The Enforcer

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Part 3 - Chapter 32

Green eyes stared right at mine.

“Do you feel it?”

“Feel what?” I asked.

“The pain. I don’t know who to kill first, you or him.” He waved the hand that was holding the gun carelessly and I wrapped my hand protectively over Noel.

This was a joke, surely it had to be a joke.

“This was easier than I thought, who knew you had a bit of a heart, a bit of a sucker for that half bred.”

“Cameron.” I said warningly.

“I want you to go through the pain I went through. Your parents now, you know where they are?”

My stomach dropped even further.

“Your dad is unconscious in his pig barn, when he wakes up he’s going to notice the missing pigs. And then he’s going to rush towards the shed door which is triggered, the moment he opens it the shed is going to be set on fire. You see I tied a lamp to the door, a candle lamp, it’s going to set off the gas I have been leaking in the shed. And oh, your mum will come rushing out of the house when she hears it. Watching her own mate burn in front of her.”


“I learnt that trick from you. You were useful after all. Then I’m going to kill you, and this little pup. He can be parcelled back to your home. But you, oh you I will have fun with. I’ll first skin you, like how I did it to the pigs. And then I will chop you up, or maybe I’ll give you a nice art work on your skin with a blade. I’ll send you and your soon to be dead mate to your mother next.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why? WHY?!” Cameron now started laughing, and I looked behind him. I had to distract him somehow, and I could get past him. But what, what could I do? Think Hill, think.

I heard more footsteps, “Gia?”

No, don’t come here. This moment was the only moment I wished I was more connected with my wolf, that she didn’t reject Hercules’s mark so I could mind linking him not to come.

“Ah, lovers united. Now I can kill him in front of you.” Cameron said before I could scream out not to come.

Cameron turned around, the gun still pointing at us “Over there, next to your soon to be dead mate.”

Hercules obediently came towards me. He stood beside me and I could feel his hand on my lower back.

“Ah, I never thought this would happen. All three of you at once, this makes my job soooo much easier. What a happy family you could have been.”

I stared at him as he waved the gun around as he scratched his chin with the other hand.

“I don’t know what to do first, do I kill you, or do I sit here watching your mate kill you.”

“You better do something before I kill you.” Hercules growled.

“Haha, funny big guy. You do realise I have the gun right?” Cameron said, smiling.

“She’ll kill you one day, like how she kills everyone. She doesn’t have feelings, she doesn’t have emotions, she just does her job like a robot. I don’t know Hill, I would rather be dead than be like an emotionless robot like you. You killed my mate. Before my eyes.” Cameron was now yelling.

I opened my mouth, “I didn’t.” I said, did I? He never told me he had a mate.

“No, that’s right you didn’t. You did something worse, you made me kill her with my own hands!”


“Shut up! SHUT UP!” He stepped closer, both hands on the gun now pointing it at Noel.

“You never told me who she was.” I said.

“What would you have done, Hill? Would you have let her go? If I told you she was my mate, would you have let her free? She was on our kill list, would you have let her go?”

I would have. I wanted to tell Cameron that maybe if he told me I would have stopped. A part of me did wonder what I might have done, if you were on the kill list it meant that the agency had done everything they could to make you comply with rules. It meant that his mate was killing innocent humans and risking them finding out about us.

“You wouldn’t have because you don’t care about anyone. You just wanted to do your job. Why kill one rogue and not four.” I could feel Hercules’s grey eyes on me, they were like fire on my head. “Is there anyone in this room that you haven’t fucked over?” he asked.

“One day that little boy is going to grow up resenting you, as much as I want to see that too bad no one of you will live that long.”

He was family. Why would he be doing this, hiding that resentment all these years. He was my brother...the one that I never had and here he was pointing that gun at Noel.

“I didn’t make you do anything.” I said.

“Shut up.”

“You pulled the trigger Cameron, don’t blame me.”

“SHUT UP!” he ran a hand through his dirty hair as a tear slipped down his cheek. “IT WAS ALL YOU!”

Cameron crouched down, defeated, but the gun still swung dangerously between us three, “It was all you.” a part of me felt bad, but a part of me didn’t. “You didn’t tell me till you killed her.”

“How could I,” His voice was deeper, angrier and I could see the vein in his forehead twitching, “If you knew you wouldn’t have cared. You killed your own blood shared brother, why would you care about some rogue. You would have killed her either way. I would rather kill her than let you near her.”

It was silence, as he lowered his gun, sighing as he became a shell hiding his head between his knees. I could feel my own heart beating, Hercules breathing next to me and Noel quivering as he hid his face in my neck.

“You fell into my plan so easily. There is no Catherin or Lionel, it was me the entire time.”

“Why?” I asked.

“It was so easy trying to get you all riled up about Caine and Hercules, about Catherin I couldn’t help myself. I needed to get you somehow. I wanted to break you both apart but you didn’t believe Hercules would see Catherin.”

“But the rogues outside that attacked us?” I asked.

Cameron shrugged a shoulder, looking up from the ground, “Easy, just hired them. I wanted to throw you off track but you did a good job. I can’t believe I nearly got you to believe that Catherin was alive.”

“But the arrow, for you?” I was confused. “They wanted to kill you?”

“That was me as well, I knew you would protect me. You can’t lose another brother can you,” he said, laughing which sickened me to my stomach. “If you didn’t then I had enough wolfsbane in my pocket to drink anyway. I was taking my chances. I wanted to make you suffer, slowly and painfully. You didn’t want anyone to know Hercules was your mate so I wanted to ruin that as well.”

“You had wolfsbane the entire time?” I asked, and he never offered me because he wanted me in pain.

“You weren’t meant to heal this fast. I wanted you weak, watching as I attacked every single person that you loved, helpless and confused before I finally came for you.” he shook his head, “But your dumb mate ruined it for me.” he said as I felt Hercules pull me closer towards him.

“IT WAS ALL YOU!” He suddenly sprang up, so fast before I could react and I heard the painful sound of a gun.

I shielded a screaming Noel with my body, but what I didn’t notice was Hercules jumping in front of us. Followed by a painful growl.


It was like in slow motion as he kneeled on the ground a growl erupting from my mouth, loud enough to shake the rocks around us.

I saw Cameron make a move from the corner of my eye, before he could pull the trigger again I let go of Noel running towards him. But my wolf, oh she had another idea. Before I could take another step I felt the familiar painful bone crack in my legs before a strangled moan left my body.

Before I could fully realise what was happening my control was being pushed aside by my wolf as she tackled his body from the side. Her jaws around his stomach, sinking into the skin. But it wasn’t that simple as Cameron knew what was happening before I did, he was also in mid change.

His wolf was maybe the same size as me as it quickly flinched out of my wolf’s grasp, I could almost taste the blood myself. She had the upper hand. I tried to control her, to bring her to do what I wanted. But she didn’t. She leapt for him, in less of a controlled movement, he dodged. His wolf was playing defence, it was Cameron all over the planning, he was trained, he had control.

Mine, she was just mad, over something. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy that she was helping or annoyed that I couldn’t take control and do what I wanted. I gasped as his wolf attacked us, making us fall to the side, all I heard was growling, biting and squealing. We were getting closer to Noel with the fight and I tried to tell my wolf to move away from the kid. But she wasn’t listening. I concentrated till I could feel a headache come, but it wasn’t working.

She was now playing defence watching me. The difference between the wolves obviously, mine was animalistic and attacking on emotion while Cameron had a plan behind every move.

She was watching as he went around her, but she got distracted by the crying.


Cameron took the opportunity to leap towards us but she was fast, brilliantly fast as she moved out of way letting him crash into the side of the cave, his wolf whimpered as his head hit the rock and before he could react her jaws were around his neck, teeth sinking in, this time she wasn’t letting go till she felt his body stop moving.

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