapped in here. The tide is coming in.”

“It’s a bit too late for that Hill.”

I kissed the back of Noel’s head, “What do you mean?” I looked up, the water was only up to my ankles, we could swim the last part out if we needed to. Noel started crying louder, as I turned around confused about what he meant.

Instead of seeing Cameron, I saw a gun, pointed straight at me. Not any gun, my gun.

“Stand up.”


“You heard me. Stand. Up.” he said.

Noel held onto me even tighter and I picked him up standing up. “What are you doing?”

My stomach clenched.

Cameron was pointing a gun towards me.

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