The Enforcer

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Part 3 - Chapter 34

Is he meant to open his eyes?

How does this work?

“Hercules,” I whispered, trying to shake his body, he needed to wake up before all the water came through. I could see my bite marks against his neck, pooled underneath more blood and I almost wondered if I did it wrong.

I crouched, trying to lift him but he was far too heavy for myself.

“Hercules you need to wake up.” I said pushing against his stomach. I could feel a faint heartbeat, so I knew he wasn’t dead. How long did it take for the silver to kick in.

I grabbed his arm, placing it over my shoulder and standing up, using the side of the cave as support. I got him half off the ground before his body slipped, banging against the cave wall and I winced.

Hopefully nothing broke.

As the water rose, I got more and more impatient, trying to use my entire weight to carry him. When that didn’t work I was stuck for ideas. I couldn’t let him drown, but he was also unconscious. Then I had an idea.

I pulled Hercules’s legs so he was in the water, using it to move him towards the cave. The water was deep enough that sometimes his head went under, but I managed to change positions so I could keep him afloat.

His body was too heavy to float without his help, so I placed one knee under his shoulder, half carrying him and half dragging him.

The water was gradually rising slowly so I had that on my side, using it to pull him out. I never expected him to be that heavy. When I got to the entrance of the cave it was harder, as the waves forcefully pushed against me, making me nearly lose my balance against his slippery skin.

I paused as the wave went out, quickly reaching and wrapping my arms under his armpits so I had a better hold, bracing myself for the next wave.

The icy cold water slapped against the lower half of my body making me slip, but I had no time to waste. When the wave stopped I quickly started pulling him again, pausing again for another wave to pass.

In a few more minutes and careful timing, I managed to pull him out of the cave and onto the wet sand.

Pulling Hercules on the sand was much harder, but I couldn’t stop because the waves would only get higher and higher with the tide.

I managed to pull him up to where the sand was completely dry and dropped him, collapsing next to him.

I caught my breath staring at the darkened sky and closed my eyes briefly, all the emotions and energy exhausting my body.

There was no way I could bring him up to the car by myself, so I sat there, waiting for more energy before I could at least go and get my parents.

After a few moments I sat up, looking at Hercules, “You better be alive.” I muttered, placing my hand against his warm chest. I could still feel the faint heartbeat, I needed wolfsbane immediately to counteract the silver, I wasn’t sure how the mark was meant to help, perhaps it would slow down the process.

“Do you want some help?”

I jumped out of my bone as I looked up, not expecting or sensing anyone else, so I was beyond surprised when I saw Caine standing there at the top of the bank, looking down at me.

“How are you here?” I asked, surprised.

“Well Hercules told me you guys were coming here after the picture, and he sent me a message this morning so I got here as fast as I could and your mother, told me where you were,” Caine came down the side of the sand dunes much easier than us, walking towards us.

“I’m assuming you need a hand carrying his fat ass back?”

Caine bent down, grabbing Hercules in a much more efficient and elegant manner than me and swinging him over his shoulders.

I quickly got to my feet, dusting off the sand from my bare legs as I followed after Caine.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Don’t thank me, I’m doing this for my cousin, not you.” he said.

He was right, and I was fine with that. I led Caine to where the car was, and he placed Hercules in the back as I got in the driver’s seat. The car ride was quiet, not that I expected Caine to say much to me.

My mother was waiting impatiently outside, “About time, how long did you take?” She yelled at me as I got out of the car. Caine grabbed Hercules, following my mother inside placing him on the couch.

I rushed to my room, grabbing medicinal wolfsbane from my bags and some needles.

“Where’s dad?” I asked as I went back to the lounge room getting to work. I filled up the syringe, before injecting it right into the vein that runs along Hercules’s throat, for a speedier recovery. I went to do it again when I felt Caine’s hand on the bottle taking it away.

“That’s enough.”

“But he needs more, that was only 8 mL.” I said.

“More than enough, you’ve marked him, he’ll do the rest.” he said.

“You need 20 mL for a silver bullet,” I said.

“And you need to stop underestimating the power of a mate.” he grabbed the syringe from me as my mother entered the room, handing a drink to Caine.

“Where’s dad?” I asked again now that she was in the room.

“He’s in the bedroom, the man fainted at the sight of all the pigs’ blood in the barn. He calls himself a hunter but faints at the sight of blood.” She scoffed, “Noels with him resting.”

I excused myself out of the room, taking a shower trying to get all the blood and taste out of me. I didn’t want to stop and think, because I was sure I was going to lose my mind if I did. I changed into clothes going into the guest room where Hercules was shifted to.

The colour was returning to his face, and I grabbed a chair sitting beside him. His chest was rising softly before falling with each breath and I reached for his hand, holding it in mine.

It felt like I was there for hours, watching the room get darker as the sun set and the light disappeared from the window. I just sat there, holding his arm waiting for him to wake up.

After what felt like months, but only three hours, I saw his body move, stir as his face grimaced in pain. I placed my hand on his arm as he opened his eyes, and I was never more happy to see him.

“Hey.” I said leaning over, “Are you feeling alright?” I asked.

Hercules turned his head to look at me, his grey eyes closing briefly before opening them up again. He whispered something, and I couldn’t hear so I leaned in closer.

“What?” I asked.

“You smell good.”

I pulled back, shaking my head. “Really, that’s what you’re going to say after being passed out like a baby. Are you in pain?” I asked him, trying to see if he needed anything.

Hercules smiled, “I didn’t pass out, I was shot.” he lifted his arm, brushing the side of my cheek with his thumb.

“No one told you to get shot so don’t whine about it now.” I muttered, annoyed that he had jumped in front of us in the first place. What if the bullet got him elsewhere? It would have been much more dangerous if it was in the heart or head.

“I should have known.” he said, after a few moments.

“Known what?” I asked.

“That your wolf would never accept my mark.” he said, “She doesn’t like being marked because she’s the real Alpha, wants to do all the marking.” he joked, chuckling before grimacing in pain.

“Don’t talk.” I said annoyed, slapping his arm gently, “you need to rest.”

“Lie down.”

“What?” I asked.

He shuffled over lightly on the bed leaving barely enough space. “Please.”

“No. You need to rest Hercules.” I said but that didn’t stop him from trying to tug him. What if someone came in?

“Gia, lie down next to me for a bit.”

I sighed staring at his grey eyes, giving up “Fine.”

He smiled, one of those smiles again and I ignored the weird feeling in my stomach. I hesitantly lied down on my side, facing him, trying not to put pressure on his injured shoulder.

I looked up at him to realise he was staring at me, his smile no longer there, but instead replaced with a worried look.

“Are you ok?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that Mr. bragging about getting shot.” I asked, of course I would be okay.

I felt his chest vibrate against mine as he chuckled softly, his hand around me tightened, halting my breathing. “I’m not the one that lost a brother Gia. You did. So you tell me, are you ok?”

I wasn’t. And the tear that slid down from my eye betrayed the strong facade I was putting up. I wasn’t ok, but I didn’t know what else to do.

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